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Teegli 'Shipwreck' Mekenda

by FrustratedMoth » Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:56 pm

Full Name: Teegli Mekenda
In-game Name: Shípwreck
Nicknames: Shipwreck
Faction: Alliance
Race: 1/2 Bronzebeard Dwarf, 1/2 Wildhammer Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Age: 22 in Dwarven years
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Skin: Pale and freckled
Eyes: As green as the grass in Loch Modan
Height: 4' 4''
Weight: 88 lbs
Place of residence: Thelsamar
Place of Birth: Thelsamar
Known Relatives: Mother, father, 5 siblings
Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic
Group/Guild affiliation: Ironforge, Aerie Peak, Booty Bay
Guild Rank: N/A
Enemies: Those who are outright evil, be they orc, elf, naga, dwarf, or otherwise.
Likes: A good song and a stein o' booze!
Favorite Foods: Anything edible
Favorite Drinks: Sweet fruit-based alcohol, especially Junglevine Wine
Favorite Colors: Emerald green
Weapons of Choice: Swords of all kind, be they one, two or three-handed.
Dislikes: The ones who harm those below themselves
Physical Features: Shipwreck is a relatively dark-skinned dwarf with emerald green eyes. She carries her long, oilslick brown hair with two silver-adorned braids, reaching almost down to her ankles. Countless freckles cover her entire form.
On her nose is a bronze nose ring that looks like a serpent, positioned so the mouth seems to be biting her nostril.
Special Abilities: Able to hold an incredible, possibly infinite amount of alcohol, without heaving or dying from alcohol poisoning.
Positive Personality Traits: Courageous, brave, perseverant, well-spoken, honest, witty
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, too focused, shy at times
Misc. Quirks: Terrified of fire and large dogs, but tries not to admit it. Reptiles are fine, though; she secretly wants a raptor to use as a mount and companion.
History: Born to a wealthy Bronzebeard mother and Wildhammer father with many acres of land, Aerinn lived her life in a high-class establishment near Thelsamar with her five siblings. She grew weary of this lifestyle, and when she reached the age of twenty (in dwarven years, mind you) she decided to leave home to Booty Bay and become a pirate. This worked out very well from her, she developed a talent for sneaking, fighting, plundering and drinking incredibly quickly. She was an esteemed member of an unnamed pirate crew for seven years, when she discovered the rest of the crew was involved in... things. Things of an unspeakably dark and evil nature. She somehow managed to sink the entire ship somewhere near Westfall and was the only survivor of the shipwreck. This story has been told to many in various taverns across Azeroth, but she stubbornly refuses to reveal whatever horrible things her crewmates were dealing in. These stories are how she earned her nickname, Shipwreck, which almost everyone refers to her with.

((History's not my strong point :s))
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