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Chapter 9: The traveling Knight

by Qazim » Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:55 am


The Great Sea, Two Days off the Shores of Theramore Harbor

The Sea had been quiet for the whole Voyage. The Captain had chosen a new rout further south closer to the Island of Kultiras, though it had closed its Harbors since the Death of Highlord Admiral Proudmoore. Thats why the Ship couldn't make a Portbreak and had to load three times as much Recources, Food and Water. The Passengers were unusually many for this Time of the Year and a slight Tension was rising among the diffrent Races caged inside a floating piece of Wood.

The Nightelves normaly spend their time with their kind, rarely attending the collective Mealtimes and staying on Deck for most of the Nights. They spoke close to not at all and their Destination remaind for the other Passengers and even the Captain himself a mistery. These Elves were a weird folk. Times like these made the Paladin question their Loyalty towards this newly formed Alliance.

The Dwarfs and Gnomes were the total oposite. They were singin, making music and drinking almost every night. They weren't shy at all and invited the Paladin to attend on all their Feasts. This was more like the Alliance Ajanes remembered. Deffrent Races celebrating together and breaking Bread. Ajanes didn't despise the Elves....

to be continued


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