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by Charlatan » Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:24 pm

Full Name: Stilva Vel'Charis
Nicknames: Stilva
Faction: Neutral (Officially Alliance)
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hair: Black, bound in a very long ponytail
Skin: Somewhat pale
Eyes: Silvery Grey Iris, usually bloodshot, eyerings, dark eyesockets
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Place of residence: Classified
Place of Birth: Hillsbrad Village
Known Relatives: Deceased
Religion/Philosophy: Believes in Selunè, Despises the Light and the Belief in it.
Group/Guild affiliation: Unknown
Guild Rank: None
Enemies: All Crusaders, Inquisitors, Judges, Holy Priests
Weapons of Choice: Dagger / Sabre
Likes: Cynicism, Improvisation, Cruelty / Sadism towards those who deserve it
Dislikes: Altruism, Naivete, Law, Sadism towards innocents
Favorite Foods: Grilled Fish, any
Favorite Drinks: Tea
Favorite Colors: Dark Pale Blue
Hobbies: Alchemy, Flora, Athletics,

Physical Features:
In the short glimpse you managed to get, you saw a man who is averagely built and averagely tall, but that's where all normality ends. His face is somewhat pale and gaunt, sunken bloodshot eyes scowl from dark eye-sockets in a disturbing silvery color. Under the hood, a tatoo in the middle of the forehead was visible, an elaborate triangle with angled blades at each corner. A long black goatee fell from his chin.

Special Abilities:
A very strong intuition in estimating who is innocent and who is not. A clear lack of both physical strength and capability of direct combat is counteracted by near inhuman elusiveness, agility and ruthlessness.

Positive Personality Traits:
Completely unbiased and tolerant to anyone unless they belong to any form of Inquisition or Church. Extremely stubborn / unyielding in goals. Modest. Generous in payment and gifts.

Negative Personality Traits:
Excessively cruel and sadistic to enemies, on a level no less than a psychopath. Notoriously paranoid. Solitary and introverted. Extremely unforgiving.

Misc. Quirks:
Very sinister and cynical. Morbid sense of humor. Never speaks his thoughts.

<SHORT VERSION> Stilva Vel'charis was born as the child of two rival families residing near the orchards of Hillsbrad: His mother from the noble house Vel'charis, a family of explorers, while his father was from house Renson, once part of the Stonemason Guild, changed to Agriculture Guild after the Defias Riot. The families being naturally at conflict and strife by default, his heritage was oil to the fire. When Stilva was barely adult, this fire was stoked to an inferno when a few haughtier Vel'charis members claimed the liason could only possibly be the product of a rape, and the accusation was accepted at court. Enraged at the calumny and suspecting bribery, the Renson family prepared to take justice in their own hands.

However, in the following night, the conflict was ended before it started, in one horrifying display that any witnesses still try to forget and deny until today. Both houses were found destroyed in the morning, reduced to ruins, both families massacred in manners no sane human would perform. Allegedly, the only survivor found was a young Vel'Charis member, male, immediately imprisoned as prime suspect.

No Information was ever given to the public as to what really happened and why the prime suspect was released from custody.
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by sorryagain10 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:15 am

can i put my char profile x)

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by hereitis7 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:20 am


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by LakerNation » Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:36 pm

[b]Full Name: Darild Landon
[b]Nicknames: Dar or Dar-Dar
[b]Faction: Alliance
[b]Race: Human
[b]Class: Warrior
[b]Age: 25
[b]Gender: Male
[b]Hair: His hair color is black, and it falls to barely about shoulder length
[b]Skin: White
[b]Eyes: Hazel
[b]Height: He stands at exact six foot
[b]Weight: He weighs at 150 lbs (68kg) Lean would be the best way to describe his physical build.
[b]Place of residence: Stormwind
[b]Place of Birth: Stormwind
[b]Known Relatives: All deceased
[b]Religion/Philosophy: N/A
[b]Group/Guild affiliation: (( Am in the guild "The Valiant Dawn" but wasn't recruited to anything IC wise ))
[b]Guild Rank: N/A
[b]Enemies: None at hope to stay that way. (( xD ))
[b]Likes: Clouds, Sleeping and a good conversation
[b]Favorite Foods: TOUGH JERKY!!!! Loves clams and oysters as well.
[b]Favorite Drinks: Mmmmm nothing like a good tall ole mug of mead!
[b]Favorite Colors: Blue
[b]Weapons of Choice: Double swords
[b]Dislikes: Horde, And in general rude people. Not many dislikes.
[b]Hobbies: Relaxing. ((Hey the art of doing nothing is really something! =P))
[b]Physical Features: Nothing too special here, the only thing is that he does have a scar on the side of his ribs.
[b]Special Abilities: Nope nothing special at all just a normal human warrior.
[b]Positive Personality Traits: Darilds most positive trait is I would say that he is in general a nice person and will help someone who really needs it.
[b]Negative Personality Traits: His biggest negative trait would be that he is extremley lazy, even though he would still help someone who is in need. But sometimes he would turn a shoulder cause he would rather just lay back and watch the clouds move in the sky instead of training or doing any sort of job
[b]Misc. Quirks: He scratches his head or rubs his neck alot when he thinks or feels embarrassed
[b]History: (( In order to find out about Dar-Dar's very very intresting life you need to find out through roleplay with him =P MWAHAHAHHAHAHA! ))

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by Acetabularia » Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:07 am

I going to have to apologize for not adhering to this strict formula, as I'm much more comfortable writing a text biography.

My name is Rúna, this I know because it is the name I have given myself in the wake of the Third War. I remember little to nothing of my prior life. But the earliest memory I can recollect is seared into my mind: I woke amongst the ruin of what I realize now must have been my home. A village on the coast of Ashzara, it's houses reduced to smoldering rib cages and the stench of demons almost palpable. The dead, both of my kin and vile snakelike Naga with frightful, mocking similarity to us Nightelves littered the coast. How I survived, I have no idea, I lacked any martial prowess. Fate must have had plans for me, for a war party of Nightelf Watchers quickly found me, as I wandered through the ruins dazed, unable to understand what hat happened. They nursed me to some semblance of health in the time they had, which was very little, from what I could piece together they were in pursuit of a dangerous demon. They were kind enough to give me an, albeit reluctant escort back to Ashenvale. I never learned the Watcher, that lead me to safety's name, she seemed to blame me for not being able to join her sisters in the chase and I owe her a debt I will never be able to repay. Had it not been for her I would have surely gotten lost or fallen prey to the forest's more viscous predators.
In Astranaar's refugee camp I was finally allowed to recover from my injuries. I met others that shared a similar fate in the wake of the foul fugitive's escape. Most were warriors that had stood in his way and they told frightening stories of a Demon in Elf skin. Others, like me were simply unlucky enough to be caught in the path of battle. Fortune seemed to take me back into its fold however, as the following years in Astranaar were some of the most peaceful I've known. It was during this time that I sought to find out more about my past, little to no avail. Corruption had gripped the lands east of Ashenvale and the loathsome Naga had claimed the shores of Ashzara, making passage impossible. Even the druids I looked to for council could only judge my age to that of a mere waif when I had arrived in Astranaar. Oddly it was the Watcher that had been forced to stay in Astranaar as a guard, that helped me find new purpose. Telling me to make peace with my past and focus on the present. Now I know she was quite probably trying to ready me for recruitment into the Watchers, something that thankfully did not happen. I content myself with doing what little I could around Astranaar, tasks that mounted more and more with word of Orcs in the south and an old Corruption creeping back into the land. Not before long my peaceful Astranaar was once again filling up with refugees and wounded. Day by day they came in until we were evacuated to Teldrassil. The Watcher that had been my silent guardian joined the rest of the warriors to head north to Mount Hyjal. Had I known what would transpire at the foot of the World Tree I would've tried to dissuade her from going, though I would not have been able to stop her. Elune willing she made it out of there alive... Alas I could to nothing but wait with bated breath as battle engulfed Mount Hyjal in what we now know as the climax to the Third War. Thankfully the Burning Legions return was thwarted, and though I was powerless to aid in this battle I refuse to sit idly by as fel forces eye our world the way a moonstalker eyes a strider. I care little for the squabbling of the Horde and Alliance, I have friends and enemies on both sides and especially the Tauren have won a special place in my heart. It is the warmongering of Orcs, Trolls and Humans, the greed and ambition of Gnomes and Dwarves and especially the fanaticism of younger generations of my own kin that infuriates me so. If there will be a war between the so-called Alliance and the Horde I'll be forced to answer. Until then I will hone my skills and fight those who have destroyed my home and pushed us to the brink of existence.

I'll adhere to the formula in the way that I'll add whatever can't be easily deduced from the bio:

Appearance: Average height and build, leaning towards athletic, long silvery white hair, facial markings similar to that of the unnamed watcher that stood vigil over her
Faith/Belief: Elune with a recent fascination for Shamanism and the Earthmother
Favorite Food: Avian/Raptor meats and eggs, seasoned with wild herbs and spices
Favorite Drink: Spring Water (no conjured water!) with crushed swift thistle and bruiseweed
Likes: Untamed forests and plains, Sabercats, Wolves, Bears, Druids and Shaman (Currently engaged to one, we'll see how that pans out)
Dislikes: Swamps, Corruption (demonic and undead), Naga (to the point of phobia), Demons (therefore distrust yet fascination of warlocks for controlling them), general warmongery
Positive Personality Traits: Open and mostly lighthearted, fiercely loyal once this loyalty has been earned.
Negative Personality Traits: Little to no understanding or forgiveness for wanton aggression, to the point of ignoring a plea for help or actively hunting down said aggressor
Misc.: Mild addition to weak herbal hallucinogenics and/or toxins imbibed with food as spice or seasoning, often resulting in extremely positive or negative personality traits.
Grand Tuna: Rúna
Lvl 19 Twink: Antigonia
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by Wolvesblood » Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:10 am

Full Name: Ahsa ( last name unknown )
Nicknames: Wolvesblood (character name)
Faction: Alliance
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Age: About 20 more or less
Gender: Female
Hair: Long and black, pulled into a ponytail
Skin: Tan, Freckles
Eyes: Purple
Height: Average
Place of residence: A Traveler
Place of Birth: Lordaeron
Known Relatives: Deceased.
Religion/Philosophy: Atheist
Group/Guild affiliation: Former ties to Stormwind Assassins & SI:7
Enemies: Futurewolf, Yabu, Vudu, Khandro, Erzhuzada, Nugbot, Lukoto, Molokoplus
Favorite Foods: All cheese
Favorite Drinks: Wine
Favorite Colors: Red (for blood)
Weapons of Choice: One-handed Swords
Physical Features: highly attractive yet mysterious, slightly smaller than average
Traits: Arrogant, Confident, Mysterious, Suspicious, A loner, Dark humor, Sad
Description: An assassin that had gone on to perfect the arts of murder to an incredibly fine degree. A deadly cold-hearted killer that is beyond the ideas of allegiance and devotion to anything more than the next challenging kill for no other reason than to gain profit through contract killings and to improve skills for her revenge.
About Me:
"My name.. was Ahsa. I was a child when my home Lordearon fell, though I don’t have much memory of it. Most of my earliest memories are in refugee camps as we desperately tried to escape the scourge plague that had already claimed my father. By the time we finally reached Stormwind City, my mother passed away from an unrelated illness. I don't even remember his or her name. I hated life in the orphanage and I thought I could live better on my own in the slums without their rules. This is where I learned how to steal and pick pocket from the markets and merchants. I lived a meaningless existence for years. And then later on when I was a young teenage girl, I tried to pick pocket a man in Oldtown. It was always so easy for me. I thought I got away unnoticed like I always have before. Little did I know, this man was Mathias Shaw. I suspect he was intrigued with me and did not want to harm a young girl for he decided to bring me back to SI:7, where I eventually was trained in the arts of stealth and assassination. I became one of the best assassins Stormwind had to offer. Though Mathias did not directly train me, I always revered him for what he did for me. But, I still always felt distant from my comrades. Until I met a woman named Serenis who was the same age and a fellow assassin. People would mistake us as sisters because of our similar personality and characteristics of tan skin, freckles, dark hair, and light purple eyes. But, our the relationship was.. deeper than that. Normally, we would work alone. However, I asked Serenis to help me anyways. I was to kill a traitor who was leaking information and I thought I could use the extra blades. We manged to slit the traitor's throat unnoticed inside a horde camp, or so we thought. Our feet froze in place bound by a magical trap of ice. Before I could react my friend Serenis was mauled by wolves. I managed to dodge a few arrows as I watched her throat get ripped out. I finally broke free of the ice but I was struck by an arrow in my side simultaneously. I fled. I was pursued for days by their wolves. I finally managed to kill off the last of the wolves stalking me and collapsed in the dirt covered in my own and wolves' blood. I survived... though regrettably. I blamed myself for her death but then I later learned that there was more traitors among the SI:7. I also learned the identities of my ambushers, a crazed Orc who claims he’s from the future, his name is Futurewolf and other allies from his guild of Calamitous Intent. I cut off my ties with Stormwind. I am convinced that they had something to do with Serenis's death. I am no longer Ahsa. I will get my revenge and I will eliminate all obstacles. I will kill Futurewolf, his friends, his family, and everyone he's ever talked to for taking her away from me. I live only to make Futurewolf drown in his own wolves’ blood." - Wolvesblood

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by cromac » Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:54 pm

Full name: Cromac Shaded-Wolf
Faction: Horde
Race: Orc
Class: Rogue
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Hair: Black war braid & short beard
Skin: light Green
Eyes: Blue-Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 198' lbs
Place of Residence: Brill, Tirisfal Glades
Place of Birth: Swamp of Sorrows
Religion/philosophy: Ancestor worship/Shamanism
Likes: History, myths, travel, profit, spying
Dislikes: Machinery, Open-water, Guards
Weapon of choice: Dagger(s)
Hobbies: Collecting Minerals/rare items, Smoking, Haggling, Enchanting, Exploring
Fav food/drink: Cactus Apple Suprise
Positive personality traits: Sly, Strong-willed, Pragmatic
Negative personality traits: Bad temper, Violent, short-term memory at times, Sarcastic

Physical description: Cromac stands tall and lean for a Orc, strange tattoos cover his right arm. Cromac's body is riddled with scars and blemishes. The Orc's long black hair is tied into a war braid while his short beard hangs at his chin. Cromac's face is worn for his age and his otherworldly green eyes reveal a life of strife. The rogue's garments consist of dark, scorched leather armor and tattered dark blue clothing beneath it. Two crude daggers rest on his belt.

History: Cromac was born in the midst of the first brutal war between Orcs and Humans within the Swamp of Sorrows. The Rogue's parents were unholy Seers of the Shadowmoon Clan, they taught Cromac the basics of enchanting while he was a youth. Cromac's uncle taught him to scout the lush lands of Azeroth and mine the earth for resources to aid the Horde war machine. When Doomhammer unleashed his wrath against Gul'dan and his Warlock Shadow Council after Blackhand's fall, Cromac's parents were not spared due to their affiliations. Despite this, The young Orc had no choice but to continuing to follow the Horde.

Cromac earned the surname "Shaded-Wolf" when he snuck into a Human encampment in Hillsbrad and stole valuable battle plans undetected. As the 2nd war drew to a close, Cromac vanished into the wilds of Azeroth alone, The Orc rogue rejoined his kin during the exodas to Kalimdor and helped settle the savage new lands. Now, Cromac has ventured to Tirisfal Glades as a emissary of sorts to keep an eye on the Orc's newest allies, the morbid Forsaken.


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