Boats & Zeppelin fixes

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Boats & Zeppelin fixes

by Viper » Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:00 am

Boats & Zeppelin fixes

Moving from one place to another sometimes means using boats or zeppelins.

A major problem occurs when you use one of them: both were never scripted properly on any private servers. This kind of situation can lead to frustration, regarding PvP or pets's interaction.

Here is a list of possible problems you could encounter :
* "Out of range" errors,
* Wow errors,
* AOE spells never hit,
* Various pets bugs,
* No pathfinding,
* No LoS, etc.

We already know what you are thinking, and ... yeah ... once again, we fixed the whole mechanics ;)
You can now freely move aboard with your pets thanks to our exclusive dynamic pathfinding system. Channeling spells now works properly when the transport is moving. LoS is recalculated dynamically, once again, an exclusive feature.
Crowd control also works properly, allowing epic PvP fights, trust us !

All the problems you could encounter in the past when characters were using boats or zeppelins are now fully solved on Nostalrius Begins!

Regarding dynamic LoS and pathfinding system, that's a more complex mechanic than basic LoS & pathfinding because here, maps are moving with characters and pets. No need to go further into details, just enjoy the show !

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