Heavy red pills incoming

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Heavy red pills incoming

by TheAnointedOne » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:02 am

I told you in the other thread of mine that Activision-Blizzard hates you and cheats you. Actually this makes no sense at all. Therefore I try to explain you why this is the case.

May be you heard about Illuminati, Satanists or about the Jews? Well if you watch the world you can definately find out by your own that this world is insane and sick. And this has a reason. We are ruled by insane, retarded supercriminals who enslaved us already 1500-3000 years ago. Depends where we actually came from. And many of us me included doesnt know that.

As I said I am objectively probable a super genius and I dig really deep into certain stuff what was only possible with the help of the Internet.

Let it make short. Descendants of the Hellenes rule over this world. The Hellenes were famous for two things insanity and enslavement of people. And these faggots (literally) rule over us.

They found the Roman Empire and the Roman Empire conquered the whole world. They invented all religions and to this day they control all religions. What they call Satanism on Youtube. This is nothing else than ancient hellenistic Philosophy. For example worked out by Sokrates.

Fact is there is no God, Allah or whatever. We humans are responsible for our world. And as I said insane retarded super criminals rule over us for a long time now.

This is the explanation why Blizzard hates us. They wanna harm us from the very beginning. If you study history (outside your brainwashing institution what they call school please) then you will find out that the Hellenes did this always. They try to make the slaves dumb, sick and they support the retards and bad humans inside the slaves. This happens cause they can us control better then. They fight our communities because lonely slaves are much easier to control. They invented video games because this harms us in their sense.

And now a few advices. First these clowns control everything. The Internet is totally manipulated. There is no resitance. If you find a resistance this resistance is by them. They always made their own opposition. Already 3000 years ago. And they killing the best slaves always. Thats one reason why we had the world wars. The best humans die in wars.

That means you cant trust anyone but your own family or real good friends. Second they have possibilities you dont even know. They have all the technique, devices, they control the military, the intelligence services, the police, the press, the banks - EVERYTHING important. And their agents are in positions where a few can control many. For example many of them are teachers or professors. They control our educational systems too for 3000 years now. They decide who has success in this life and who not. Everything is rigged in this world. Nothing is as it should be.

So the fact is that you cant do anything. U r probable not intelligent enough, you 100% dont know enough and 90% your eduction was bad. And r probable lonely and so on.

I tell you that because with this knowledge you are at least capable to protect yourself. because these guys wanna harm you always. for example our nutrition is poisoned. you should be aware of that and try to eat as healthy as possible. pornography they only invent because they know that masturbation is bad for mens health. our testestoron level decreases and to be horny all the time take our energy away.

to be in front of a pc for hours is very harmful too. humans should move and make a little bit sport.

Just try to inform you what you should eat and always think for yourself because these guys can lie to you. Try to behave good try to make something senseful. Try to learn something important. Actually there are only two real professions:

1.) try to become scientist
2.) try to become a craftsman (anything with a practical meaning)

These professions r real and have a meaning. the rest is more or less BS.

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