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Star wars galaxies?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:10 pm
by Nightbreed
So blizzard is just being dicks so fuck em. why not start a game that was incredible to play prior to the "combat balance" and is currently not available anywhere.... when star wars galaxies first released it was amazing for 2 straight years, then they did a major patch and wrecked the game. so the vanilla version would be the game I would love to replay. still to this day the best crafting system in the game. hands down. player housing, animal mounts, all weapons, armor and well everything was player created. you could not ask for a better game. and since sony has nothing to do with this game anymore it would be the perfect game to restart. they took down all the server and deleted the entire game from the internet. screw blizzard. they want to be dicks let them. we dont need them. star wars galaxies pvp was AWESOME. nothing like defending your rebel or imperial base like all the time. way too much fun.