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Incoming open PVE Session

by Viper » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:30 pm

Dear Community,

One week already passed since the Open PvP Session with most of the issues fixed thanks to the help of +400 players. Community is getting more and more excited by our content, reactivity, and the way we handle communication. It really means a lot to us, again, thanks you so much for the support you gave us so far ;)

As a consequence, hype went faster than expected !
* more than 2.200 subscribers on the newsletter (+400 in just a week !!! ),
* nearly 900 likes on the Facebook.

So... next step is officially unlocked.

Be prepared for a PVE session on our realm next January for a PVE server checkup based on specifics instances. Will be included during this session:
* Blackfathom Deeps,
* Deadmines,
* Gnomeregan,
* Maraudon,
* Ragefire Chasm,
* Razorfen Downs,
* Razorfen Kraul,
* Scarlet Monastery,
* Shadowfang Keep,
* Stormwind Stockade,
* Sunken Temple,
* Uldaman,
* Wailing Caverns,
* Zul'Farrak.

Low level instances content listed above aren't generally seen as a priority for other projects. We consider this part of development as important as PvP mechanics. Goals here is to check that everything looks fine : that's why we need you ! We wish that all players will report as much issues as possible !
Get ready for a surprise during this session ;)

Players who played during the PvP Session will keep their characters as it was for this new session.
All Passwords will be re-initialized, a new password will be sent for all accounts.

The exact date will be published on all our medias soon so be prepared.

We also invite you to officialize your guild on our forum.
We'll support you with our medias to help you recruit if you like, just ask for a Staff member :)

We're also looking for GMs. If you think you can handle it, send us an email right away!

PS: Hype is needed on our Facebook !

Best regards,
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