The Hyjal project - vanilla 1x blizzlike server on 13 Feb

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The Hyjal project - vanilla 1x blizzlike server on 13 Feb

by mihrar » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:49 am

Launch date announced: 13 February!!

copied from their discord:

- We are initially committing to providing a PvP realm as this is in highest demand. The future will tell wether or not we will launch an PvE realm, or any other additional realm(s).

You mentioned Light's Hope. Is this an LH project?
- No. We are not in any way affiliated with Light's Hope although many of us in the current staff team was part of LH previously and got to know each other there.

What patch?
- One thing is sure - we like vanilla. We'll progress through patches. For those familiar with Light's Hope, we are considering a similar timeline as to what Lightbringer or Northdale pre-update had. More information regarding this will come soon ™️.

What will the XP-rates be?
- 1x.

What will the realm name be?
- Our team is brainstorming, but we're hoping to be able to poll the community before we decide. We'll say more about this as we progress.

Which core will you use?
- We're evaluating the different available cores to ensure that we're using the most optimal one.

The most important question of all: WEN?
- While we'd like to say very soon ™️, we have not made any decision regarding this yet. We are still focused on behind-the-scenes work - planning, preparing tools for staff, locating and recruiting needed competence and more.

Can I help?
- Yes!
-- We are currently looking for experienced developers willing to help us maintain and develop the core, our website and internal tools and systems for our staff team. Interested? Contact @whitekidney.
-- We are also looking for people with design experience to help us craft what will be our visual identity. Interested? Contact @Turts (No, not Torta or Shenna).

-- Nothing of the above suits you? No worries! You can still help us by talking about our project with your friends.

I want to bring my friends here! Why can't I invite people?

Will there be any P2W/shop?
- No. We'll have no shop at all. Not even for cosmetics.

How will it be funded?
- We're still working on the details but the project is likely going to be funded by the staff at its own. If we decide to allow donations it will be for certain set goals and be closed when the goal is met. If donations is accepted it will be made transparent similar to how Light's Hope handled it.

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