Legion not so good after all

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Re: Legion not so good after all

by mattisalegend4ever » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:45 pm

have any of u actually played legion ?

Re: Legion not so good after all

by gottie4u » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:18 am

You know why "mattitsalegend" is here? Because trolling the forums are more fun than actually playing Legion or even being on the forums of current WoW because the community has pretty much been obliterated over there and trolling attempts don't even stand out anymore because of the flooded and homogenization of the forums themselves.

But hey, if you enjoy it buddy, you're welcome to stay and keep up the trollin'. It's pretty funny sometimes. :D

Re: Legion not so good after all

by melak » Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:10 am

mattisalegend4ever wrote:have any of u actually played legion ?

Yes several have. OT: have you even checked the offical forums? Flooded with people complaining about it, get a clue dude.
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Re: Legion not so good after all

by Lokrosh » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:55 pm

Why was this put in offtopic? I'd say people shitting on Legion on the official forums is pretty relevant.
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Re: Legion not so good after all

by metrolol » Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:46 am

mattisalegend4ever wrote:have any of u actually played legion ?

No of course no one here has. The few who have did not play it long enough to have a real opinion.
Its barely 2 months old, and already people act like they are running out of things to do, despite a new patch coming out tomorrow?

Legion is by far the best expansion the game has ever seen within its first 2 months. The Mythic+ dungeon inclusion should really strike a chord in the hearts of anyone who enjoys Classic or TBC, as its the first time the game has had serious gearing take place in a dungeon since.

There are a few imperfections, of course. Every game has this, and I dare say Classic has quite a few more than any current game.
But saying its "not so good after all," because people are saying so on the forums exemplifies the issue with this game's community.

Everyone always has to be right and tell everyone how right they are, here especially. No one can just be satisfied with anything.

Facts are, Blizzard has finally delivered after a horrible drought with WoD. There has never been more to do in the game for all types of players, and they are consistently pacing content in a way that has frankly NEVER been seen.

I am VERY excited to get back to playing some Classic, but I know that after the focus on dungeons and pacing in Legion, it will be difficult to enjoy the endgame for very long in Classic.

Anyone who has actually played Legion seriously will admit this. Since everyone here seems to be focused on casual shit that doesn't effect anyone after a few weeks of playing, I can safely assume this community has gotten as jaded as the live game's. It used to appear to me that the people playing Nostalrius did it because they were interested in the long haul experience a progressive Classic server could offer, but now it seems that the only discussions here are being made by people with very little experience in anything at all.

Re: Legion not so good after all

by metrolol » Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:59 am

Syff wrote:
Lokrosh wrote:
Syff wrote:Same here, un-subbed after 3 weeks

Could you describe the experience?

I have no plans/time to go into raiding nor do I feel the need to constantly do PVP.
Besides that I really don't like the artifact weapon (legendary hur hur), it removes a part of the game which I always enjoyed, collecting a new weapons with better stats and a different look.

Great example here, sorry to pick you out.

No plans or time to go into raiding. I raid 8 hours a week and work 40+ hours a week. We have been clearing mythic content for 8 years now, and never once have I found 4 hours tuesday and wednesday to be prohibitive. If you have no time to go into raiding, how could you possibly have enjoyed Classic?

You don't like the artifact weapon, that's fine. But your reasoning proves your inexperience in the matter. Instead of whole new weapons, you now have Relic slots. You get these in the same way you used to get new weapons, but they also contain a +slot to a trait. This adds depth and customization to the Artifact talent tree, but can be a bit frustrating if your traits don't align how you'd like.
In terms of appearance, you should be rejoicing with the Artifact system then! There are a half dozen appearances already in the game for every single one some of which are truly a spectacle. That's not an opinion either - they include the highest rez, most detailed models in the game for any weapon. There are even "hidden" appearances for every single spec's weapon in the game, many of which redesign the weapon's look entirely. For some classes, acquiring a hidden appearance can be very straightforward, but when you look at Ret's Corrupted Ashbringer and how detailed acquiring it is, or the DK ones which no one was able to figure out for months, you will realize the strengths of this idea.

You can also always transmog the weapon to which ever other weapon you prefer.

If anything, the exact things you complain about are far more present in this system than they ever were. You were never able to acquire a sick weapon appearance from anything other than the item dropping in a raid or other content (with the exception of Challenge mode.)

See now why it may be misleading to believe that people complaining about the game this early actually speak for its quality?
Probably not, but at least I tried.

Re: Legion not so good after all

by Echodox » Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:41 pm

I sadly discovered Nost too late (was playing on "p2w" Feenix beforehand), but after the shutdown i stopped playing WoW entirely (nothing compares to high pop vanilla).

With legion, a friend of mine urged me to came back to retail (after 1½ years) since he was a beta tester and "it looked to be the best expansion since WotLK". Yeah right...
With the fate of future Nost still unknown i thought why the heck not, nothing else to play anyway.

The beginning of Legion was... Promising.. The lore still seemed as if written by a child (except the last zone, Suramar, which was surprisingly good), but the questing wasn't complete shit, and the world quests gave you something to do instead of sitting AFK in Dalaran.

But then you reach the endgame (after a mere 2-3 weeks), and Legion is exposed for what it really is, a dried up husk of what used to be a game.
PvP, my one true love, is absolutely trash. The game has been designed around 3v3 arena for the last many expansions, so anything outside of this environment is a dreadful experience. Blizzard prides themselves with having given each class- and spec a unique distinction, yet most classes has selfhealing (hunters randomly healing 30% of hp because of breathing, gg blizzard), some form of stun, root or CC (and usually way too many of those), 1-2 burst CDs, 2-4 survival CDs, and the rest as "spam these when the others are not up". Apparently Blizzard forgot that their game is a supposed "MMO", not a TMO (tiny multiplayer online). However in their quest for a balanced 3v3 environment, they forgot to actually make playing PvP a fun experience, instead it is waiting for your burst and resetting the fight if the enemy doesn't die.
Outplaying an enemy simply means you pressed a defensive CD when they pressed an offensive one.
PvP, imo, is therefore a fiasko in legion.

As for PvE. Gearing is a complete nonfactor. You are able to get gear for raiding in 1-3 days once you hit max level, it is ridiculously easy to get. Random legendary drops vary from "utter trash but at least it has more agility" to "my dps just went up by 20%".
I was in a heroic raid with a completely random PuG. Killed all 7 bosses with only a single wipe on 2 of them.
The challenge of PvE is the keystone dungeons, which are basically buffing the damage and hp of all mobs and giving them some random ability to make it harder. Running the same dungeons with overscaled mobs is not really my idea of good content.

WoW is about creating legends, but blizzard forgets that it is up to the players, not the game devs, to make these legends. Their desire to force a certain path for the game instead of letting the players lead the way is what has twisted the once beautiful vanilla into the monstrosity it is today.

That's it for my rant. Pls bring Nost back so i can unsub this garbage.


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