Good times were had

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Good times were had

by Garfunkel » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:59 pm

Well, I guess I'll do mine. Not that many screenshots, I was really bad on taking them. You can tell when I switched from a crap laptop to a proper desktop.

Shadowmeld proved very useful throughout the leveling journey, like here, hiding from Horde at Zoram Strand:

Remember this bug? They fixed such a long time ago that I completely forgot it was there at the early days:

Always funny people around:

Going to Gnomeregan and arguing over loot. What could be more typical of vanilla?

Waiting outside Uldaman for the quest items to respawn, with another full party in competition. You late-comers who complain about timers after they were reduced don't know real pain:

STV was painful but at least I was smart enough to go there only after I had hit 40 and this was early enough that there weren't any 60s ganking people yet:
Note the words of wisdom in Guild Chat.

Oh yeah and let's not forget the COD scams that started pretty early as well:

Big thanks to everyone in Dagordacil, it was awesome to level up with you guys:

Everyone who loves the lore or RPs a night-elf should definitely do the nelf quests in Winterspring as they culminate in this lore-"dump" quest. Quite satisfying for a nelf priest especially:

Unfortunately our schedules didn't work when it came to raiding, so I joined Blacklisted:
Our first Nef kill and my first Raggy kill.

Some serious RP action while waiting for raid to start:

ZG opened and had few issues, one of which led to this hilarious situation:

Some dorf got a wacky hammer:

Oh yeah and we met some interesting creatures out in the world:
We did kill all 6 world bosses, most multiple times but of course these three are the only screenshots I remembered to take.

So thanks for an awesome year Nostalrius! Let's hope this is just a pause and not the end.

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Re: Good times were had

by Taladril » Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:10 pm

Nice memories, Laureliana. It was fun playing with you.
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