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Re: Info about classes' value

by Theloras » Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:28 pm

Imbaslap wrote:still waiting on a server to fix the resistance table for mangos zero.
right now on every server, holy resistance is not a separate entity, but shared with the other 5 elements on the character sheet. (reason why there are so many bugs with holy spells and such)

with the bugged prismcharm as a great test(or any item/enchant with +all resist). use it to gain up to 150 resist all, have a pally use hammer of wrath, consecrate, or any holy damage ability and it gets almost fully resisted on damage for both binary and non-binary spells. this means that All resistance affixes are including holy resistance(some believe holy resist is linked to fire resist here). holy resistance should not be included in the all resistance affix or part of the character sheet of the 5 elements. this should also be the same for all NPC's and bosses as there are no mobs that should resist holy(because it is not part of the resistance sheet).
this is a mangos zero issue and would require a complete overhaul on it.

TLDR, don't expect pallys to get fixed anytime soon.
also waiting on the item from bug trio to test as well considering it is 100 all resistance. (maybe ISVV team can delve into this and confirm that holy resist is part of the all resist function)

I updated the findings to the bug report as well.

thanks for posting this both here and on the bug tracker but I don't think that item is bugged - it turns out that certain special items like this do in fact provide holy resistance but are rare and situational at best - for example:

Thick Obsidian Breastplate
Binds when equipped
Chest Plate
814 Armor
+38 Strength
+16 Stamina
Durability 165 / 165
Requires Level 60
Equip: When struck by a non-periodic damage spell you have a 30% chance of getting a 6 sec spell shield that absorbs 300 to 501 of that school of damage.

Provides the following buff:

Holy Resistance
Absorbs 300 to 501 holy damage. Lasts 6 sec.

And if you look at the item you mentioned, there is a post that states it also provides holy resistance:

Binds when picked up
Use: Increases all resistances by 20 for 30 sec. (cooldown 30 min)

By BunBun2 on 03/31/2010 (Patch 3.1.3)
yes, this does effect holy resistance.
bad paladin! down!

That being said, no NPCs should have any +Holy Resistance values assigned to them period and the fact that I have found countless NPCs (both trash and bosses) across the full spectrum of available content means that the bug is quite wide ranging.

TLDR +Holy Resistance needs to be removed from the NPC database post haste please!

Re: Info about classes' value

by Imbaslap » Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:58 am

more research and forum threads about items and gear that increase +all resistance.

"By Ninanoora on 2008/01/01 at 1:29 PM (Patch 2.3.0)

Magic resistances

After the first check based on opponents level there’s a roll based on your resistance against that kind of spell damage. Magic branch in wow are: fire, frost, arcane, shadow, nature and holy. You can raise resistance with items and auras. Dwarven paladins benefits from racial abilities +10 frost resistance also.
Your resistances to magic damage (except holy) can be seen in your character sheet in game. Holy is not represented because every player has zero resistance to holy damage and there isn’t any item in game that can raise it. Only defence in game against holy damage is an alchemist potion that absorbs a fixed amount of it. Notice that some mobs have holy resistance (especially bosses).
The paladin class spells deals holy damage so they are not influenced by resistences. However resistences counts when the enemy spell hits us so here’s the explanation:"

this was an innate 1.9 change where they made every 62+ mob have higher innate resistances. they had a huge discussion about it on the EJ forum link you provided. this also shows that 1.9 reworked the whole resistance table because you no longer can go negative resists in the game.

"By Catahe on 2007/12/30 at 6:08 PM (Patch 2.3.0)

catchmeifyoucan said:
Thank you guyz, just the answer I was looking for!

So the following abilities and items the way I see it should increase resistance to Holy DMG as well as the rest of schools.

Mage armor (rank4) - resist all schools + 18

Flask of Chromatic Resistance (Elixir) - resist all schools +35 and + all stats 18 (2hours continues through death)

Magic Resistance Potion - resist all schools +50 (3mins)As i understand it...
Those do not raise holy resistance because holy does not count as a resistable school of magic. (let me rephrase... it is a school just not a school you can stack resistance against) just pop open ur char sheet and notice how holy is not a resistance you can have."

no player should ever have holy resistance is what I am getting at. I know mobs may have some resists, but player's with all resist items should not be countering pally/priest holy power spells outside of the based chance to miss.

"By Thelion on 2008/01/01 at 10:16 PM (Patch 2.3.0)

Holy is not affected by resists.It's only affected by character level difference and in some rare cases can be resisted.But even if you had like 300 to all resistances you still would take Holy damage."
"Every spell school has a base 4% chance to be resisted fully against an equal level opponent. Most(all, except Holy) spell schools have resistances which can increase the chance of partial or full resists, which are calculated seperately than the chance to hit. Chance to hit with spells will only reduce the chance of "resists" cause by a "miss" and will have no affect on partial nor full resists (for either binary or regular spells) caused by resistance value to that school of magic."

"--Stfrn 17:24, 18 March 2006 (EST)

First of all, Holy resistance is not possible for players. It exists for mobs (you can get partial resists on a smite by bosses like Onyxia), but it's a stat that players simply cannot get."

"--doogless 14:44, 7 June 2006 (PST)

"Unless those were wrong" indeed, considering one completly disagrees with the other, and all three are made agos ago. Since then anything could have changed.
The command I was thinking of is based on API_UnitResistance, something like /script A,B,C,D = UnitResistance("player",1); SendChatMessage(" "..C); would show your current HR as a number. My findings on this are odd- without MoTW I have 0 HR which would be expected. With the buff it listests a bonus of +20... and my bases is now -20. SO they actually "cheat" to keep your resistance at 0. Buuut, that is a little off this topic :)"

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people can't have any form of holy resistance either."

currently on Nost, +all resist items are resisting holy spells if stacked. which means something is incorrect about holy resistance or the +all resistance affix. either way, something is wrong and no player should be gaining 100% holy resistance that is current on Nost. (thanks bugged prismcharm for helping find that out) this means currently all the items above will be affected and if used legitly, can still resist priest/pally holy spells outside normal values. meaning if a mage uses all those items above + prismcharm, you will get massive holy resistance value without even realizing it in PVP. THIS is what is wrong and may be the root issue if mobs have a very huge resist table to all or have abilities that increase resistances (chromaggus and such) something worth researching more indeed. :P
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Re: Info about classes' value

by smilkovpetko » Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:43 am

check the bugtracker for all the details regarding Holy Resistance.
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Re: Info about classes' value

by smilkovpetko » Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:05 am

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let me see damage metter ^ oh. ...

someone said this is not single target fight... and we cheese metters by dogs...

Let see who cheese meters by dogs here and who is top 1 DPS! .

and don't forget - at very end judgement of the crusade not even apply on boss.
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