LF regular RP guild?

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LF regular RP guild?

by Taurheel » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:31 am

*The ground begins to shake around you. As you stumble to find your balance you hear a strong sigh behind you. The noble druid Taurheel has arrived to the inn. *

"Greetings humble one,
I am in search of a trusted coalition to travel the rounds of the Earth Mother. I am commonly stationed at the Cross Roads in the Barrens, assisting Sergra Darkthorn and her community. Innkeeper Plainswind and I grew as calves together in Camp Taurajo, therefore living arrangements may be easily made for visitors. Watch your back fellow Earth walker."

*The Tauren throws his satchel over his shoulder and grins at you before parting ways.*

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