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Pet system fixes #1

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:55 am
by Viper
Pet system fixes #1

There would be enough to write to fill a whole encyclopedia if we were to list all the bugs that you can encounter on private servers with pets !
Combat bugs, spells not launching, passive pets attacking, or at the wrong time in defensive, not casting spells when they are set on automatic, pets being stuck in walls, gameobjects... taking crazy paths while following his master, randomly disappearing, not triggering traps, attacking while being under crowdcontrol effects...
There are also more specific bugs, like the automatic sacrifice of the Voidwalker, the succubus getting stuck after casting seduction...
There are many many more that we will not list (a whole encyclopedia, we told you!).

Since the project launch in 2010, we have been working on fixing one by one all these bugs that affect drastically certain classes.
Of course, one video wasn't going to be enough to give you a foretaste of all the progress we made regarding these issues. This video is only the first part of our fixes regarding pets.

Nostalrius Begins, a server where being a hunter or a warlock doesn't mean playing with a handicap !