[EVENT] A Knife in the Dark: Chapter I (Interest check!)

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[EVENT] A Knife in the Dark: Chapter I (Interest check!)

by Avenhold » Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:22 pm

The abbey was quiet in the late hour. Darkness having already closed in, only giving way to the flickering light of torches hung upon the walls. Few guardsmen patrol the grounds as the bulk of the stationed force was deployed to deal with large Kobold incursion in the northern end of the valley. The drowsy soldiers do not take notice of the quiet footfalls creeping slowly towards the perimeter. Arrows loosen from the dark of the surrounding wood, bouncing harmlessly from the walls while others find their mark in the standing watchmen. Cries of blood-curdling screams break the silence of the night as the heavy wooden doors of the abbey quickly swing wide. A loud roar builds as Defias bandits storm the sleepy abbey. They clash in the main hall with the half-dressed defenders, only just awaking from their slumbers. The heavy bell begins to toll as the alarm is raised.

Towards the north, Marshal McBride and his soldiers dispatch the last of the vile kobold war party. Their hearts fall as they hear the ringing of the Abbey's bells. "This was not but a diversion! The Abbey is under siege!!" shouts the commander. And as if the hells were upon their heels, they charge with all haste to the aid of the church. Upon their arrival they find the wounded defenders dragging bodies from the halls, laying them orderly next to the approaching path. A costly victory.

Amidst the chaos, bandits had dashed away into the libraries of the embattled cloister. Which by the following morning, it was discovered they took only one old tome. Seemingly important enough to have one of the priests, Greyan, tasked with gathering adventurers to reclaim the stolen libram.

Hello folks, this is a quick snippet of the first chapter of a series I'd like to run here on the server. I'm not overly skilled at running events, but I keep running my gob on about how I think the community could improve here. So finally some action to back up my claims. Please feel free to offer your criticism and curiosity about the event and how it will take shape and what else it could possibly involve.
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