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<Of House Blackblood>

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:38 pm
by Qazim
House Blackblood
A RP, PvE and PvP Project
A small introduction

The House Blackblood is an Ancient Family of Nobles. It is commonly known to the other Royal Houses that the Blackbloods are used in practicing the… darker Arts and attended to the more hidden Affairs…. Such as Assassination, Sabotage, Smuggling and Thievery. They also study Shadow and Fel Magic. They also prefer planning and Strategies before the use of rough Strength. But they are not afraid of getting their Hands dirty.
The House is also known to have the finest Craftsmen and remarkable Sellswords under one Roof. The Members trade within the House and keep their Society closed. However, their Talent for Business is remarkable in both Warfare and Economics.

The Organisation
1. Lord Blackblood
Lord Gyffes Blackblood is the Successor of the House Blackblood.
2. The Royal Court
They are discussing the House Matters and the RP- Events with the Lord. They will keep the House Informed about smaller and bigger RP- Events.
They will inform selected Members to join secret RP- Events.

The RP chat will be held in the /o Chat so the rest of the House won’t be bothered.

The Members from the Throneroom can and will join Groups with the lower Floors. It does not necessarily have to be connected with RP. But Hell, we are all part of the Guild aren’t we?

I will start a new Treant on the Forums about the Story of the House and every one of the Court members can add his /her Part in the process.
I plan to tell a Story that flows with the Events of Azeroth. If you are a fan of Novels like I am, I hope you will like it.

From here on out: RP Chat is Optional

3. The Third Floor

the Three Masters

a) The Quartermaster:
He is in Charge of the „Operators“ and will organize harder Dungeons and Raids with and for them. He is the PvE Authority in the Guild. He leads the Operators to more exquisite Treasures.


As the One in Charge of the Operators, he organizes Dungeons and Raids specific for the Operators. He decides who is ready to attend to harder Dungeons like Scholomance, Strathholme, etc. He also answers Requests form Operators to join in this Groups.

He promotes the Henchmen to Operators.

b) The Master of Coin
He is in Charge of the „Watchdogs“ and keeps the Financial Wealth of the Guild Stable, such as the Inventory of Materials and Items. His main Area of Attentions is the Trade Marketing.

He must be aware of the Professions as well as of the current Wealth of his Watchdogs. He coordinates the investments of the Guild. Like Materials for Craftsmen, Consumables and valuable Items for exclusive Members. (Requirements and Rewards).

He promotes Henchmen to Watchdogs.

c) The War Master
He is in Charge of the „SI“ and manages the Warfare of the House. He coordinates PvP Battles, Assassination- and Sabotage Missions. So He will also deploy the „SI“ to Counter Horde Attackers and sabotage other Groups that are holding our Men off to finishing their Missions. He is in Command oft he House’s Military Force.


A Group of Operators gets ganked by Horde Players. They can Request Support from the War Master. He will deploy some “SI” (as many as needed) to countergank.
-Note here-
When you call for Help from the War Master, remember to inform Him about the Situation. (What level they could be, how many they are and what classes are to be expected).

He promotes the Henchmen to “SI”.

So those are the PvP, PvE and the Economic Leaders of the Guild. Each of them manages his Section on his own. There can and will be multiple War Masters, Masters of Coin and Quartermasters to share up the Work.

4. The Second Floor

The Craftsmen, Businessmen
The Watchdogs
They are direct Subordinates to the Master of Coin. They craft, buy and Sell everything they can. Furthermore they keep their Fellow Watchdogs informed about Potential Deals that might drop off some Coin. They are mainly observing the Trademarked and the AH.

Sellswords and Adventurers,
The Operators
They are direct Subordinates of the Quartermaster. They will get invited by him for Dungeons and Raids. They also organize Dungeon and Questgroups for the Henchmen and Youngblood’s by recommending them to fill in the Part of a Tank, Healer or Dps as Hired Sellswords. They also deal with the Payment for the Sellswords. The Money from the Contract goes to the Operator and the Loot belongs to the Henchmen or Youngblood who accepted the Job Offer.

The Assassins and Soldiers.
The SI (Secret Intelligence)
They are direct subordinates of the War Master. They are the most experienced Members and skilled Fighters. Organized by the War Master they will fight both in Battlegrounds and Open PvP Battles and Skirmishes. They also Gank, Camp and Sabotage other Groups to get our House members an Advantage.

5. The Entrance Hall and the First Floor

The Recruits
The Henchmen
They are ordered with getting stronger and recruit more Youngblood’s. They can ask max 2 Youngblood’s for Help on a Quest. They will receive Job offers from Operators

The Youngblood’s
They are the youngest members. They have to get experience and will rise in strength mainly alone. They can however be chosen by Henchmen and Operators for Quests and Dungeons.

So I think I covered all up :)
It took me hours to write this, Sorry if the Grammar is butchered.
I do hope however, you Guys will enjoy to read this as I enjoyed writing it. :)

Remember Guys: the Guild is still new. We first need to recruit as many Players as possible. We intend to invite inexperienced Players and grow with them in Skill and Power so that if we can make a Stable Guild here, we can really start something big up if we all pull on the same String.
The House Blackblood is a big Project. And it can be a big project if all its Members pull on the Same String. So Join up to the House!

Re: <Of House Blackblood>

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:17 pm
by Anunnaki
i would love to join you who do i contact i tried contacting qazim but hes not online thank you

Re: <Of House Blackblood>

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:39 pm
by Jafnar
Oh hey, Anunnaki! This fellow seems pretty cool, the first person I met on Nostalrius PvP who actually RP'd.

I, too, would like to join, but have been unable to find any of the people mentioned in the "RP Guild List". Are any of House Blackblood's members still active?