Everyone who loves Vanilla should read this...

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Everyone who loves Vanilla should read this...

by ILoveClassic » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:30 am

Hello everyone,

from time to time I still have a look at this Forum, and I realise that here are still people. So I would like to share this with you now.

After the realisation, that Elysium will be never as good as Nostalrius I looked around the hole Fan-Server-Base.
I tried many many Vanilla Servers, I would say everyone there is, witch had at least a small Player Base.

My Conclusion is obviously, that there is non. I couldn't find a Server where the Combination of, amount of people and the perfection of scripting and anti Cheat system etc. was about that good...

I found a small Server tough, witch was as Good by scripting and anti Cheat System as Nostalrius.

the Server is called Nefarian and you can find it under "classic-wow.org"


thats the trailer.

The Server really is the best I have ever been to in terms of less bugs, perfect scripting, performance, support etc. there is 0 Cheating/Boting going on(I did some test myself..) and also nearly 0 Goldselling shit going on.

And the best of alle, surely it is full blizzlike :) they even "tuned" the Bosses a little bit in Terms of more Hitpoints so the progress is really taff :)

They are testing Naxxramas at the moment and they will probably release it this Winter or so.
Progress of the Server ist really Mixed, about 3-4 Guilds in both Faction got AQ40 clear and about 3-4 Guilds are in progress of AQ40 and BWL 1-2 Guilds trying Molten Core right now.

There are only 2 Problems I see with this server:

1. Population is low, only about 1000 people per faction on the best

2. The Server Community is mostly German, they do a good support in English tough.

So if you really decide to play again on a Classic-Server , choose this one! Spread the word guys, if we can get enough people on this server Population will grow, and also the community will get more english speaking person in total.

If you join, you can contact me:

Ingame name: Zulrum
Faction: Horde
Thanks for reading

Re: Everyone who loves Vanilla should read this...

by howard » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:38 am

I will contact you!

Re: Everyone who loves Vanilla should read this...

by soulblade » Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:02 am

Vanilla server elysium is dead

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