Everyone who whines about the delay between server launches

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Everyone who whines about the delay between server launches

by Gromm » Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:22 am

Please, before you start whining like braindead entitled monkeys, read the info you have been given carefully.

Q: What is your main reasoning for delaying the Fresh PvP server relative to the nost PvP realm's release by so long? The original posts stated 3-4 weeks and then that quickly turned into back peddling in Discord with 'oh thats the max time' when the reaction was bad. How long should we really expect to wait and what is the reasoning if it's not just an attempt to manipulate the pop to keep Old Nost alive a little longer?

A: The main reasoning is that there are things that must be done for each individual server. We had two choices: Launch the main realm as quick as possible to give people the opportunity to play their old characters, or delay all releases significantly in order to push them through at the same time. In the end, the effect of the staggered servers results in us getting a realm out far more quickly. One of the biggest roadblocks to getting each server online is staffing. Each server will require a large GM staff to properly monitor and respond to player needs and questions. One of the biggest ways the community could partner with us to speed the release of servers is having more qualified and trustworthy GMs being willing to volunteer their time and effort

That is all you need to know.
I've seen so many people whining about this. Would you rather wait 2-3 possibly 4 months for all servers to be released at once, or pass your time on one of the servers untill the server you prefer would be released?
Nost/Elysium team does not owe us anything, so instead of being a retarded fuck please thank them instead. (I know that the retarded fucks are only the vocal minority, I know that the majority are extremely thankful for what they are doing for us).
Might edit some typos etc later.

Unrelated random question: Did anyone expect to see their characters again after the shutdown? I had a feeling in my gut that I would some day :D

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