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Warsong fixes #1

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:52 am
by Viper
Warsong fixes #1

Private servers often claim being "fully scripted", "100% debug".... which is most of the time far from the truth.
On nostalrius, we have, since 2010, been taking the time to script every single little detail blizzlike style.
Our fixes have been tested, ajusted during these years of beta. We can now proudly claim being the most advanced 1.12 realm, and we will prove it with a bunch of videos.

This first video is focused on "Warsong Gluch", more specifically showing bugs existing on most private servers, but fixed on Nostalrius. Some bugs became so frequent that players got used to them, or even sometimes consider it is just the way it worked on vanilla retail. It is the case for the lign of sight for exemple (LOS) : it should be possible to use spells through the trunks in the middle of the map, or through little gameobject details, but on most private servers, such casting isn't possible.
In this video, you will see that we, on Nostalrius, we fixed this.