To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

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Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by Lightsaber » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:33 am

Malga wrote:All this shit is because of Trump !

Trump is good

Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by Lightsaber » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:36 am

Hitpoint wrote:Fuck official Legacy servers. We have amazing Vanilla servers, decent TBC servers, and good Wrath servers which will continue to improve. Why would we stop playing them? For Blizzard's sake? They have ignored us for years, fuck em.


Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by steveobroil1 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:22 am

more than 10% would have generated tokens if the generator worked longer. I genuinely tried for a week and then you guys stopped altogether.

Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by sionix » Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:24 am

Istaria wrote:Funny how Daemon/Viper get shat on so much for grabbing some plausible deniability. The sudden 180 is so obvious - people should learn to read between the lines a little bit.

Nothing will change, the entire announcement from Elysium is pure PR. After this one, Blizzard will come after the ISP and if they budge, Elysium will move the servers to the Motherland. Things seems relatively well protected.

Business as usual, boys. Nothing to see here.

And who is the audience of these theatrical performance? Blizzard? They don't give a single fuck about those twitter battles! If you thinks they give a fuck - take off your rose-colored glasses, kid.

Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by arthurproh » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:04 pm

Lol, if u open token generation, you would see an even larger increase of people who use tokens!

Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by Direth » Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:04 pm

As i understand, elysium before it was elysium, it was valkyrie-wow. Since nost staff, as it seems, isn't a part of Elysium any longer, it means that Elysium is mostly Valkyrie now. Few important questions. Can we take them on their word, when they say that the core they've been working on will be better in quality? Or it's just their unique understanding of better( if you know what i mean ) .... Some while ago before Valkyrie became what it is now, it had serious issues and since they had their server running for 5 years or maybe even more, there the big question was ... if it is worth playing on their server at all. Since so many years passed and the quality of the content was still a big piece of garbage( look and ask around for valkyrie-wow veterans to fill you in on the biggest quality issues that valkyrie had). So is the so called new core better like better overral, or it's actually the same sht from valkyrie days? Where are the guarantees? Is it worth playing at all? Because, imo i don't think i want to spend another week or more playing and learning that Elysium has serious quality issues. We all want to just play the game and actually enjoy it and we all are very very seriously tired of the garbage various realms , through out the years , fed us with. As i heard, many of the former valkyrie players fear that the sht which they had back then will just be returned here and the only difference will be that the community is much larger to what it was back then (compare 400 active players to around 20-30 k). If their fears will prove to be true. Then a big chunk of players will leave. Also right now since there will be no nost staff anymore and since the changes they decided to make to the nost realms... will already result in some % of players leaving. It can be 10-20%... but that's just a guess and sounds like a minimum.
What more concerns me is whether the "new" core is garbage or it isn't .... because if i will see sht like : bosses in raids not attacking after they bug out ; mobs following in world pve to no end ; spells that you or mobs can cast through any obstacles ; mobs in dungeons aggroing behind walls, structures and so on, what may result in wipes .... the list can go on and on. There are some of you that can spend 10 or more hours a day to play the game, but the bigger part of the community doesn't have that luxury. So i really hadn't the time to get into all that, hadn't the time to lvl as much and see what other "stuff" is going on .
Knowing that you're investing time in a character on a server which has big quality issues, but will have those resolved in a matter of weeks or a month max, is important. But who gives those guarantees? No one. We don't know that and that is troubling.
The first experience on these newly released realms was a real let down and all issues with authentication server or some other bs were mere daisies comparing to the quality issues. Many of you don't know, but the only(or at least one of only a few )spell that goes through any obstacles is Arcane Missles, since it was intended... but here any spell can be cast through obstacles, which isn't right, same as mobs aggroing behind obstacles, where they should not see you, isn't okay either, which is a serious issue in dungeons. Since there were too many players in these realms, dynamic respawns came into play. That seems only logical for all of us, but because of the dynamic respawning, some of the classes got promoted.... like mages for instance. Mages always had the possibility to AoE level, but with dynamic respawns by some clever players like me and some other few, AoE farming was taken on a brand new lvl, where we can level up around 2-4 times faster than we ever could on a regular server.
The list can go on , but i hadn't the time to play a lot, like i already mentioned, to research more and learn of any other serious issues, but some of you have seen them and that is sad. Sad since we played this game so much that at least i feel like i just can't stand playing anymore on a server with big content ( systems, spells, drops and so on) issues . After so many years i'm fed up with broken promises, countless created characters, all the important obvious issues that weren't resolved. I want to have a blast, but all of these wouldbe devs of all those vanilla realms over the years, were bringing nothing but frustration. After all the thumbs up, after all donations and all the support we've been giving over the years, we JUST FKING(yes fking, not like dogs fking in the alley, but like fking seriously) DESERVE a freaking good 90 or higher % bug free realm release, with a core where with minimum our support, we can bring the server to blizzlike state and almost 100% everything working correctly in mere few months, so that in a brief moment we could start 100% concentrating on the fun, on lvling and every fking amusing thing that we can do in the World of Warcraft.
But will we have that now?

All the butlickers always defend the staff, BSing about the fact that the server is free and we should be thankful or some stupid sht like that. Gosh, since the server is a fking pirate server, and if you didn't know all the "private" wow servers always were "pirate" servers(but lets skip this BS), make a fking few euro or dollar subscription fee and i will fking pay, if you will deliver me high quality experience in return... and then it will happen so that the staff won't be doing their work for free, won't they. That's why i say that asslickers BS . Every freaking one of us wants quality here... we already have the numbers, the big ass community of vanilla wow lovers, now we need the second part and all will fking agree that each one of us can spend fking measly 3-5 euro a month just to get this rolling and enjoy this for Real( only few freaking dopes wouldn't spend that much to get vanilla wow and that's like 1% of the whole community... wow .. a whole %.... would say "bbb" ( 3rd b stands for "bitches") to those guys anytime). A lot of us are waiting for official legacy servers exactly because we have no trouble paying for that. But since we don't have that, here we are and i don't care to whom to pay to get what i want.

Over the years blizzard has proven that they are one of the shittiest vompanies ( not even a company ) ever. The game changed drastically so that we all with our jobs families and all would be able to play the game at all, but for most semi or fully hardcore players it was interpreted as a casual playstyle. I also think that most of you agrees on the fact that increase in HP and dmg for bosses or mobs in dungeons can't be labeled as "diffucult". I've played Legion, and it's sht, it's sht and i want to sht on it. Everything is easy as fk. Every dungeon can be cleared with randoms. No tactics need to be known, you just log in and you have "fun" all the time. That's casual for you. Tons of boring world quests day in and day out. Great part of the casual community are braindead zombies, who can't dodge the simplest vombat mechanics that bosses in Legion throw at them. Afk players in every raid was a fking joke, which lets you wonder why you bother playing at all.
But here most of the gathered folk say " fk "casual"". "Casual" is like a bitch that nobody wants .
Everything brings us to the point where we want any "able bodied" group of people to bring us True Vanilla World of Warcraft experience with high quality( high quality as in H I G H Q U A L I T Y period, no made in china plz ) and we'll pay you.
I know for sure that i can and i don't care who provides the service. So i wish someone would man up, shield up against blizz "casual" attacks and will bring us an amazing server to buzz in.

Right now, there are too much what ifs. It's always good to deal with anykind of provider that's honest with you, which fills you in on everything (what you ask and even what you didn't want to know, what sometimes proves useful to know) . The result is me, as a customer, trusting the provider and knowing that everything will be peachy because if there's an issue, i just see that they get it resolved, so i'm calm, i'm assured of success. They get things done, no sht.
But here we are just fed and little of us know what exactly are we fed with. Most of us are left in the dark. And the result of that is mistrust and in the end usually leaves us frustrated, since we usually in these questionable situations are left high and dry.
Some of the dickheads would still say some BS like " go make your own server " or some stupid thing like that, but it's you who BS the most since i have money ready not for a fking donation, but to pay for the real deal.
So all of the BSers can go and fondle your titties or go the fk off, no sht, since anyone smart enough to understand that this staff can't be trusted until we see satisfying results, won't believe a thing they say. Never trusted in any teams out there, and most of them proved really to be BS feeders 100%, almost no exceptions.
That famous phrase on 90% of realm pages " Join us for true <insert expansion name> blizzlike experience " . Gosh, ain't you full of sht.
See, until they actually make an effort to be praised for and respected for, i can't stop thinking that i'm wasting my time with these dudes, especially when the experience seemed semi enjoyable for this whole past month ONLY because most of us vanilla fans gathered here, all at once. We see big numbers and we think it's cool, but that's just about it. It's so far from enough. Like as an example Legion has tons of players playing, but what's the point if the game has no quality, no atmosphere to be hooked up with, no interesting story writing and writing as a whole, it is beat up shit ( sht with bruises ), it stinks. That's why i unsubscribed, lvling through 101-110 was cool though, but it was downhill afterwards .
Sorry, just remembered another issue on these fresh realms. The drop rates are so not blizzlike. Not only are they not 1x, but they vary. I know that because by just grinding lvl you can't on 1x server have 15+ 8 slot bags drop for you while leveling from ~12 - 20 . Not right. Same as i have looted around 40 different greens where some of those dropped for 4-8 times. I know that higher drop rates make life easier in vanilla, but i don't fking want funserver style crap. I want it to be right, same as most of you.... we want to feel somekind of joy when some bag or a green item drops, because if the drops are 1x, then the drops are rare, meaning we atleast don't get used to them and we don't vendor them, we try to sell them cause they are in demand, they are rare and they are worth something. Havent seen that on Elysium. Also when quest items drop easily, they do here, the quests feel hollow, empty, like there's no actuall point in the objective and the story behind each objective seems way more meaningless. Feels like : " -Hey, lols can you give me free xp? - Sure thing, only bring me the box of free exp first, i left it in a nearby cave, since i drink to much and wake up naked with bears. " Anyway, i don't want a freaking walkthrough, i want a climb, a climb on a big ass mountain.

About blizzard. We want them to do this (but they won't, they won't and will tell you why in some next post, but they never will, never ever... or if they will you can compare that to a miracle, second coming or other incredible thing ) only for a few reasons. They are serious and will get things done, cause they are a company, they are professionals. And also because all of that will be legal, which is kinda good in a way. Again, ain't happening.
Instead we have these would be "heroes" making an "effort" or something. Some of them scam us, some don't. Well i say, no offense really, but until you do a good job here i can't have myself spending time on your server, because for now nothing was done which would earn you some points and you really need that if you want a somewhat healthy community hanging around. Especially if you want to enjoy the game like everyone else. But as of now you posted a message for all of us to see, but since there is info out there that you're doing something wrong with the cores and such.... and since the people who know you from valkyrie-wow are very concerned and fear for the worst to come. It leaves us to believe that you're leaving us in the dark. People are concerned how are you going to deal with the issues with which you couldn't deal on valkyrie-wow? Is that it? Because, by logic, it's what they are concerned about . Will there be the same issues which were before or those issues will not exist? Do you have the knowledge and skills to deal with serious issues that your actually old core ( maybe improved, you just said that you worked on it, but that's just another big question ) has or you don't.
We are left with a not so pretty bunch of unanswered questions. We are unsatisfied, but if someone says that we are, nope. I'll quote : " You think you do, but you're not" . And if you think that you are satisfied, well then you have pretty low standards. We actually expect a lot in the year 2017, since we're not getting any younger and vanilla wow is such and old hag .... all dried up and wrinkly, so we at least want her in a nice bikini or something . Too much time passed, we really want to see more than "decent" .
If the quality issue won't be dealt with soon( not blizzs "soon", but simple mortal mans "soon" ), the realms will be dying, people will be leaving, the community will become toxic, and you will be left with these ugly leftovers, you'll be left with the community, which will act as if they are ungrateful whoes, only thing is that those whoes that will stay, are just those people who are too hooked up on wow or those who are stupid enough to think that some miracle will happen, or those that just have nothing to do at that specific moment, but all of those people will be just a part of the big community that you have let down. That will be the case, if peoples needs won't be met.

I'm really looking forward to a job well done. so i would respect you like would everyone else from this big community of geeks and such. I really want to be thankful and i really would pay you if you would provide with a possibility to do that in a way so that none of us would get in trouble, we don't want to get in trouble for sure. Also i mention blizzlike and quality so much because almost all and Elysium staff included write on their web pages things like, they are serious about this project, they want to see this world thrive, they share a bond with all of us and want to bring the past experience and so on, but you can't have that without quality. I know many "private" servers that only have big words on their web pages and nothing more, in game it's just a screaming horror. We deserve what we ask, not less and we're ready to pay for it. And we don't need fancy words, we need results, that's just it. As an example, if i would make a "private" server, i would provide people the info about how well i'm progressing and what they can actually expect, people would know what they will get and when and if something would go wrong, something would slow the progress down or my team would bump into a wall of some sorts i would update my community on that, they would know and maybe they would be able to help.

For now i just see lots of fancy words used and some kind of promises made, but that's just it, those are only words .

Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by theluda » Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:38 pm

This is so amusing. 100% of this is the same bullshit the vanilla WoW community has received in the past decade by almost every server project. As such, Nostalrius and Elysium are doing exactly what was expected.

:-D Hilarious! "Ambassadors"

Re: To the WoW Legacy fans, and Nostalrius community

by zekeon » Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:55 pm

Ok I'm gonna stop you right there.

For starters, 10% is an incredibly high amount considering the token transfer system was down constantly because of the INSANE TRAFFIC it was getting. Not to mention not everyone wanted to use their old character, or maybe wanted to play on a pve realm, or (like me) didn't want to deal with the queues or were busy with other things.

Secondly, what did they do wrong? Honestly? You don't even say. "Wah they don't hold our ideals" how though?

So what's with this then? "We want to preserve the community of wow legacy servers by taking down the most popular legacy server." What happened? did someone on the nost team get called a bad name in trade chat? Or did you actually sell out to blizzard like everyone claims? If not, you should realize by now that blizzard DOES NOT CARE about us.


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