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Asha Lore Profile

by Asha » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:30 pm

Character Full Name: Asha Swiftblade

Character In-Game Name: Asha

Race: Orc

Class: Blademaster

Skills and Abilities: Asha is expertly skilled with her large sword on the battlefield. She also has experience leading soldiers on and off the battlefield. Through her training with the
shamans of the Horde, Asha has learned to move and strike swift and stealthy as the wind. She has learned to use the Blademaster abilities Windwalk, Mirror Image, and Bladestorm.

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Weight: 265 lbs


Height: 6' 4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Asha will most commonly wear a plated kilt made of thick hide and sandals. She wears heavily scarred vambraces on Her wrists, and a leather harness, which she attaches her blade to when not in use.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Asha is typically a calm and levelheaded Orc. She is very friendly and enjoys her time relaxing in good company. Her view on the other races of the world depend mostly on the faction they support. She is friendly to the loyal races of the Horde, and keeps caution around the races of the Alliance, but strives to make peace. When she is called to duty, she is not hesitant, and will do what she must to complete her task quickly. On the battlefield, she is cool and calm, yet aggressive and appears nearly merciless. Asha doesn't partake in the temptation of alcohol, but to say she doesn't drink when she empties jugs of water so fast just seems wrong.

History: Asha fought throughout the Third War, in various battles, big and small. This is but one of Her experiences.

The clear dark sky clouded over suddenly and began to split and crackle with lightning as the armies of the horde and Alliance clashed on the fields of battle. The lightning struck and smash the ground with trembling force, blasting entire squads of soldiers apart, sending them flying in different directions. As the bodies twitched and jerked an Orc
Shaman placed her heel onto the chest of a man and gazed into his eyes. Her hand began to pulse with energy as lightning charged in her finger tips and channel through her Maul. She gazed into the very soul of the man before whispering so that only they may hear; “May the spirits tear you asunder...”. She raised her weapon high above her head screaming “For the Horde!” as she brought it crashing down upon his skull, blood splattering her robes and face.

shaman's eyes cleared as an honor less rogue silently stalked her from the trees. The would be assassin stepped on a twig that crunched loudly under foot. As he looked down at his foot, outraged at himself, a great cry rang into their ears. The shaman smiled as over the cliff leaped a figure, darkened to a shadow in front of the sun. Over its head, it held its blade high. As it dropped, so did the blade. It struck down upon the man and sliced into his shoulder and chest, stopping in the middle of his chest. As the sunlight revealed the figure, the shaman took in the features of this newcomer.

Before the
shaman stood a tall Orcish woman wearing a plated kilt with a long sword in her hands, and attached to her leather harness, she wore a Sashimono, bearing the emblem of the Horde. She pulled the sword from the human’s chest, letting him drop to the ground. She drew to her full height and gazed at the shaman. “Thank you, Blademaster. Tell me, what is your name?” asked the Shaman as she continued to take in the features of the Orc before her. “I am... Asha of the Horde."

At her birth, Asha was known as Asha, and this name followed through most of her life. Asha war born among her fellow orcs on Draenor. Her people were a race at war, if one could even call it that. From an early age, she began learning the ways of battle. Asha was raised a warrior. Very early, she learned techniques of battle, the mastery of the blade, the fury that must be harnessed and controlled on a battlefield.

Asha, being of an already corrupted race, learned this to be her only life. A life of massacre and battle was all she experienced. It wasn't long before she, along with others of her people, were captured and imprisoned in internment camps.

Asha lived for years in the human camps, her hunger for battle slowly dying as she was locked away from that which she craved most. After some years passed, the imprisoned orcs within the internment camps were freed, released by Thrall and the orcish forces following him. It was during this time that Asha swore her life to follow Thrall, serving under him until she could bear the weight of a blade no more.

After joining Thrall's Horde, Asha began to learn the ways of the
shamans, specifically in the specialties of the element of wind. Asha was already swift, but after seeing the shamans manipulate the wind to be like lightning on the battlefield she did not hesitate to learn all she could to best serve the Horde.

As Asha took up her blade once more, bearing the banner of the Horde, she took on a new name. She swore an oath, to herself, to the Horde, and to her people, that she would from that day on be known as Asha, Blademaster of the Horde.

During the Third War, Asha was called on to fight frequently, and lead the charge into many battles. Most times, Asha was successful in leading her brothers-in-arms to victory, but this was not always the case. When the war was at its worst, and the Horde and Alliance clashed at an Alliance fortress, Asha was called to rally the warriors of the Horde and bring them to victory. Upon arriving to the sad example of a Horde war camp, Asha immediately jumped into action, calling the warriors to gather before her.

"My friends, before you stands Blademaster Asha of the Horde! What I see here is not the true, unchained might of the Horde! Stand, ready your weapons, it is time we bring the fight to the Alliance! It is time we make them crumble under the fist of the mighty Horde!" Asha's short speech called a small cheer from the gathering of warriors. She stood tall and lifted a fist to her chest, and was followed by the gathering returning the salute. Asha feasted and prepared for the remainder of the night. After offering her aid and planning alongside the Lieutenant General in charge of the war camp, Asha was ready to initiate the attack. She gathered the warriors of the Horde, teaching them the strategy that was to be used to defeat the Alliance in the fortress. She knew from scout reports that the Humans had heavy fortification in the front with many guards posted on the fortress wall, but they left relatively weak points on both sides.

Asha instructed specific groups when to attack, what signals to watch for, and how to breach the walls. Goblin Sapper mercenaries were hired to destroy portions of the walls on both sides, while Asha lead the charge with a gathering of the warriors through the front gate of the Fortress. The sides were to be infiltrated by the remaining forces, striking the Alliance from their least defended positions. The Alliance may have better fortifications, but the Horde had numbers and the skill of a Blademaster on their side.

The Horde waited long, ready to strike when Asha gave her signal. When finally the hour came, Asha raised her sashimono and lead her charge to the front gate. The frontal strike was met with very defensive opposition, but it wasn't long before two loud explosions could be heard from either side, and just as Asha had expected, the unexpected explosions shook the humans just enough for her group to get the upper hand in the fight. Through the openings in the walls, the two side groups were able to easily infiltrate the fortress, and any forces they met were taken by surprise. "For the Horde!" Asha charged through the gate, followed by her soldiers. As the Blademaster made her way through the fortress, the three forces reunited for a moment before continuing on to their next objectives. A small group of warriors returned to the Horde war camp, giving notice to the next phase of the plans.

Before Asha stood the the primary barracks, this was likely to house the commanding officer of the Alliance. Horde scouts were unable to get inside the walls, so intel was unsure at best. The gathering of Horde warriors remained together until entering the fortress, where they split into two groups, each taking a half of the first floor. At this point, the entire fortress was on guard and stealth was out of the question. Before long, the entire fortress was being shaken from the outside as slow strikes hammered the grounds outside the Barracks. Catapult fire from the Horde war camp was bombarding the fortress, and it was just the distraction Asha needed to further shake the Alliance troops.

The Horde warriors progressed through the large stone barracks until they reached the top level. The Catapult fire had since ceased, and Asha knew this was a bad sign. Reinforcements had struck the camp and were likely on their way to the Barracks. Before they could react, more Alliance soldiers rushed up the levels of the Barracks. Asha and a small number of her forces entered the room before them, while the rest remained to fight off the incoming Alliance. The warriors locked the door with an attached wooden bar after entering.

The imposing figure of the Commanding Officer of the Alliance forces stood before the warriors, with several guardsmen beside him. "Your charge ends here, Orc!" despite speaking common to a band of orcs, who likely didn't understand, the commander continued. "I am going to put you Horde scum down!" He lifted his sword, pointing it at the warriors, and soon the guardsmen were on them. The well-trained guardsmen easily bested the warriors while Asha charged forth to strike at the commander. The warriors put up a good fight, and even slayed some of the guardsmen, but were defeated in the end. Asha alone was left to combat the commander and his remaining guardsmen.

As the Alliance soldiers closed in on Asha, she called on the spirits of wind to grant her great swiftness, which she unleashed in the form of a flurry of strikes from her blade in all directions. most of the guardsmen were slain, but not all, though they were pushed back from her strikes. Asha turned her attention to the remaining guardsmen, charging one with her sword, impaling the human easily. The Commander and the remaining guardsman closed in on Asha, but in a flash where once there was one Blademaster, there were two. While the illusion held the Commander at bay, Asha tore into the final guardsman. A quick swing of her blade disarmed the human, who was quickly put down after. Asha turned to face the Commander, who was already charging for Asha. The illusion had faded, and Asha had only a short window of time to bring up her weapon defensively, blocking the oncoming strike. Asha called on the spirits of the wind once more to grant her speed, and her strike was swift. An open palm strike to the Commander's chest, bending the plate of his chestguard and knocking the breath from him. The Commander fell to a knee, his sword clashed to the ground, and he looked up at the deadly figure of Asha standing over him. He was unable to speak, but lifted a hand over his head, praying for mercy. Asha considered the human's plea, but mercy was not to be had. A quick slash of her sword sent the head of the Commander tumbling from his shoulders.

The battle outside the room had stopped, the Barracks was deadly silent for a moment. Asha gathered an insignia of the Alliance from the fallen Commander, stashing it in a pouch on her belt. The silence was broken by the sound of several fists slamming against the large wooden door separating Asha from whatever was outside. Asha steeled herself, prepared her sword, and cleaved the wooden bar holding the door in two. The door burst open, several Orc warriors pouring into the room. The Alliance had been defeated, and the Horde had claimed victory over the fortress. Asha returned to the war camp to find the scene of a bloody battle. Bodies of Orcs and Humans littered the ground, the catapult was a charred wreck, but not all was lost. As the surviving warriors, lead by Asha, neared the tent of the Horde Battlemaster, they found the injured survivors of the attack on the war camp. Asha explained the victory over the fortress, and showed the insignia of the Alliance Commander to the Lieutenant General.

Following the events at the Alliance fortress, Asha returned to the Horde with the recommendation for the rank of Champion from the Lieutenant General in command of the operation.

Though her training with the
shamans of the Horde began during the Third War, Asha has been sure to frequently train throughout the years to keep up her ability, always honing it to the best she could.

In more recent times, Asha has attempted to make her peace with the Horde warmachine, and left to roam Azeroth. The brutal, bloody massacres have taken their toll on the Blademaster. She is now a hound without a master.
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Re: Asha Lore Profile

by Snide » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:35 pm

Cute story. I liked the ebin meme in the center (spoiled it).
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