8 Must Have Addons/Lua Tweaks (Coders Needed)

8 Must Have Addons/Lua Tweaks (Coders Needed)

by orwell » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:53 am

1- I need an addon that directly sells grey items when you talk to a vendor. Without confirmation or anything.
Note 1: Lazypig only sells&repairs when you SHIFT+Click. So no no.
Note 2: AutoProfit puts a button on vendor tab, sells greys if you click on that button. Coding for directly selling must be easier than that.

2- Addon that shows target's casting bar (also making it movable)
Note : OCB3 and eCastingBar doesn't show target's casting bar.

3- An addon that shows vendor sell value of all items.
Note: EnhTooltip+Stubby+Informant(they depend on each other) shows those info, but it also shows:
Cost of buying an item from a vendor(Nobody needs it)
How many is the full stack of the item e.g. 20 (Nobody needs it)
How many quests requires that item(I don't need this)

As an alternative, is there a way to remove those 3 unnecessary info from tooltips while using EnhTooltip?

4- AtlasLoot doesn't show items real tooltips, it shows "Unsafe Item" until it drops.
I can't fetch the data with old "Shift+Click" method.

Note: There's ShaguDB which perfectly shows any item if you search on it. But that requires opening another page and typing on it.

I think the whole community needs a working AtlasLoot. Any solutions?

5- Old and darker Aux versions are good (new grey one is bad) but they lack AH scanning option. Is there any darker version with AH scanning/tooltip info?

6- Is there any way for tinytip to color backdrop by class color? It only shows class name colored.

7- XPerl GUI has "scale" option. It increases width along with height. Is there any .lua tweak to increase width only?

Note : I didn't like Luna.

8- Xperl shows "Remaining HP"/"Max HP". It's better if it only shows "Remaining HP". Any tweak to achieve that?

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