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RP Character Profile Index

by Tali » Wed May 27, 2015 4:19 pm

Just for organizational purposes, I'm indexing all the character profiles that get posted. If you would please post your profile in this thread in the future, I'd really appreciate it, thanks! In game names will be bolded or added as a note.

You can find a template here.


Aerinn Stonebraid
Bleewicket Rustwrench
Darild Landon
Feörlynn Maldaeus
Khazakhar Smokeskin
Kolfinna Ygronis Grislocke
Kyrus of Stratholme
Nathair Snakeblood
Rothwald Beryl Rothwald XVII
Stilva Vel'Charis
Teegli 'Shipwreck' Mekenda
Telan Farrel
Tillith Linneaus
Ulrich Felborne
Zerc Rowe

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Re: RP Character Profile Index

by Charlatan » Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:03 am

Full Name: Stilva Vel'Charis
Nicknames: Stilva
Faction: Neutral (Officially Alliance)
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hair: Black, bound in a very long ponytail
Skin: Somewhat pale
Eyes: Silvery Grey Iris, usually bloodshot, eyerings, dark eyesockets
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Place of residence: Classified
Place of Birth: Hillsbrad Village
Known Relatives: Deceased
Religion/Philosophy: Believes in Selunè, Despises the Light and the Belief in it.
Group/Guild affiliation: Unknown
Guild Rank: None
Enemies: All Crusaders, Inquisitors, Judges, Holy Priests
Weapons of Choice: Dagger / Sabre
Likes: Cynicism, Improvisation, Cruelty / Sadism towards those who deserve it
Dislikes: Altruism, Naivete, Law, Sadism towards innocents
Favorite Foods: Grilled Fish, any
Favorite Drinks: Tea
Favorite Colors: Dark Pale Blue
Hobbies: Alchemy, Flora, Athletics,

Physical Features:
In the short glimpse you managed to get, you saw a man who is averagely built and averagely tall, but that's where all normality ends. His face is somewhat pale and gaunt, sunken bloodshot eyes scowl from dark eye-sockets in a disturbing silvery color. Under the hood, a tatoo in the middle of the forehead was visible, an elaborate triangle with angled blades at each corner. A long black goatee fell from his chin.

Special Abilities:
A very strong intuition in estimating who is innocent and who is not. A clear lack of both physical strength and capability of direct combat is counteracted by near inhuman elusiveness, agility and ruthlessness.

Positive Personality Traits:
Completely unbiased and tolerant to anyone unless they belong to any form of Inquisition or Church. Extremely stubborn / unyielding in goals. Modest. Generous in payment and gifts.

Negative Personality Traits:
Excessively cruel and sadistic to enemies, on a level no less than a psychopath. Notoriously paranoid. Solitary and introverted. Extremely unforgiving.

Misc. Quirks:
Very sinister and cynical. Morbid sense of humor. Never speaks his thoughts.

<SHORT VERSION> Stilva Vel'charis was born as the child of two rival families residing near the orchards of Hillsbrad: His mother from the noble house Vel'charis, a family of explorers, while his father was from house Renson, once part of the Stonemason Guild, changed to Agriculture Guild after the Defias Riot. The families being naturally at conflict and strife by default, his heritage was oil to the fire. When Stilva was barely adult, this fire was stoked to an inferno when a few haughtier Vel'charis members claimed the liason could only possibly be the product of a rape, and the accusation was accepted at court. Enraged at the calumny and suspecting bribery, the Renson family prepared to take justice in their own hands.

However, in the following night, the conflict was ended before it started, in one horrifying display that any witnesses still try to forget and deny until today. Both houses were found destroyed in the morning, reduced to ruins, both families massacred in manners no sane human would perform. Allegedly, the only survivor found was a young Vel'Charis member, male, immediately imprisoned as prime suspect.

No Information was ever given to the public as to what really happened and why the prime suspect was released from custody.

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Re: RP Character Profile Index

by Tali » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:28 pm

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Re: RP Character Profile Index

by Liefde » Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:06 am

Full Name:
Zerc Rowe
Lord of House Rowe



Gray, balding in the centre.
Slighty tanned, Caucasian.

Place of residence:
No known address.
Place of Birth:
Alterac City

Known Relatives:
Herc Rowe

Group/Guild affiliation:
The Bannermen of House Rowe
Guild Rank:
House Lord

Blood Elves.

Politics, history, books, women and whisky.

Favorite Foods:
Conjured food of any kind.

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Colors:

Weapons of Choice:


Studying the arcane.

Physical Features:
Zerc's head shows a prime example of hair fighting a losing battle against baldness. As an exception his moustache, well groomed and maintained, stands proud above the lip. His sharp eyes show wrinkles around it, and his friendly face makes him seem easy to approach. At first glance Zerc seems like any other other noblemen, but in his eyes hides some flicker of blue light.. like a raging ocean resides in his eyes. If one were to only look closely enough.

Special Abilities:
Former ruling noble of the Kingdom of Alterac. Capable of managing large groups of people and managing businesses. Somewhat cunning and devious.

Positive Personality Traits:
Zerc has a broad mind, in all interactions he aims to never assume anything and to always give anyone a chance. Zerc always opens an interaction with the best of intentions.

Negative Personality Traits: Condescending at times. Likes to feel smart. Does not concern himself with the wellbeing of others when he acts. Arrogant. Deceptive. Cold and calculated when he gets serious. Competative.

Misc. Quirks:
Zerc frequently appears absentminded and is often seemingly distracted and/or distant. His absent-mindedness sometimes causes him to use the wrong spells.

Before the first war, on the slopes of the Alterac mountains a young muscular dwarf led a pregnant, tired looking brown haired woman and a regal looking man with long blonde hair through a freak snowstorm, way too early for the time of year. The easy trip they had envisioned ended up filled with hardship made worse due to the woman, Thenfa, giving birth to a son. Which they later named Zerc.

As a child growing up, Zerc was found to have a talent for the arcane but as the first son of the head of a noble house Zerc was instead trained to be a noble by his father, Lord Daan Rowe. Etiquette, politics, economics and linguistics were forced on to him, whilest magic was something he sparingly attempted in his spare time.

With the outbreak of the second war the political situation of Alterac City collapsed. Lord Perenholde was driven by fear and sided with the orcs. A few of the noblemen and noble families still silently sided with the alliance under the guidance of General Hath. When the Alliance razed the city to the grounds as punishment for the cities betrayal in the war, the Rowe family was allowed to leave. Though most of their possessions were lost in the migration that followed.

Zerc showed himself to be capable and strong in the next two years. With the family roaming from place to place, from Alterac all the way down to Dun Morogh. it was the way Zerc could manipulate people into liking him that often gave his family a warm meal, or a bed to stay in for the night. Sadly this wasn't enough and after only 3 months of traveling, his mother, Thenfa had passed away in her sleep at night due to hypothermia. As a result Zerc's father became more and more distant.
About a month after her death, a group of 3 raptors attacked their group. In the alaram Zerc clearly see his father. Surrounded by the raptors he didn't even put up a fight and was brutally killed. Seeing the man he'd looked up to his entire life die such a gruesome death, so shortly after his loving mother had passed away made something snap inside of him, causing Zerc to launch a Frostnova at the raptors, giving the rest of the group the time to strike the raptors down.

Through Ironforge, Zerc and the remnants of his family at last reached Stormwind. This proud family of over a hundred members and retainers had shrunk down to 11 people. Zerc, as senior family member had become the lord of the house, and his little brother Herc naturally became the advisor. Nobility at this time however was the last thing on their mind. The cruel journey, and the wars they had witnessed was enough to make them want to forget their families, and focus on training. Zerc stayed in Dalaran and Theramore Isle for a time, studying under Jaina Proudmore and finally learning the arcane arts whilest avoiding the third war.

Now having finished his training, Zerc has set out to explore the world and the arcane powers it holds. His aim? Becoming powerful enough to reestablish the name "Rowe" and make it one of the most powerful noblehouses in human existance.
Zerc of House Rowe

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Re: RP Character Profile Index

by Joseph » Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:49 am

This shows that basically no horde role-plays lol.
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