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Re: State of classes on server

by Phyle » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:12 pm

Dr. Doom wrote:
Phyle wrote:Okay and what is about Priest and Mage in PvP and PvE Raiding and Dungeons seperatly?

Both should be fine really. Priest is the chief healing class and good ones are always appreciated everywhere. Mages are the best ranged dps to have around, both by damage dealt, utility as well as lacking threat issues other classes have.

If you check the raid pug adverts being yelled (I can only speak for Alliance side), usually ranged dps and then healers are the positions most needed.

There will hardly ever be need for tanks. Spare yourself the trouble of rolling a spec that is subpar in pvp, and will rarely get you an invite in PvE, and when you do, any mistake you make shall be highlighted much more than anyone else's.

Ok thanks for the advise :) I think with a PvE spec you can also heal in battlegrounds. Especially with T1 for example.
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