The ultimate anticheat

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The ultimate anticheat

by Viper » Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:53 am

The ultimate anticheat

On Nostalrius, security regarding players and services is a crucial point for the Staff.
Protections have been created at different levels to ensure maximal security.

To detect cheaters, we've included 3 layers of security :
* The first one operates at the emulator level, thanks to systematic data traffic analysis. For example, attempts on damage modification, data packets alteration, or items duplication are stopped here.
* Second one is an anti-cheat system based on player movement interpolation, using high level mathematics algorithms. It checks player position in realtime to ensure movement integrity. Most cheating software are stopped at this layer. Nevertheless, this security level doesn't prevent false alarm,
* That is why a third layer was created. This layer is based on a module directly injected into the client. It allows us to perform various real-time checks regarding what is loaded in memory, code integrity, and memory content ... This system theorically prevents ALL existing cheats systems known (including bot farming). For information, this kind of protection is used by Blizzard.

... and this is this third layer we'll present to you today on Nostalrius Begins !
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