Ironfoe + spellgear

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Ironfoe + spellgear

by koelkast » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:59 pm


I did some searching on these forums and I couldnt find an answer to my questions. My apologies if I looked over it and it had been clarified earlier.

I was wondering what the admins view is on the situaties that are more or less troublesome when going for a blizzlike server.

In Retail Ironfoe is super good, high procrate etc etc. will this item receive the nerfbat like on other servers to balance items out?
Also spellgear for melees with spellproc items is fully blizzlike however it might seem a little bit too strong.

These are the first 2 situations I could think of in means of balancing compared to Retail. What are the plans for this server to cope with them?

kind regards,

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