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What is Nostalrius ?
Despite many vanilla private servers attempts, none actually fulfilled players needs. After 4 years of development, Nostalrius provides you the adventure that you always dreamed of, as it was just before the first expansion Burning Crusade, a golden age for most players. Nostalrius was created in march 2010 by a french community, based on a MaNGOS core with instant 55 / instant 60 characters for testing purposes.

Nostalrius Begins won't have any "instant X" features : everyone will start at level one.
Additionally, the server is now completely international, see below for more information.

Why should I go on Nostalrius Begins and not another server?
Check by yourself : Website or Youtube Channel

What is the release date for Nostalrius Begins?
You can enjoy it right now !

What is the rate ?
Like on retail : x1 for experience, gold, etc.

How about the low level content ?
Leveling can be sometimes difficult, and if the content is not in line with retail, it can easily turn into a nightmare. We gave a particular attention to this critical part to increase Vanilla immersion.

How about class debugging ?
The class debugging is, without modesty, the most advanced today regarding what you can find, class's quests, of course, included.
Blink fixes
Pet system fixes #1

How about lags ?
It took months to improve the performances of our MaNGOS core. Some code parts had to be completely rebuilt from scratch. We can now proudly tell you that the server can support an insane amount of players, in the same place, moving, using spells or interact with the environment without any lags. Since the server is online, we actually reached 5100 players without lags. Check these videos for more details.
Stress test
Gnome Invasion

How about PVP / Honor System ?
PVP ranks are calculated live every week (we do not need a server restart) with Blizzlike formulas, and without any honor delay.
More information about the system here
Warsong fixes #1
Warsong fixes #2
Arathi Basin fixes

What is your timeline ?
Please refer to the appropriate chapter
Take it as an indicative timeline, not a final one.

How about professions ?
All the professions have been tested, with a special attention accorded to the items that can be crafted by engineers. These items work as intended, probability of retail failures included.

Is it a pay-to-win server?
No, we'll never be a pay-to-win server.
For example, no stuff / XP / gold / ... will be given against donations or as vote rewards.

What is the official language on the server?
English, english, and english. No other language shall be allowed on forum and public channels. It's an important rule to us, and we'll be very attentive to the behaviour of our players regarding this rule.

How about role-playing ?
The staff clearly wishes to have an active RP community, since they were an integrated part of the golden age of Vanilla. It doesn't mean that we will entirely rely on players to organize events : we'll do some too, as we love roleplay ;)

Where is the server located ?
Western Europe.

How about modified clients?
Be carefull, modified clients are forbidden for now and can lead to a ban.

How about DDOS attacks?
Nostalrius Begins has a DDOS mitigation security system delivered by our provider. We are constantly attacked by DDOS attack: none of them ever succeed.

How about cheats ?
Blizzard Warden has been implemented (yes, it's the retail anti-cheat system), with the checks against the latest known cheats. The main thing is that this system can theoretically detect any cheat (from MPQ/DBC modifications, to packets modification, including memory modification and proc detour ...).
The ultimate anticheat

How about multi-boxing and bots ?
You're not allowed to use any form of program to control multiple characters at once. You are, however, allowed to be logged on, say, two characters. The only thing we allow multiple characters for, is professions and banking, this means you cannot /follow level 2 characters at once. This will result in a ban of one of the two, and if repeated, both. It is also not a problem if you are, for instance, three family members in the same house, playing at the same time. Each multi-box case will be judged individually, so don't worry if you're not doing anything wrong.

What you can't do, is PvP with multiple characters, Dungeon with multiple characters, Raid with multiple characters, etc.

If you are two people playing two characters - no problem. If you are 5 people playing 5 characters - no problem.

Can you restore a character that was deleted from an account ?
Player is fully responsible of his own account access:
* Password shall be enough complicated,
* Don't give your password to anybody,
* Connect yourself in the game from a safe place,
* Don't delete your character "for fun".

How about account trading ?
Account trading is forbidden on our server.

Will we have access to a public database ?
No database will be provided to the players. They will have to find a 1.4 database on their own (like it was back in time).

How about characters used during Beta?
The Nostalrius beta testers will NOT get their characters at server launch. We want the server to be launched like real retail vanilla servers used to be, where everybody has to start from level 1. The old beta characters could still be imported, but under several hard conditions. This importation should not alter the PvE or PvP progression, should not change the server economy balance, nor come with an sense of injustice from other players. We rather think that it could bring back a lot of old Nostalrius players (more than 20.000 accounts !).
Anyway, these characters will stay unusable a long time after the release (and their names will be reusable).

Is it possible to transfer my characters from another server?
Sadly no.

What's next once all the content will be cleared
A new TBC server will be opened after some months by the community we depend on. This new realm will be completely independent from Nostalrius Begins, that will continue to be supported. Additionnaly, the Nostalrius players will have the possibility to copy any character to the Burning Crusade realm. Once again, Nostalrius Begins will always stay online, and will always have its own dedicated staff.
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