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House Blackblood (Novel)

by Qazim » Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:46 pm



The Blackblood Family, known by the other Nobles of Stormwind by its remarkable sense of business, always played both small and major roles in the hidden affairs of the Royal Court.
Such as in the Stonemasons incident.

The House intended first to charge up for the Repair depths to the Stonemasons. Though many of the other Nobles doubted that the Blackblood’s alone could ever pay a Depth of this size on their own, The King was glad with the offer of the House. But before he could mark and seize the contract with his Royal Seal, he went missing during an urgent diplomatic mission organized by Lady Katrana Prestor.
So the offer ran out and a simple delay of payment led to the birth of the Defias.

But a mistake comes rarely alone.

The Fortune that was promised to the Stonemasons as payment vanished, just days after the Revolt of the Defias Brotherhood. No one seemed to have seen anything and the suspicions rose against the Blackblood’s.

The House Blackblood suffered a heavy strike, that day. Both in wealth and in Reputation. Rumors among the Royal Courtyard had it that the Blackblood’s had hidden the Fortune them self so they didn’t have to share it with the other Noble Houses, since they had lost their own Wealth as a result of the aftermath of the first War. Questions came up of how the Blackblood’s managed to keep their Wealth over the harsh times of War.

Lord Mannanan Blackblood rejected all accusations of thievery and Deals with the old Horde and even tried to explain their management. These Accusations were pulled up before and shattered by the King Varian Wrynn. But since he went missing, there was no one capable or willing to stand up for the only House with a shady Past.
The Trust of the King alone saved lord Blackblood from being put on a Trial where all odds would stand against him and his Family.

With the young Prince Anduin, unable to provide further protection for the Blackblood’s against the other noble Families, Lord Mannanan had no choice but to leave the Capital with his Wife and Children, together with the relatives of the House.

They escaped the City in the middle of the Night through hidden Paths under the Catacombs, known to only the former King. The same Path that Van Cleef used to escape with the Defias after the Revolt. But this time however, they barely escaped the Grip of the other Nobles.

Lord Mannanan knew that they would search for them in order to findout where they hid the rest of the Fortune of the House. So he scattered the House all across Azeroth and made the Members lay down the Name Blackblood. But he knew that was not enough.
One last time, for the sake of his Family, he would play with his Connections to secure a safe Future for his own Wife and Children….

The Day after the Escape

Lord Mannanan Montgomery Blackblood, walked the Streets of Stormwind City again. Wide open and at bright Day…..
It didn’t even took Hours to set up a Trial…. and the inevitable the Execution….
The Trial was held in the Cathedral District in front of the Holy Light’s Cathedral. For everyone to see it. They accused him of everything possible. Among Thievery and Corrupted Trades with the Horde, there were even Charges of “Use of Sorcery and Fel Magic”.
Lord Blackblood committed them all, smiling in the Faces of the bored Nobles. They were waiting for the Blackblood to expose the secret of their Fortune. Maybe it would a Treasure, hidden from the known World or anything that promised to be worth for a piece of the Cake…

After only half an Hour.
Mannanan was sentenced to die. The Execution would be held in the Throne room of Stormwind Keep.
The young King wasn’t even informed and left on a Ride out with his Guards, led by General Marcus Jonathan.

Lord Fordragon was chosen as the Executioner eventhough he declined multiple Times.
But the former Lord, stolen of his Title and Lands insisted for Bolvar to be it.
“I’d rather like it for the only Man with Honor left in this City to do it”.

For his last Words he spoke to Lady Katrana Prestor herself…. And as he did, everything in the Room stood still. Every movement from everyone in the Room was frozen. Everyone but Lady Prestor and Mannanan…

“Listen here, “Lady”. I know who and what you are. You may fool this poor Puppets you call your Subjects but I’ve seen through your little Plan”.

Lady Prestor simply raised an Eyebrow as she realized that the Man had stopped Time for them to have this conversation. Then she replied.

“And what, dear. Do you think you’re going to do about it”?

Mannanan raised his Head towards the Woman and smiled at her, even though he troubled seemingly to keep the Time frozen…. as he said.

“There will be others, The Name Blackblood will never be forgotten”.
“First you will be watched, then hunted, then tracked down and finally…. I will see your Head hanging as a Trophy from the Walls of this very City….”

He laid his Head down to the Wooden Bench… as the Time started to flow again.


Lady Katrana Screamed for the first Time ever. Everyone of the Spectators was stunned with the sudden outrage of the usually calm and cold Lady. Even the Executioner himself. Her Voice almost didn't sound Human.

Lord Fordragon raised the Massive Sword that was made specific for this one Execution only. First he hesitated but Mannanan spoke with a warm Voice.
“Just do it, Friend. It's all good".
"Just let the Burden Fall from your Shoulders and strike your Guilt to the Ground”.

A single Blow decapitated the Man to his Knees… and for the first and only Time, the Floor of the usually golden Throne room was inked with black Blood…. Black as the Night… Black as the Shadows… Black as Death itself…

Bolvar Fordragon felt lighter though.
It felt like as he just did something completely normal. He even forgot who the Man was he just killed.... As he would have never existed in the first Place…

- End

Thanks for reading, lads :) more chapters coming soon :)

Chapter 2 "Nothing is as it Seems"

by Qazim » Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:08 pm

Chapter 2


The Boy sat on top of a wooden Fence. From the Edge of the Field he had a good overview of the Farmstead. A single Blade of Grass in his Mouth he played with it since the last half Hour. The harsh Sun of Westfall together with the Work on the Farm had made his Skin dark and gave him a southern Touch. A Straw Hat, twice the Size of his Head spend some Shadow and kept the Boy unaffected from the Heat.
His Look would every now and then move from the Farmstead towards the western Sea. The Horizon seduced with Promises of Adventures. Places no one ever saw before. In some Nights, the Boy would dream of joining the Army of Stormwind and travel to far Countries and fight off the evil Horde....

.... However... He would never do so....

The Boy scared for just a second, before his Body fell off the Fence. He was dead before he reached the Ground. Killed by a Knife that pierced his Back just next to his left Shoulder plate in a horizontally angle.
He didn't even feel the Impact. The Straw-hat flew off his Head and floated to the Feet of his Murderer....

The Knife- thrower was in company of a Group of roughly 10 Men. All of them had their Faces covered with red Bandanas.

"Poor, Lad. Good that his Family doesn't have to see him like this...."
The Man walked up to the Boy and pulled his Knife out of the Corpse. As he washed the Blade he waved his Companions towards the little House on the other Edge of the Farm.
"Remember Lad's, No further Kills until the Boss has what he came for".

The Group walked towards the House, not even trying to hide their Approach. The Door was just crushed open from a 4 Feet tall Baldy. He didn't even use a Weapon or something, he just kicked the Door of the Entrance.
A female Scream was heard inside seconds later a elderly Man was thrown through the Window. Two other Men entered through the Window and threw all sorts of Items out. Three others just went inside and pulled two Women and a Girl outside. Bringing them on their Kneels and pushing their Heads towards the dusty Ground.
Every time they screamed the Men would pull on their Hair and pound them back towards the Ground.

"Ah… pretty thing, your screams makes me angry. You don't want to make me angry do you?" Not if you would know what I will do to you when this is over."

The Woman spread her Eyes wide open and she looked towards her Daughters which were struggling next to her.

The elderly Man stood up from the Mud and tried to reason with the Invaders:

"Please, We don't have anything. My son left to join the Army. We barely can feed ourselves. Let alone to-."

A Punch broke his Jaw and let the Man spit out a couple of Teeth, as the Knife- Thrower interrupted him.

"I don't remember asking you one damn Shit."
"We are not here to humbly ask you good People for Supplies. We just come and take whatever we want."
The Baldy just came out of the Entrance, holding a Barrel filled with Dishes, Jewelry and other Items which could be made into fast Money.

The Rest of the Group waited in front of the small House like hungering Hyenas. One of them lost it and approached the little Girl on the right and grabbed her Arm, forcing her to follow him to the House.
"NOT HER, PLEASE" The oldest blond Woman screamed. Though she knew she wouldn't be able to hold him off. But another one took care of this Matter.
The little Man was interrupted by another Punch. This time he received it from the huge Baldy.
The Force of the Punch was barely enough to push him off the poor Child.
"We don't do anything until Gyffes comes. It is always you who makes it difficult Brett"
The Knifethrower walked up the Man and was about to further lecture him. But that would have to wait.
As the Leader stepped into the Scene, the boy's Straw-hat in his Hand.

He was not unusually big in Stature. He did have Body of an Athletic. Hair like fire reached to his shoulders. His Face was mostly covered by his red Mask. The green Eyes of his though, seemed to pierce through everything they aimed at. An Aura of Dominance surrounded him, demanding Order and Respect.

All Eyes were focused on him. Until he calmly rose and lowered his Hand, signing for the Group to ease up.
"Well, well, I wouldn't hold you off your preciousness Spoils now, would i?"
He walked towards the Knifethrower and laid his free Hand on his Shoulder.
"However, i did say: No casuals, no one dies until i arrive. Someone has to be punished, Griff."
He placed the Boy's Strawhat on the Knifethrower and cut his throat with a Blade that jumped up in the Hand on his Shoulders.
The Strawhat covered the splashing Blood. He then turned to the other Man next to the Girl.
"Ah.... Brett... You could never hold your Shit, could you?"
"Your Luck, i already lost a good Fighter. But should your Shrimpdick jump out of your Pants without me ordering it to do so, you'll experience the saying: Fuck yourself, from a new perspective."

Now he turned towards the little Girl. He knelt in front of her, driving her black Hair from her Face.
Her eyes were wide open and Tears ran down her face, obviously traumatized from what she had been through this Day.

He only sighed slightly over the Damage that was made already and stood up. He entered the more than just humble Household. They barely had anything. He searched for some documents or a Letter, anything which looked like what he came for. As the Baldy walked up to him and handed him a Letter. Sealed with a Noble sign.
"No one, knows."
Gyffes nodded towards the Man and went back outside.

"Well, Lads. You know how its done.... The Boss wanted all of the Spoils this Time."
The Men were expecting something like this as they didn't even moan about it.
"What about the Girls and the Gramps?” asked Brett.

"As the Boss says... Do what you want with the Girls.... bring me the Woman however. About the old Gentleman... Cut is Throat... don't care. Just remember not to leave a Mess behind like last Time."

He nodded again towards the Baldy and he nodded back before he left the Scene... He tossed the Strawhat away as he did.

The Night After, roughly 4 Hours after the Indecent.

Gyffes was laying in his Tent, A candle burnt in the Center of it. On the other side the Woman from the Farmstead was laying. She passed out of exhaustion. She struggled hard against the Man. But couldn't hold herself for long then she just surrendered, hoping for this to end quick. Even though he tried his best to be as gentle as possible.
He had been watching her sleeping for the last Hour. Her long golden Hair was cleaned and washed. She knew how to treat herself. She had these deep black eyes, which was unusual in combination with the Color of her Hair and skin. She had a light golden Skin. She couldn't be passed her mid-twenties and she was not the Mother of the two other Girls. She had been a Virgin until tonight....

Gyffes remembered the old Days within the Brotherhood. When it was all about thievery and justice for the betrayal of the Nobles. Edwin van Cleef was a Man of the People. He treated his Brethren as Equals. He even had personally taken Care of the young Gyffes when he just entered the Brotherhood. But Edwin pushed his former Brothers away as he allied with Ogres and Goblins. After they took over Moonbrook he rarely left the Hideout. The old Mines under the Daggerhills were turned into a Stronghold. And no one of the Defias knew what Van Cleef was doing inside there. In quiet night there were Sounds of Saws and the Smell of melted Ores. Followed by the laughter of mad Goblins. He would rarely talk to anyone these Days. Anyone but a Some Outsiders covered in fine Cloth and only at Night. One Night Gyffes followed them and saw that they paid a good amount of Money to Van Cleef. He didn't know why. Van Cleef said they were sympathizers but he had to go back to the hideout urgently. What caused this Rush in the usually so calm Edwin? It all changed after he had found out Edwin's little secret. But Gyffes never told anyone about... Va-.

The whimpering of the Woman brought him back. She just woke up.
Gyffes bend over to her as she began speaking:
"They said, we were under your Protection.... They said we were safe from the Brotherhood...."
Gyffes said nothing but waited patiently....
"My poor Nieces. You didn't see what they did to Ilara the little Carla... They never did anything wrong."
"I've seen how they passed them over after they were finished. Even my Father was forced to participate upon both of them... before they cut his Throat and threw him to the Flames.... They would've gone on for longer if your big Friend hadn't ordered them to Stop and get it over with....
He even apologized to both of them before he killed them swiftly."

Gyffes caressed her shoulder as he replied:
Listen, I never wanted them to go that far.-
She jumped up and turned to him: "YOU SAID YOU DID'NT CARE WHAT THEY WOULD DO TO THEM!"

Gyffes saw her anger and depression mirrored in her Eyes which had turned into golden Balls in her Face. Like those of a Cat.

She calmed down and continued....
"It’s all they're Fault..... They promised us we would be Safe.... We wouldn't have to bother the Militia with our small troubles. They were having enough troubles with Gnolls."

"It’s all Fault of these damn Nobles.-"
"Come again?" Gyffes wanted to know more at this Point.

She told him of how every Week an elderly Man with fine Clothes would come to Sentinel Hill and talk to Gryan Stoutmantle. The Attention of the Militia was drawn away from the activities of the Brotherhood. They even willingly refused to investigate other Incidents in which the Brotherhood was involved.
Fine cloth....
The young Man rose from his Blanket and started to dress himself up with Leather armor and both his Swords. The Woman didn't expect such a reaction from her "Guest giver."

"Rest now, dear. I must take my leave... there is Business I have to attend to."
"Where you going?"
" There are some Questions that demand Answers for too long now. And there are some Movements to be overworked"....

Before he left, he gave the Woman a Purse full of Coins.
"Take this, wait until my friend comes he will secure that you can start a new Life. I am sorry for your troubles. And thank you for all you did".
He hesitated for a second before he pressed a short kiss on her Mouth and said: I hope we meet again under better circumstances.
The Woman didn't know what to say, she was overwhelmed with that sudden change of Heart. She stayed there, lost in her thoughts....

...She somehow hoped they would....

Before he left the Tent she whispered her Name... Najela...
... "Najela"....

Gyffes stepped out of the Tent. Fully armored and determent to set the Injustice straight that held Grasp over Westfall for too long.

He went to the Inn of Moonbrook first. There he picked up his bald friend.
"Yves, where is Brett?"
The baldy pointed over to the Stairs and showed him the sleeping Man. He still held a Bottle of Rum in his Hand and had passed out over the effects of alcohol.
"Good, listen, friend. There is one last service you do for me. But after this we are no longer Welcome is this Organization."
The Baldy just nodded as usual.
"Bring the Woman to the Edge of Westbrook Garrison. Leaver across the Bridge. She can handle herself from there."
"But before you do that, take my hidden Safe, buried under the Candle inside my Tent. Take the Money and start your Life as a Butcher. I know you wanted it."
"And what about you?"
Gyffes explained his plans to his Friend and left him to his Job...

Roughly an Hour later at Sentinel Hill

Midnight just had passed and Gyffes was in company of Brett. Only Brett was wearing his red Bandana. Under the Bandana his Mouth was tied with another line Bandana. They just reached Sentinel Hill as they were stopped by a Warden of the Militia…
"Who There?"
"I'm a mercenary, Lad. I've captured a Member of the Defias. I'm sure Stoutmantle himself will be pleased with the Information this Lad, has to offer."

The Warden looked at the two and replied:
"The Militia has enough Business with, eh, another real threat..."
The Man sounded like he trained this Sentence but he wasn't good enough to fool Gyffes.
"Listen Here, Numb-nuts! If you just want to obey orders, that's fine by me. I on the other Hand want to actually make this Mudhole a better Place. So either let me Pass or ill wash my next greater Busyness with your Clothes."
The Man seemingly frightened let them pass.
"Oh, and by the Way.... Please don't do anything stupid like calling for Help... there at least 4 Arrows aimed at you in this very Moment."

The Man watched his surrounding but couldn't see anything in the Dark.

Gyffes walked the Way of up to the Entrance of the Watchtower. Placed on the Hill, He could see all Sentinel Hill from this Spot.
After he tied Brett next to the Door. released him from his Mouth tie, The Man whispered:

"If the big Boss finds out about this-"
"He will, find out about this, tonight."
"Just do as i told you and you're a free Man after this is Over."
Gyffes ordered the Man to silence and knocked on the Gate of the Tower...

Gyffes was granted an Audience with Stoutmantle after he showed what he had to offer. The Paladin was still in Armor and appeared like he hadn't slept for Days.

"What did you came for, young one?"
" I see you brought a captive with you." But your concerns must be way direr if the Matter couldn't wait until Daybreak."

"Spare me the Formalities, Stoutmantle and listen up like you're used to."

"I have come to the Conclusion that the Sources of yours are distracting the Militia from the real Treat here. You don't even have to try to convince me of how dire the Gnoll situation is..."

"I have received my Scout Reports from secret sources"...
Stoutmantle troubled to wash of the Accusation. He only had these Scout Reports from the Messenger that would visit from time to time. Since he only had these few Men, he had no chance of investigating himself. Sentinel Hill lacked of Men, Wealth and People willing to help. In the end, he somehow knew that the Reports must've been false. But he only wanted to help his Home.

"Listen Here, What i offer you and the Militia is Information with which you can really help the People of Westfall."
He told Stoutmantle of his Planes and how he wanted him to act when Gyffes would leave for his final Station of this Night....
"Who are you, Boy?"
"I'm only someone who hungers for Truth, for my Name does not Matter. I do have ask you for a Favor, Paladin."
"After the Man outside said all he has to say and led you to the Hideout.... Execute him. He is one to deserve it".

Back at the secret Mine Entrance

Two Guards waited for stood at the Entrance of the Huge Building. They nodded towards Gyffes, saying nothing. Just wanting him to follow them. Gyffes didn't expect such behavior but followed them as he didn't see them carrying any weapons.
The led him to a secret stairway which led to a Subsystem. Foremen were watching Miners as they worked relentlessly to mine Materials. Guarded by Sellswords and Mages, these Tunnels were well protected.
The Two Guards led him further in to the Hideout. as they passes an Huge Ogre who was toying with something on his Teeth which seemed like a Bone...

After another Tunnel they entered a Room filled with Goblins. They were cutting Trees. Trees inside of a Tunnel. Gyffes couldn't believe his Eyes as these crazy Goblins even managed to get a Shredder in here.

They passed the *Lumber mill" and perceived to the next Tunnel. At the End there was a Huge Gate which guarded a Massive Room. In the Center of the Room was a giant Smith. Goblins worked here and forged Materials like Nails, Frames and other Materials for Building. The Door to the next Tunnel was down Stairs and around the huge Smith. Over of the Door hang a huge Cannon. It had just been finished and made ready to transport.
What the Hell was Edwin planning?

The last Tunnel led to another Gate of pure Iron. Up until here The Guards who led him didn't say anything. As one of them started:
"Surprise, Gyffes. Witness the true Power of Edwin Van Cleef and the new Brotherhood!"

The Gate opened and a cold Shower ran down Gyffes Back.
He was in a giant Cave. Filled with Water, there was a small Harbor build here. On the Southern Edge a Monstrous Gate was Build which would led to the open Sea. The Purpose of the Gate was the worst part however. On the Harbor, an enormous Battleship was laying at anchor. Armed on all sides with Cannons and Catapults. On the Top Floor of the Ship there were some Crew members, waving at the Three Men down on the Harbor, calling them up.

As they reached the Top Gyffes was on his own after the Guards headed back to the Entrance he found himself Surrounded by Pirates.

"So here you are, Boy."
"Gyffes the Red. Do you remember when i gave you this Name, Lad? Did you think, i wouldn't find out about your disobedience?"
From the Crowd, the Leader of the Brotherhood stepped into the Ring they had formed around them.
"But i have taken care about everything, Boy. You still have much to learn."
A familiar scream drew his Attention to the left as he saw that they had captured both Yves and Najela. Both of them looked roughly treated. Yves was even bleeding from his left Eye and his Mouth.

"I’m Sorry, Gyffes. I've failed y-"
"Shut you're SHITHOLE, Your pathetic Fatass!"
Edwin yelled at him before he walked up to Najela. And was held her Face up.
"Oh, i see. Pretty thing isn't she, Gyffes? I can see why you kept her for your own"....
Crowd replied in synch:

"But first off, let me tell you something about your father, Gyffes. Why he really left you in this stinking Shithole, together with the worst Filth of the Eastern Kingdoms."

"Your father was a liar. He promised me a payment that would repay all our Efforts with which we rebuilt Stormwnd City. I couldn't believe him at first. But after all The House Blackblood was known to be the wealthiest of all Noble Families. Or were they? The Payment never arrived us. Ive waited the promised three Days for what? To find half of the City Guards holding a Sword to my Chest and asking me "friendly" to follow them quietly?"

Gyffes watched Edwin was he walked circles around him continuing his talking. His Thoughts however were more with Yves and Najela. He had thought everything through, how could Van Cleef had known of his plans?

"After the little Incident, Your Noble Father begged me to take Care of you as he promised to set things Right. I trusted him again, only to receive Word of his Execution Days later!"
"He chose the cowards way out of this Shit! But i am a Man of Honor. I keep my promises. And as luck had it. You've grown to become a skilled Fighter. Even I have to say so myself. But the Children always tend to follow their Parents Footsteps. I learned to love you like my own Da....Son....."
And you betrayed me, betrayed all of us. Your new family and all that after losing your real one."

"Now before I punish you for your betrayal I grant you the Gift of Knowledge however. You shall die knowing that you had at least one Honorable Leader..."

"I’ve been working on this Weapon for the Past Months now. The Allegiance with the Goblins made it happen. But however I would've never get so far if the good Lord Gregor Lescovar hadn't helped me with the Militia. His constant distracting them with the Gnolls gave me room and time operate without the risk exploit my Plans."

"With that much said, we can move on. My Men are getting thirsty and as the Crowd said earlier...."
Edwin went back to the two Hostages and bowed down to Najela.
"We share the Loot."
"Very well.... now I don't care who wants to have the first pleasure with her, as long as someone finishes the Baldy."

"I Handle the Boy....."

- End Chapter 2

Here again, Sorry for the Grammar Butchery again
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Chapter 3: "Nothings is as it Seems" Part 2

by Qazim » Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:20 pm


Van Cleef stroke down with his Saber and missed Gyffes for a bit more like an Inch. He was used to lose to his former Teacher. All his moves he knew them all.
The Fight was going onesided. Edwin had the upperhand since they had started. Gyffes wasn't used to Fight while being watched. He was an Assassine. He was trained for efficient Work. Up until now he always had the moment of Surprise wich had allways been enough for him. But not only did he lack actual Combat-expierience. But struggled he more to focus his Mind when he heared Najela and Yves getting beaten.

Gyffes dodged another Swing of Edwin. This time both Sabers were aimed at his Throat. Edwin switchted the Sabers in his overcrossed Arms and stroke backwards with a Step to the front. He was in Reach to behead the Boy and he would've Succeeded but Gyffes jumped up and kicked him in the Forehead with his Knee.
He lost his balance for a splitsecond. Just enough for Gyffes to get a hold of himself and step into a Bladedance. Moving in Circles and trying to cut the Arms and Leggs of his Opponent.

"You move like a little Whore!"

A Punch threw him off his Feet and layed him on his back to the Floor. He still had his Swords but he was stunnend from the Impact. He had problems getting up again and for that problem he recieved a Kick in his Stomach.... Gyffes spitted out Blood.... he saw the looked to the spining Floor. He tried to get up and got Kicked down again from his Opponent...

Van Cleef had won this Fight without a Question and his crew had seen the Price that a Traitor of the Defias would Pay...
He grabbed the young Man by his red Hair and pulled him on his Kneels.
"You see, Boy?"
"Did you think i would let Months of Planning be ran down from a single Outjumper like you?"
Van Cleef was breathing haviely since it had been hard to hit the agile Boy...

On his Kneels. Gyffes saw a group of Men next to Yves. He was getting beaten with a Wooden Staff. The Staff had some Nails in it. Yves was laying on the Floor, and wasn't moving.

The Group of Men just cheared up as they started to rumble for the next one to be on the turn. Their Noise swallowed up the Moans of the Woman they were on...

Gyffes lowered his Head again. As he didn't want to watch it. But Van Cleef pulled it right up again.
"You, are gonna Watch. Watch as your Friend will end up smashed into a Pool of Brain and shattered Bones."
"And as far it goes for your Girl...." You will die not knowing what im about to do to her".
"Prepare the Plank! I want this Rat off my Ship."

Van Cleef dragged him on a thin Balk of Wood, It was a Fall of good 50 Meters to the calm Watersurface. The Water was Black and didn't reveal what may lurked inside. But somehow it called to him. No... something inside was waiting for him. Inviting him in....
Then there were a pair of Stars watching him from under the Watersurface.

The Blade of Van Cleef moved between Gyffes and the Stars as it touched the Throat of the young Man.
"Lad's.... This is a Warning for all Traitors to come... You will end up just like him!"

The Blade moved back and a burning Pain drove over his Throat, both holding him from Breathing and blowing his Blood from his Body. Even them he was pushed over the Edge and fell towards the Watersurface...
In the Fall.. he lost all hearing.. the Pain faded... the Feelings disapeared.... only the Stars approached him in the middle of the Darkness.....

The Windows were open and the Wind blew softly into the Room.... A Blanket covered Gyffes Body and a Bowl filled with Water was placed next to the Bed. The Woman bend over him and checked his forehead with the left and layed her right hand on her own....
A calm motherlike Voice talked but he couldnt understand it.
"Come again?"
Gives was shoked when he didn't hear his Voice but a deathlike rattleling trying to form Words...."
He couldn't even Move, he turned his Head in all directions, slowly and painfully and stopped at the two Stars on the Face of that Woman....a Nightelf. His Eyes became heavy and he fell asleep...

He would spend the next Three Weeks in that Bed before his full recovery. After he woke up, he came to know of his location. Ravenholt Manor in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Hidden in the Mountains it was quiet and an Ambience of Harmony had grown strong here. Jorach Ravenholt took him under a Trainingsession, teached by the Grand Master Assassin Farad. Teached in the fights with Dagger, Sword and Maces, Gyffes was finished with his Training so far.

"Gyffes, the Lord summonend you to his Office". Fahrad sounded rough as allways. It had been hard enough to read the Man, since he seemed much more expierienced and.... older regardless of his young Age. Gyffes left the training with the other Assassins and followed the Man.
"It is time to send you where you belong." But this time, the Lord will brief you personally of your Mission." Fahrad sounded neither relvieved nore concerned. Like allways he kept his own opinion hidden. He was a good Soldier indeed. Never asking only doing.

At the Office, Fahrad simply left with a small advise:
"Remember to Adress him properly."

Gyffes opend the Door and stepped in to the Room.
The Office was good lightened from Candles all over. To the right and left side there were two huge Bookshelfes and a Stairway wich could be moved to reach the higher stored Books.
On the other side of the Room was a huge Desk. Covered in Papers and Documents.
Lord Jorach Ravenholt sat in a huge Chair wich was turned towards the Window behind the Desk. It was wide Open and the View over the Valley of Hillsbrad was beautiful. just over the River, Tarrens Mill could be seen and behind it the Hills wich singed the Entrance into Alterac.

"You have improved well so far. Both in Combat and Infiltration. The movements of yours might be a little rough but we can overwork that in good Time. As for now, i have other things to do, Gyffes."
Ravenholt turned to Gyffes and stood up form his Chair.
"You see, i've come to know of your Fathers demise and so i've decided to watch over you whilst you were in the Brotherhood". I had some of my Men entering their Ranks aswell and remove take you out when the time comes."

Gyffes felt like he had been punched in the Face. Was the Lord responsable for the leaked information of his plot?
the Deaths of Yves and Najela?

"Before you ask, Gyffes. Yes i did unveal your Plot against Van Cleef and yes all casualties that might have accured that Night come to me".

He returned behind his Desk and pulled something from underneath it.

"But afterall, Your help for the Milita gave them new Strength. They assoulted the Deadmines manytimes over. And finally...."

The old Man placed two Sabres, wraped in a Red Bandana on his Desk and gave Gyffes the sign to come over to him.

"This is my way to say sorry, Gyffes. And my gift doesn't end here. I recieved a Request from Mathias Shaw."

Lord Ravenholt told Gyffes of Lescovar's conspireing against the Crown. Of how he supported the Defias hidden and extended their Influence even over Sea. He told him how their were even involved in the missing of King. And who was behind it all. Lady Katrana Prestor was holding all the Strings and moved the Pieces in her Favour.

Gyffes was overwhelmed with that much information at once and need a little time to sraighten his Thoughts.
He looked at the Blades of Van Cleef and looked back to lord Ravenholt.
"What about Edwin's demise, any details on that?"
"Decapitated on the top of his Ship infront of the Captains Cabin". The Lord answerd.
"No signs of anyone else inside. Just a Woman crying inside and covering her Ears. She was sent to Northshire for mental treatment since she was traumatized. The light knows what they did to her.
"The group wich killed Van Cleef was led by a Paladin called Ajanes. I tried to contact him but it seems he disapeared. Do you know him?"
Gyffes declined any knowledge of this Man. He really didn't know him. After all he never crossed ways with a Paladin.
But his thoughts were with the Woman. She survived and was in Treatment.
But what was the Point of this meeting? He had to know.

"My Lord, you called me for a reason, may i know what that is?"

"Ofcorse, Gyffes. See as we speak the Voices of the People inside Stormwind grows. They heard Names and Skeems from the Milita who isn't trained to keep Information shut. Here comes the Request from Shaw.
He investigated around Lord Gregor Lescovar and found out about a Meeting with one of the scattered Members of the Defias. He wants you to spy on him and Kill both of them when the Situation fits it. He lack the Men for the Reason so he requested aid from Ravenholt.
Ravenholt held the Letter with the Royal Seal on it in his Hands. His grey Eyes were focused towards the young Man and were forcing him to the Answer he would want to hear.
"He already sent a Payment so i cannot refuse the Job. Yet again, i want to send you back to the Kingdom of Stormwind and dismiss you from your Duties for the League of Assassins."

"So this is my last Mission for now, then?" "I will just return to where you picked me off and what?"

"You could start by restoring the Name of your House. You have the oppertunity to rebuild a Family that was believed broken." Lord Ravenholt was seemingly unpleasded with the sudden lack of Disciplin from his Subordinate. His Voice became deeper and harsher as he spoke.
"I've Fought with your Father for Decades in the first and Second War!" "He was like a Brother to me as you are almost like a Son!" You disrespect his Memory with your Behavour." You are from a Royal Bloodline and as such you should act." Your Luck that i've Build my League from the single rule of never breaking a Promise or a Pakt!

Gyffes never saw this Side of the usually calm and warmhearted Lord. He didn't dare to argue with him for his Teachings of the last Weeks had been stuffed so deep inside his Head that he simply could'nt.

"Now, I want you help the SI:7 as represntative of Ravonholt. You will do as you will be ordered and you will bring none than an exellent Result to ALL your Orders! If you won't I will find and put you down for Good.
If you agree to this Mission, you may leave now."

Gyffes left the Room and prepared for his Journey. He would take the Ship from Southshore to Menethil and continue to Ironforge by Gryphon. From there he would buy Some Ingrediances for his Poisonbrewing. Once in Ironforge, the Tramway would be the safest way directly to Stormwind. All planned in his Head i was surpised that someone knocked on the Door to his Room.
The Women stepped in witha bowl of glowing turkeese Water. They were wearing the same Dresses as always. A white Robe with free shoulders, covering most of their Bodyshape and leaving no space for Imaginations. The White Silk was thin and covered in a beatiful Muster of Leafs, strangles and Thorns. they were a Priestress and served as Nurses for the Wounded Warriors and Assassins of the Manor.

Leraanja and Samantha, They both were beautiful in their own special kind of Way but none could've decided wich to pick the prettier of the two when they were standing next to eachother.
Samantha, Her Skin was deadpale but her Lips had a dark blue in it that made the circumstances of her Death clear. Dark hair covered her left Eye and the other one was glowing in a golden Light. Fahrad had told him once that she drowned during a Mission off the Shores to the Wetlands. Years later, an Undead Necromancer revived her to serve the Dark Lady Sylvanas. But she moed soonafter to Hillsbrad to serve the Ravonholt Manor once more. She talked rearly but she could be heard often singing to the recovering Men and Women that had fainted in their recovery.

Leraanja on the other hand, was just stunning. She had this Seductive touch on her movements that made all the Men sneak a second look whenever she passed by. She had shirt tied blue Hair. Her Eyebrows weren't long for Nightelf standarts and Her eyes were glowing in a silver. It was said that most of the Nightelfes had this silver glow in their Eyes and only selected ones had a golden Glow in it wich would sign a great Future. Though she might had been older than anyone in the Manor she never took pleasure in killing or the other Matters of the House. She came here as a Nurse on a Request from lord Ravenholt to the Moonpriestres Whisperwind. She served the Manor for almost two Years now and did'nt grow Tired of the Wounded. She even found time to follow her duties towards Elune and went out in some Nights for prayers.

They came inside and touched his Forehead with their Fingers wich had been inked in the glowing Water before.
"A Blessing from the Goddess and the Light. May your Journey be safe and swift."
Leraanja left the room just as she as entered and Gyffes was alone with the Undead Woman. She stared at him and smiled a bit and came closer to him. She smelled good and didn't seemed to be Undead at all if were not for her mere appearence. Her Skin was soft and there were no Open spots wich revealed Bones or Flesh. Unlike the other UIndead. She huged him and gave him a soft Kiss on his Cheek. before she released him from her light grip and whispered.
"I hope to meet you again, Blackblood. Take care of yourself and may the Light guid you on your path."

She left the room and left him in unknowledge what that just ment.
But this would have to wait. He had a Mission and his Task waited in Stormwind... Besides... There was a Familyname to Restore...

- End Chapter 3
- Next Chapter: From Ashes to Blackblood

Chapter 4. From Ashes to Blackblood

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Ajanes, Stormwind. "The Stockades"

Hours had passed. The Group of Adventurers was had entered the Stockades of Stormwind in order to get rid of the last two remaining Leaders of the Defiias Brotherhood. Bazrill Thredd and Dextren Ward. Both of them were fighting among themselves for the Leadership over the Defias. After the Death of Van Cleef the Brotherhood, once strong and united had scattered into groups. Fighting among themselves, this small Group of Five People had an easy start in infiltrating the Stockades and getting passed the lower levels of the Dungeons.

Now they were on the eastern flank of the Prison, these Prisons belonged to Dextren Ward. He had but allies of his own. An Ogre was inside here and guarded the Leader of the Defias. Although he wasn't really smart and easy to convince. He did have brute Strength. The Records of the Prisoner List never recorded an Ogre, so it was a wonder how they came to get their Hands on him... and how he came down to this place.

The Group had taken a small brake in a small Cell just infront the the eastern Main Hall.
They were preparing for the upcoming fight.
"Okey, this is it. We are almost at Ward's Throat". The rogue spyed over the edge over to the Hall and detected four Guards that blocked the Way into the Prisonwardens Office. Now the Room from which Dextren coordinated. The Door was to small for an Ogre to fit in and there were no sign of a Breakthrough.
"The Big guy must be somewhere around there. Do we have to take hi out first, Cap?"
The Paladin, came over to the Door and risked a glimps over the edge aswell. After a couple of seconds he looked over to his Squad.
Most of them were injured and needed Healing form their young Priestess. She on her side was in struggle to stop a Bleeding Injury of the female Paladin. She got hit by an Axe in the last fight and would need at least another Hour of rest. She also was the most skilled fighter.

Ajanes, the paladin adressed the Rogue again.
"Pimbeau, please sneak over to the western Wing of the Prison and check if we have any possible incomings there. Come back as soon as you can give me a specific Number, do not try to take out anyone on your own. We are lucky that we were able to avoid any detection".

The Rogue just nodded and left the Room quietly. walking in the corridor he disappeared in the shadows.
Ajanes came back to his superior in Rank. The wounded Paladin worked together with the Priestess on healing the Wound on her Flank. Although she was tired of the loss of Blood. The Priestess struggled even more to not let her fall out of conciseness.
Ajanes knelt down and asked the priestess if he could help in anyway. But she refused.
"Its all good, Ajanes. I can handle it. I've healed worse injuries than this after all".
She tried to sound as she had no problems with the healing. But she failed.

"We wait for Pimbeau to return, if my suggestions are right, then we have both Leaders in this Wing gathered. But we will have a bigger Fight ahead of us. We can wait for Castaldia to heal Celestralia... Kharyle will have to use more of her areal Spells to cover the Damage done. Do you think you can do that, Mage"?
He looked to the Woman sitting next to the Door, drinking and refreshing her magical Powers so she would be ready for the next Fight.
"I've seen something like that coming, Paladin. I can handle it". It was hard to read in her Voice, since she had a side of Hers to hide what she felt and thought.

Ajanes was concerned about the Mission. It was all about his Desire to expose that traitor Lescovar for what he really was. A threat to the Crown. But since no one had really something against him in the Hands they couldn't prove him of his Guilt. It was a search for evidence. Ajanes hoped to find something on one of those two Leaders. A Letter or some plans concerning the Movements of the Defias with the mark of Lescovar on it.

Just so he he could be proper judged as the Filth of traitor he really is... But for now, they just had to wait for Pimbeau...

About half an hour the Rogue sneaked back into the Cell. He didn't seem in a hurry and how he said, the whole western Flank of the Stockades was empty indeed. But he did more than just that.
"I've searched among the chests and the Cells for clues for Lescovars involvation in this Plot and look what i've found Captain."
He pulled a letter with the Seal of Lescovar on it out of his Jacket and gave it to the young Paladin. Then he went back to the Door on his spying post.
"I thought you might take interest in what's inside there, Captain."
Ajanes opened the Letter with haste and read the Letter even twice to make sure he didn't miss anything. A bright Smile emerged on his Face as he put the Letter into his hidden Pocket under his Shoulder plate.

"We now have the written Evidence to put Lescovar down for Good. Furthermore we can just capture Bazrill or Dextren for further investigations. Castaldia, how long untill Celes is fully recovered?"
"Im fine to fight again." The female Paladin replied herself as she rose and placed her hand to her Hip one last time. Her hand glew once more in light. As the light faded the Wound was healed completely.
The young Priestess however was totally exhausted by her deed. She would need to stay back in this Fight and could not join in the Fight to come.

"Very well. Kharlye, please send her outside with a Portal. Castaldia, inform Commander Samuelson about our position and the Situation. He shall send some reinforcements to back us up. By the Time he will arrive, we should have dealt at least with the Ogre Problem..."
" Eh... yea about that..." Pimbeau cut into the word...
" He is Patroling the Corridor which connects the two Flanks of the Prison. The wise Move would be to follow him into the western Part of the Stockades and take him out without fear of anyone else joining him."

The Paladin's agreed to that plan and prepared to move out. The Mage conjured the Portal for the Priestess and send her Through... Now four Man Group they were about to take on the Ogre.....

They walked the Corridor of the Stockade with ease. The Rogue had marked all the Places were to wait or a passing Patrol so they had not to fight until they were close to the Ogre. They caught him sitting in a Corner and taking a nap. By the Stench that surrounded him, he had just eaten one of the less fortunate Inmates. They heared his screams when they were coming but as they noticed that the Patrols didn't seem affected by it, so weren't they.

They entered the Room and Pimbeau locked the Door behind them so they would get any visitors. Ajanes gave the Rogue to throw a Knife and Blind the Ogre since he had only one massive Eye in the Middle of his huge Head. The Beast was about 8 Feet Tall, his Body was covered both in Fat and Muscle. He had some Painting across his Body and a huge Mace was lend next to him towards the Wall.

Pimbeau took one of his Knifes and aimed for the Head...

The Four of them were absolutly silent and didn't dare to make a move....
... He Threw...


The instintctly stood up and grabed his Mace. moving in all directions swinging and smashing the Mace up and down. Celestralia was armed with a Spear and could land a Strike through the Barrages of Swings of the taller Enemy. But it made him only angrier. The Mage threw a frost Bolt at his chest to slow down his attacks as the ice that build itself up around the Impact just cracked open again.
Ajanes managed to parry a Blow of the Ogre with his own Warhammer but he only gave his Opponent a direction to focus his Hits...
Meanwhile Pimbeau got behind the Beast and jumped up on his Shoulders. Stabbing him under the Arms with his Daggers. Three times he had been stabbed before the Grip around his Mace losend. But then he go hold of the Rogue with other Hand. Holding his Throat almost popping off his Head with his mere Strength. But Celestralia was quicker and drove her Spear through his Neck and up outside his Mouth.
The Hold of the Ogre losend and he sank to the Ground. The Monster that was supposed to be the secret Weapon of Thredd was defeated...

"cough".... Not a second Later, Lady." The Rogue tried to catch is breath again and remained sitting in front of the Ogre.
"Ugly Bastard... even blind putting up a Fight like that..."
Ajanes walked up to the Rogue and threw his broken Warhammer to the Ground.
"it must have broken under the Impact a second Later. Well i think its no use anymore."
The Paladin grabbed behind his Back and pulled out a Huge Sword. Hard to wield but he had trained with it since he had recieved it. A present of Bolvar Fordragon on the Day that he had passed a Test of the Paladin Order.
However the Blade had some sort of an Aura on it. It wasn't Unholy or anything. No it even felt Familiar to him. Like it belonged to him for longer that he knew.

"Now then... I think this little Injuries can be healed by me and Celes..."

The Group returned to the eastern Wing of the Stockades and entered the Warden's Office after a skirmish with around 4 Inmates guarding the Door. They were taken out with easy by Celes alone. She was the most skilled fighter after all and watched over Ajanes for this Mission. After all, she was the

Inside the Office there were around Twenty other Inmates, armored with leatherarmor and heavy Weaponry guarding Ward and Thredd...
Now outnumbered and outmatched, they had entered a Lion's Cave.
"Fall Back to the great Prison Hall."
As they moved back, they were pushed back in by Commander Samuelson and 50 Men of the Prisonguard.
"Now Men. We have the last Defias Rats cornered!"
"Put them down for Good! Capture Ward and Thredd!"

The Men Charged at the Inmates without hesitation. Trained Soldiers clashed on imprisoned Thugs in close combat. The Defias didn't stood a chance. They were slaughtered like Animals. Thredd put up a fight and killed two of the Attackers in a desperate attempt to escape out of the Battle. The Commander cut his Leg with his Spear and made two Soldiers tie him down. Ward had him self cornered and fought like a Bear. It required a charge of Ajanes and four other Men to put him to his Knees as well.

As the dust of the Fight lifted, they were brought to the Entrance of the Stockades were Lady Prestor and Matthias Shaw awaited them.
Lady Prestor was wearing a red Robe covered with green Strings and a Black silk Diamond on her Chest that revealed little of her well formed breasts. But just enough to raise imaginations. She was there and didn't let any emotion be read in her stone like Face. However she was beautiful in a way. Despite her appearance. Those gold brown Eyes pierced through anything they aimed at.

Shaw wore his usual Uniform in Black and waited with a little Letter that he held ready for the Paladins. He was glad that the Mission had been a success. He was glad that Ajanes didn't go in with another Group but heard the Advice of the Man. Perhaps he would find his way into the closet Society that was about to reveal itself in front of the People of Stormwind once again.

There were other "Guild's" in the Alliance that had taken interest in the activities of this new Society. But as long as their kept their true intentions hidden and their Leader wouldn't reveal himself for now they were not considered a mayor Factor among the other Guilds. But that would soon change....

Shaw was pulled out of his thoughts as he saw the Party of Soldiers emerging from the Entrance of the Stockades. The had two Hostages with them and had suffered nothing but about Five losses in this.
Ajanes and his Group walked next to Commander Samuelson in the Front, right behind them were the Thredd and Ward. Both seemed badly beaten.

As the Men rose the Stairs and stopped before the Lady, the two Captives were brought to kneel in front of her. Lady Prestor looked at the Men without saying anything. After a brief moment she turned to Commander Samuelson.

"Nice Work, Commander. I understand you hadn't suffer any casualties during the Assault. I see for your immediate promotion and a fitting reward for your Men."

"By all means, Lady Prestor. Without the Help of Master Shaw and his small elite Team we would've never managed to capture the Leaders. They deserve their fair Share of the Reward. The young Paladin led a flawless infiltration and took out most of the Inmates."

The one Eyed Commander tried to share the Credits of this Victory. After all, they now had something against Lescovar. He looked over to Mathias Shaw hoping that he would speak up but he wouldn't since his look was focused on Lady Prestor.
After a moment of silence he claimed:
"My Lady, We have two Head's of the Defias. We should put them on a trial and reveal as much as we can. It was the Will of Lord Fordragon."

Lady Prestor didn't seem affected by what the Master of the SI:7 just said. She went on to the Commander and kept on:
"Well, if you dont deserve a promotion on your own. you might aswell do the dirty work, Commander. By my Right as the Regent of Stormwind and in the Name of the Child- King Anduin. I sentence these two Men to execution. Samuelson, you can do the *Honor* of gettin rid of that Filth."

The Men jumped up in Protest and demanded a Trial, since all knew what was at stake when Ward and Thredd would be executed without further investigation first. Lescovar would have an excuse to put himself out of a possible Trial, since the Witnesses were dead.

Lady Prestor pointed at the Commander and ordered him to execute the Men who knelt before her. She ordered one of the Soldiers that carried a huge Axe. The men would be killed without being further asked about any plans or skeems.

Ward was looking towards Shaw and didn't seem worried in any way. He knew that this would happen once he would ever see the Outside of the Stockades. Unlike Thredd, he was calm and accepted his Fate.
Thredd started to yell and protest on his own.

"No!... Please!.. I... I... I can help you with the Plans of Lescovar. I know that someone is helping him! Lescovar is being manipulated!"

"Tie his mouth!" Lady Prestor ordered him to be silenced rather quickly. No one but Shaw noticed a slight sign of hurry in her Voice. She went outside and was about to leave. She rarely ever watched her own Orders to be executed. No one knew why she acted like this however

He looked over to the commander and nodded at him.

The one Eyed man held the massive Axe in his Hands and aimed for the blow towards Thredd's Neck.
The Strike was done clean and left the Head roll off the Body. Samuelson didn't like what he was doing and he knew that he had to help out somehow.

"Any last Words, Ward?"

Ward looked over to Pimbeau and smiled slightly before he said: "Well done, Rogue. I noticed your Loot back in the Fight. All you must know is there."
"Well, then i'm afraid i can't do anything more for you. May you find piece in whatever place awaits you over there."

Samuelson rose the Axe once more...

About two Hours Later.

Ajanes and his group met back at the HQ of the SI:7. The Letter had been yet to be shown to Master Shaw and the Information would turn out to be useful. Castaldia was in the HQ aswell and had recovered from the Exhaustion of the Mission. She joined the Team again and checked everyone for bigger or lesser injuries. to her amazement they all were unharmed besides a scratch or two.

Shaw on his side had another Letter that was meant for the Celestralia. The Letter was of great importance since he wanted to talk this over with the female Paladin before the Lescovar Matter.

"Master Gyffes is on his way here. Calmebo made good work in recruiting Members for the second Blackblood Project. He even set up a HQ for the House, hidden in the Dwarven District here in Stormwind. No one knows that the House still is standing and i thing the young Lord will remember it quite well. It is the old Manor of his Family after all."

"I hope the Lord will be pleased with our Work. We have already reached over Hundred Members. All are working in secret for the House. We even built up a capital to challenge other greater Guilds and Companies in the Alliance."

"He sure will be so. You recieved word form the Courtyard's Leader Calmebo. The Master Elf wanted all members gathered at the Manor in three Days time."

"The Word has already been spread among the Members. They will be there."

"Very Well, at last i get out of my dept towards the old Man. Well back to other Matters."

The Both of them returned to the great Table and looked at the Letter that Pimbeau had found in the Stockades.
Ajanes introduced the Situation: "The Letter is telling of a Meeting between Lescovar and an Inside Man. They will discuss something that isn't mentioned in the Letter. However it does say that the Casualties had been kept small and the *Lion* is caged."
"Since Thredd and Ward dead, we have no chance of finding out what that is about. Master Shaw, i hoped you could provide further Guidance before i send my next report to the Paladin Order."

Shaw placed his Hand on Ajanes' shoulder and calmed the young Man.
"All reports to the authorities are being send in this moment, dont worry about that. But what i want you to do is to take a break for now. Celestralia will take care of the rest, since i think Lescovar might have taken note of your interference.
Simply lay back for these Days and come meet with an Elf named Calmebo at a hidden Manor in the Dwarven District in three Days. Your Master Crucifoe will be there aswell they will take care of your further training in the Way of the Light."

Ajanes looked over to the others. It seemed that everybody knew of this before. They would be there aswell. He had the Feeling that something Big was about to happen in that Manor. But he obeyed his Orders and took his leave for the time being.

The rest of the Group prepared their approach on Lescovar...

The Day after... The Gardens of Stormwind Keep.

The Old man walked the Gardens without his Guards. He had sent them away to not interrupt him during his Meditations. So he told them, but the true reason was his Meeting that no one could know about about.
He took a seat on a Bench next to a Statue of King Ilane. The Statue posed in a Humble Form. He was looking down to the Ground. His Hands atop of the Grip of his Sword. The old King of Stormwind had been assassinated during the Siege of Stormwind. After his Death the Protectors lost Courage and the City had fallen.
Those were dark Times. But it was the Past and the old Man would have much work to do for the Future.
He noticed a Shade in the other Corner of the Gardens that watched him for quite a Time.
"You can come forth, Friend. The Guards are sent off and we can discuss here and enjoy a little Privacy."
A young Man came out of the Shadows. Armored in black, his Face was covered in a like colored Bandana. His black Hair was tied together and he was armed with a Dagger that was attachted to his Belt.

"How is the plan going? Is everything set?"

"It has become much easier to coordinate the Brotherhood since the Demise of Van Cleef, i must say. The Men have become more disciplined since they are forbidden to roam the Lands like they used to."

The Young man tried to keep the conversation sort and informed the older Man as much as possible.

"Our Movements on Dustwallow Marsh have been reinforced. The Infiltration of Theramore will help draw Lady Proudmoors attention away from our Operations. The Lion had been captured by an orcish Arenamaster though. We are keeping track of them but its hard to do so without drawing attention of the Guards. He slipped away in Ratchet. It looks like he is moving to Blackrock. Also we have recorded recent activities of the Black Dragon Flight. South of Theramore. A Nest has been spotted."

"Nothing of our Concern, Boy. The Lion will surely die in good time and the young Kind will become Vulnerable, once Fordragon has been dealt with. The Thrones has moved within my Reach."

The two Men were about to finish the Conversation as a Gnome jumped down from a Tree next to them, followed by a Woman armed in heavy Armor and wielding a Spear.

"We have heard enough, Lescovar!" The Gnome said. "You can follow us to the SI:7 you can also chose to Fight on but my Friend here would recommend you not to."

The young Man charged for toward Gnome only to be struck down by the Woman. She didn't even had any problems since she saw his Movements even with just the Light of the full Moon. After she knocked the Man out she charged at the Lescovar and tried to put him down but the old man stubborn to just surrender:
"You won't get away with this. I am under Prote -... Arrghh!"
A Dagger had pierced the old Man and left him bleeding crumbling down as the shock was written in his Eyes.
Shaw had done the Job himself. And walked up to the young Man... Before he pulled his other Dagger out of his Belt.
"I think... we have been digging this Rabbit hole for long enough." He stabbed the Man in the Neck and walked toward the Garden entrance.
"Tyrion, get rid of the Bodies. The Skeems of Lscovar have taken an end. Make sure to prepare Record Scrolls of the Conversation. From now on, this is a Royal matter. The SI:7 takes itself out of this.

Celestralia, get ready for the Meeting. The Time to welcome Lord Gyffes into Stormwind has come.

Stormwind, The Day of the Founding

Clouds covered the Streets of the City. They were barely walked by anyone since most of the Travelers and Adventurers stayed inside the Buildings. The Inns were playing Music and from some Windows there could be other more private things be heard. In the Dwarven District, behind a passage of an old Storage Room there was an Alley which led to an old Manor. The Lights inside were burning though and the chimney was smoking. Inside were People, laughing and enjoying the Company of each other.

Just outside the Building stood a Nightelf. His white Hair was Cut short and he seemed to Wait the Arrival of someone. He didn't wait long for his guest to arrive. A Man cloaked in a Black Mantle passed the Storage Room and walked towards the Manor. He walked up to the Elf and gave him a brotherly Handshake. The Elf led the Man inside and the Voices of the House cheered up at once.

"Welcome, Lord Gyffes!"...

Gyffes walked inside, his Cloak was taken by a Woman who placed it on the Chair at the Head of the Huge Table. On the Table there was a Meal served. A Pig was served on a silver Tablet, Bowls of Salad and other exotic Food were set up around it. The Cubs were made out of Silver and around twelve Bottles of Wine were scattered across the Table. On the Chimney there was another Pig being prepared and the Smell of fresh Bread was hanging in the Air, mixed with fine Tabac that was being smoked from some of the Dwarfish Visitors. A good Mood was going on and the many Toasts had been spoken to the Health of the Lord and the House. But only one young Man sat on a chair without a smile on his Face. He looked over to Gyffes and couldn't cheer for him.
Gyffes noticed him and walked up to him.
"What is the Matter, friend? Is there no reason for you to cheer up and enjoy the company of your Family?"
The young man replied:
"I'm not used to these Fests, My Lord. I was raised in the Abbey of Northshire and taught a humble life by my Master."
He looked over to Crucifoe. The old Paladin was in the middle of a drinking contest against a Bald Man who appeared to be his Brother and a Dwarf who helped a Gnome to sit on the Table. The Gnome held a Beermug almost the Size of himself and was about to raise it to drink.

A friendly Clap on his Back moved the Man back to himself.
"You know, Brother. I think its about time for you to know who you are."
Gyffes rose up again and held his Mug into the Air.
"Members of the House Blackblood! Youngbloods, Hentchmen, Watchdogs, Operators and all the other Bastards that i am currently to drunk to Mention! I want you to welcome the Return of my little Brother! In my Absence he had been trained in the Ways of the Light! Good Heaven, I pity his poor Soul for that. He is however my Brother and a part of the Original Family of the House Blackblood!
Welcome the youngest Member of the House-"


All attention turned to the old Man that entered the House without anyone noticing. He took off his Cloak and revealed his long white Hair and a Black Robe. A Beard hid most of his Face but the two golden Eyes seemed to glow like candles.
The Man walked up to the Head of the Table were Gyffes sat just a moment ago and took place.
"I see, there is still much to be done for the House and you are here drinking and smoking like we just conquered the World."

Gyffes dropped his Mug and was left with an open Mouth as a Tear was running down his Face...

- End Chapter 4.

Sorry that i took so long. I will overwork the Grammar as allways and i hope you enjoy the Chapter :)
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Chapter 5: The Twins

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Chapter 5
The Twins

Darkshore, Kalimdor. Three Months after the Rise of the House.

The Moon stood just above the Horizon. The Sea was quiet and spared a beautiful view for Beholders.
A Nightelf wandered the Shore in companion of an Owl that had taken place on his left Shoulder. The Elf was light armored in a rough Leatherarmor that had been made by himself. He was small for an ordinary Elf. Dark green Hair reached down to his hips and a thin Beard ran don his Chin. He obviously took care of himself. Not the ordinary Hunter, covered in Dirt and filled with the Stench of Nature. He seemed more gallant.
Another Elf was close behind him. He on the other hand was a totally different sight. Big and well builded. Just a look at him made clear that he was a Warrior. A Long Sword attached to his Back and two small Swords on his Belt. He was armored in rather heavy armor. A dark Breastplate was half covered by a black Cloak that was wrapt around his Body. Heavy Gloves held a Book in his Hand. He was reading. His white Hair was slightly longer than that of the Hunter. He had no Bear though. And his Face was clearly to be seen. A Handsome young Man. Skin color and the facial marks matched between the two. If it hadn’t been for the difference in Hair and Body structure, they would have appeared identical.

“Krenaar, the Reports of Thundris Windweaver were from here on deeper in the Woods. I’ll send Unaan first to scout on if there is anything.”
The Hunter had turned back to his Companion and drew his wooden Bow.

“There is no need, Dijelon. The Grave of the Old one has been settled by acolytes of the Twilights Hammer Clan over half a Month ago. I have watched them myself from time to time. They seem to just pray to their Gods and meditate.”
The whitehaired Elf hid his Book underneath his Cloak and came closer to the Hunter as he signed him to lay low with the drawn Weapon.

“Were some of them armed, Brother?”
The Hunter seemed eager for Action. He was inexperienced and wanted to prove his Value towards his Brother who had been a Sentinel of the Silverwings. Not inexperienced in Kombat but rather inexperienced in Missions for the Silverwings. He was recruited by his Brothers Request, as an extraordinary Marksman his skills would come handy for the observative Missions of the Order. They would have gone a long Road within the Silverwing ranks was it not for an old friend of their Parents.

Calmebo had shown the both of them to the House Blackblood and lord Gyffes had left the Priest in charge with the recruitment of elves. Calmebo had seen the two of them grow up and did a good part of it by himself after the demise of their Parents at the War for Mount Hyal four years ago. He had become like a Father for the twins. They looked for Guidance in many ways to him both in spiritual and in personal ways.
Since their Father was a Druid and their Mother a Priestress of Elune they had natural Bonds with both the Priesthood and the Druids of the Claw. Krenaar would have been recruited as a Druid if it wasn’t for his aggressive vessel inside him that made him enter a state of rage whenever he saw Satyrs or Demons of any kind. The same went for Dijelon. Although his connection to the Nature was stronger than most Druids in the Enclave, he choose to rather live with the Nature instead of pledging his life for it and become one with it.

A sound behind them made the Elves turn around and lay their Hands on their Weapons. The Sound was followed by a moving shadow that could be seen jumping from Tree to Tree, before it moved to the nearest Bush. Krenaar took a step closer to that Bush, his Hand on the Swordgrip on the Back.
In a small Breath of relief, The Silverwing Warrior steped out of his Battlestance and grabbed in the Bush with his Hand to pull out a Thiestlebear Cup. The Cup was separated from his Mother and hadn’t eaten in Days. The Warrior turned to his Sibling and handed the Cup over.

“I think this is your specialization, Brother.”
Dijelon took the Cup and held it like a newborn Animal.
“Wow, he can’t be much older than a few Months. 3 at most.”

The Hunter placed the small Animal to the ground and packed a small Peace of Jerky out of a small Bag. Before handing it over he checked the Mouth of the little survivor. He had a small Pair of Teeth but the Jerky was way too hard to let it chew on it.
Dijelon putted a small part of the Meat in his Mouth and began chewing on it.

“Aren’t you supposed to feed the little thing first?” Krenaar asked in a seemingly surprised tone.
“Im only soften it up a little for our Friend. He seems weak. Look, he can’t even stand up straight. I don’t even know what made him run so fast.”
Dijelon pulled the Meat out of his Mouth and began to feed the small Bear. While doing he discovered a blank spot on his Fur to his Back. Perhaps a Hawk had tried to make him into a lunch. Maybe it was even Unaan. The Owl had been feeding on small Animal such as Rats, smaller Cubs of Sabers and sometimes even young Bears.

“We should keep moving. Thundris awaits our Report in a few Hours. And Remember brother, we are only to observe and report their actions. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The Hunter obeyed almost mindless. The Foodchain had been clearly drawn. He took the Cub back up and carried it in his Arms. “He will make a great Companion.
”Krenaar watched him and rolled his Eyes. “Sigh… atleast you have a Reason not to engage in like always”.
Together they moved and left the Place.

The Forrest had gotten noisier after two Hours of wandering. The Sabers were awake now and on the Hunt. Dijelon knew the ancient Paths and ways to avoid contact with animal Wildlife. He had traveled these Forrests for a long time and he felt here at Home. Sometimes stopping briefly while checking the Dirt or smelling the Air, he had learned the Ways of the Wild and obeyed its Rules.
Slowly they started hearing Voices shouting in synch in the distance. Following the Voices they came towards a shimmering blue light.
Reaching for the end of the Treebarrier the Shouts became cleaner. They stopped and took position behind Trees to Witness the Happenings that took place in the Small Valley before them.

A small Lake surrounded an Island. It held a small Altar in a Center of tall Stones formed in a half Cycle. Behind the Altar was huge Structure… A strange Octopuslike Head reached out of the Ground. Something like Shoulderplates were covered half in Moss and the Arms sunk back in the Earth. There were no Eyes that could have defined something like a Face. The only Thing that did was a Tentacle, replacing a Nose, reaching down the Chest and vanishing into the Earth. On the Forehead of the Creature, a huge Sword was rammed in by Force apparently. The Blade glow in a Blue Light out of the Runes that covered the broad Side. Runes in an old Language. The Language of the Titans.

The Cultist were kneeling in front of the Giant Statue, bond in a Prayer. Speaking in common Language, they formed a Chorus:

"We the humble Servants are those who Wait. The old Masters are who we serve and only they are who we pledge our Souls for. The Sacrifice for the Old ones is our greatest Honor we can recieve. In the Name of the Eye in the Sand, the Mind in the Snow, the Heart in the Mist, the slumberer in the Depths and lost one in the Void. We are the Bringers of their Words. the Instruments of their Plans. From the old Ones we came, to the Old ones we return."

Krenaar held his distance as the prayer took place and looked over to his sibling. The younger one was curious about the happenings and was about to risk a closer Look, knowing that he carried the Pub. Krenaar moved towards him whilst staying behind Trees and bushes.

“I think we have seen enough. Let us leave this place before we get into tro-.”
The Nightelf was interrupted by a Loud Horn that muted all other Sounds in the Area. Birds flew away, smaller Animals left the scene in panic and the Pub had awoken. But its cries drowned in the Deep Horn that made the Earth shake.
Dijelon fell to his knees and struggled to both endure the Sound and hold the Pub. Krenaar had less struggle for he had both his Hands to cover his Ears.

As he looked over to the Altar of the Twilights Hammer he saw an Ogre with two Heads, blowing into the Source of the dreadful Sound. Before him, all the Acolytes were kneeling. The Ogre had an unusual Shape, rather than being Fat like Other Ogres that Krenaar had the Pleasure of Meeting, This one was well in shape and his Body was marked with a cross- shaped Scar over his Chest. The Ogre was also a lot larger than others but there could be felt a dark Aura around this one.
The Ogre finished his Initiation and the Forrest returned to his quiet Nature. He made a Step forward and looked over to his Audience. He began speaking with both his Heads in a Language that coulnd’t be understood by anyone who shouldn’t understand. Krenaar watched the Scene and tried to read from Gestures and facial Expressions in hope to find something out. Dijelon who was right behind him struggled to calm the Pub down. He knew that one single moan, cry or even a damn Fart could blow off their Cover and they would have to run into the Woods.
The Warrior focused his Minds and tried to recall all he had learned that could connect to Ogres and the Twilights Hammer Clan. But he came to the no conclusion. He had no choice but to take some Notes of the Scene and discuss it with his Superiors.

He turned towards his Brother and gave him sign to leave. Something told Krenaar that what he just saw here would be of Importance. He wasn’t sure but he learned to trust his stomach. With the feelings in unease and his thoughts in Turmoil they left and vanished into the Night…

Back to Auberdine for now...

Darkshore, Auberdine: A view Hours later.

Later that Night they arrived in Auberdine. Krenaar reported back to Thundris and asked him for Guidance. The Former Druid of the Claw had retired after the War for Mount Hyjal and took now residence over Auberdine. He was less a Major or Leader rather than an Advisor for the Village. He had been a close friend to both Krenaar and Dijelon and had helped in guiding them into their Paths.

Together with Calmebo he had watched Krenaar in particular grow into the Nightelf he had become. He would make a great Leader of the Sentinels one Day. Though he never dared to spoil the young Nightelf to much he knew Krenaar was aware of his Potential. That’s another thing he admired him for. Krenaar was humble, gentle. Some may even dare to go so far and call him shy. But he knew Krenaar. He had a gentle Soul and tried always to find the diplomatic way.

Thundris listened to krenaars Words and took good time to select his Words for caution.

“These are troublesome News, young one. We best inform the Priestress about this. But also, I need to know. Were you followed? Were you watched by any chance? Can you assure me that you were alone as you came back here?”

Krenaar looked him in the silver Void that had been his Eyes.

“Yes, my Friend. I double checked the trackes we left before cleaning them up and I made sure to take the Path back over the Foothills behind the Moonkin Nests. There was no one.”

“And what about Dijelon? Had he left any Tracks? He arrived good half an Hour later. Did you ask him what took him so long?”

“Dijelon is a remarkable Hunter. He forgot how to lay tracks a long time ago. He assured me he laid Traps and false Tracks to lure potential followers away. He just is like this.”

“Forgive me, Krenaar. I wouldn’t dare to doubt your Skills. But with news like these, I cannot allow myself to forget any detail. I shall meditate on the matter and send word to the elder Druids in the Capital. We may tapped into a Power, greater than anything since the War for Hyjal."

"Do me a favor and don’t lose a Word about your sightings. Not even to your close ones.”

“Understood, Thundris. Is there anything else I can assist with?” Krenaar struggled to hide his concerns but he knew he didn’t have to do so in front of his Friend.

Thundris looked at him and turned around towards the Terrace. He lend onto the Fence of Stone and looked to the northern Sea. The new Tree Teldrassil could be seen from a far. Nothing more than a Stick from here but it was majestic once beheld from a lesser distance.
A warm wind blew into the Building and filled it with a breeze. Nightelf Houses were mostly build open with close to no doors at all.

After a while Thundris turned back to the whitehaired Warrior.

“Im glad you came to with this Information when you did. But I cannot send you to further investigations. Deep in the South in the Forrest of Ashenvale, i received a call for Assistance. My Friend Orendil is leading an Operation against the Nagas that infestet the Wrathshore. They strengthened their defense around the Black Phantom Depths. You will need help, so gather a Strikeforce and leave tomorrow Night.”

Krenaar nodded and asked further questions…

Dijelon was at the Inn in Auberdine. He bought some Fish from a Vendor and fed Unaan with it. The Owl hald learned to eat anything that his Master gave him. The Hunter had rent a small Table down at the Dock’s to cut the Deer that he had hunted earlier. He would sell the Meat and use the Leather for the Tannery he worked in from time to time. They didn’t Pay him very much but he got to travel to Darnassus every once in a while to Trade his Goods.

But with the rising concerns with the aggressive Orc activities in the South he had been called to arms many times and his place at the Tannery had been delayed. Then he had also the Duties of the Hunters Guild. His Training wasn’t complete and soon would the Time come where he would be sent out to the World to master his abilities that were already promising.

Once he would set out, this House Blackblood in wich Calmebo had implanted both him and his Brother would be asking duties from them. At least he would get to see all corners of Azertoh.
All though the Hunter couldn’t wait to leave Auberdine and go on his own Adventures. He would miss the small Town on the Edge of Darkshore. He had made Friends here and built a life that left him hardly in any need. But that was the Way he wanted to go.

He would’ve left the town a long time ago with his Brother when he went to Ashenvale to train with the Sentinels. But someone held him here. He saw her every morning, making her way from the upper Regions of Auberdine to the lower sections where the only Moonwell was placed. She would come and speak her Blessings. He saw her many times. She was tall, a cold almost blue Skin. Dark blue Hair that she had braided together. She had a tattooed face and two stripes were painted in dark blue over her cheeks.

He didn’t know her Name and he only talked to her once when he accidently ran into her with a Barrel full of Fur. She simply got up and asked him if he was okey. Dijelon blushed in that moment and couldn’t speak a word. That was a couple of Weeks ago and he never had the courage to speak to her. She only would smile at him when she passed the Tannery on her Way to the Market.

His Brother mocked him for his lack of Self-esteem and even Krenaars companion tried to encourage him in speaking to her. But that was Dijelons Nature, he simply rather enjoyed the brief moments then to risk and destroy what little of her he had….

Krenaar came home late that Night. He had been discussing with Thundris for almost two Hours after his arrival and he was tired of remembering what little he could of the Sight at the Altar. He walked into the old House and passed a little Basket that Dijelon must have made for the Pub. He looked over to the Bed on the Side of the House and saw his Brother sleeping both with the Pub and Unaan laying all over the two of them. “How the hell did he make an Owl sleep like this?”

Krenaar asked himself before moving over to the Bed next to his Brother. It clean and left untouched. Krenaar hadn’t slept here in Days. In his Duties he slept wherever he could. In his Sentinel Armor he would allways find an Inn to rest for a Night or two. The People were gentle and had opened their Hearts more in the last four Years since the War. The Whitehaired Warrior took off his Armor and sunk in his Bed. He missed the soft welcome of his own Bed… he couldn’t even think about anything anymore and just fell asleep. For tomorrow, he would have to Fight....

End chapt. 5.

Chapter 6: Castaldia about Marrige and Love.

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Booty, Bay. Strangelthorn Vale

One Month after the Return of Lord Blackblood.

In the Past few Weeks Gyffes had heard Rumors of Defias Movements in the Southern Shores of the Strangelthorn Vale. His Sources claimed sightings of Brotherhood Members who negotiated with Bloodsail Pirates and Shipments that went further South across the Wild Sea.

Gyffes had taken it upon himself to investigate and only the Priestess Castaldia came with him. She insisted on joining and claimed that she couldn't let the young Lord go on a dangerous Mission such as this one. But she secretly found interest in the Noble but wouldn't dare to tell anyone although it became a little obvious to some higher ranked Members of the House.

She had joined the House almost two Months ago on request of her Father. He was a supporter of the Blackblood Family…
Roughly twenty Years ago. He worked at one of the Mines in Copper Westfall for the Blackblood Family. He saw in Lord Mannanan an Icon of Righteousness and Nobility. His admiration almost edged to Worship. He never dared to even dream of a Meeting with the Man he worked for but he came to know him personally after a little accident that happened between him and a Boy who tried to steal his Purse. The Boy turned out to be Son of Lord Blackblood.
The Lord apologized to the humble man and felt deeply wounded in the Pride of his Name. In return he had first invited him to his House in Lakeshire to Dinner with his Wife and Daughter.

Castaldias Father had drilled her and her Mother to behave and not to speak if unasked, to address him as My Lord.
After they finished Dinner, Castaldia was left alone under Pressure after her Mother went with Lady Blackblood to try Dresses and for a later Walk.
That’s where she first met Gyffes. Across the Table, with a Boy who smelled better and behaved better than she ever could. And yet she saw something in his emerald green Eyes… A kind of sadness for the Lack of something… She couldn’t tell back then how he couldn’t have been Happy. As the Son of one of the richest Men in the Kingdom. Gyffes look was elsewhere as if his Spirit wasn’t there and left only his Physical Form back at the Table, so she focused on his Eyes. And as she did, she saw green Oceans which were sucked into a black Void and inside that Void there was a single Spark. Glimmering, almost extinguished. Just a Moment later the Spark vanished and the black Void became first smaller, then bigger again as the Green Ocean moved to form a Ring around that what the Void was looking as it grew again… A Girl with Brown tied Hair with blue Eyes… Herself…

“How About you Children go Outside and play a little bit”. Castaldia’s Heart skipped a Beat as Lord Blackblood looked at her and waited for her with a warm smile on his Face. Castaldia was stunned for a second until her Father brought her back to the Moment.

“I agree with the Lord. You don’t have to be bothered of adult Matters. Would you please leave with Gyffes?” He had given her the mute Threat with the Beating of her Life if she wouldn’t stop sitting there like retarded Goblin.

Gyffes rose from his Chair and walked over to the Girl and offered his Hand to lead her outside. He hadn’t said anything just focused his Look on her.

He had a warm and soft Hand. A beautiful Hand that she had to hold with her own little Paws that were used up in the Work in a Shop which produced and sold Clothes. She had learned the Handwork from her Mother when she able to hold a Needle. The Countless times she had injured herself had made her Hands rough.
She walked with him all the Stairs down to the Entrance while holding his Hand.

They went down to the Lake and looked at the Men that brought Stone and Wood on the Shore. They would build a Bridge that connected Lakeshire to the Main Road. Before Wanderers would have to walk all the Way up through Stone Watch Keep. And Passage was only granted during the early Hours of the Morning. That was the only way to the Forrest of Elwynn and Stormwind City.

Castaldia didn’t dare to speak something and tried to steal quick glimpses at the Boy. He was dressed in a Blue Jacket and wore blue Silkpants. Low Shoes matched the Black perfectly with the color of his Jacked.

They went down a Cliffside and sat at Boulders throwing stones into the Water that reflected the red Sun as it was about to fall behind the Mountainside. The sky had entered a light blue in perfect contrast to the Sun. On the Lake they saw a Duckfamily in the passing.

“Whats your Name?” Gyffes asked without hasitation and looked straight to her.
Castaldia was catched off Guard for a second but pulled herself together to reply with a sharp tongue.

“Isn’t it like that the Gentleman introduces himself first”?
“I am the Boy who almost mugged your Daddy” Gyffes said that completely forgetting the Situation he was in and immediately slapped his Hand on his Face.

Castaldia looked at the Boy and stood up from the Boulder and built herself up.

“Might be, but it’s your Daddy who has to say sorry because you weren’t really good at mugging People!” For a split second the Girl couln’t believe what she just did. But she was already in this.

They went on with this for a few Minutes until a weird sound interrupted them...

Bubbles rose of from the Water and the Duck Family that swam around the Lake was gone….


It sounded under the Water. As a Fishlike Creature crawled out of the Water to the Land. A wooden Staff in his Hand that was sharp on the Upper End.
Followed by two others armed with small Daggers made of Stone.

Gyffes stepped back and covered Castaldia for Protection. But he didn’t say nothing.
The Creatures were crawling as they couldn’t see far due to the lack of Sunlight. Slowly they were moving further, closer to them as one of them sniffed the Air… the Creature, good a Head smaller in size than the Children turned its Head towards them…

“Don’t move a muscle.”
Gyffes whispered so silent that she alsmost didn't hear what he said.

Castaldia couldn’t do so even if she wanted. Too terrified by the creature, she looked at the Creature and recognized her Shapes and Features… Shining Scale, huge round Eyes. Feet and Hands resembling those of a Frog.


The Murclocs jumped up for a Moment and turned towards the Children. Eager to sieze the source of the Scream. They first one with the Spear started to charge at Gyffes and let out a wierd Sound that resembled a drowning Monkey.

Gyffes pushed the scared Girl away and she almost fell down. She just saw the scene with eyes wide open...

Gyffes avoided the Spear that aimed directly for his Stomache and broke the shaft of the Weapon on his Knee. Turning the Peak of the Spear in his left Hand, not bigger than a Knife. Now he samotaniously pulled the broken Spear away and rammed the Peak of the Spear into the Head of the Murloc, breaking his Skull in the Process.

The Murloc fell down to Castaldia's feet and squeezed a dying sound out. The two others jumped on the Boy and aimed with their Daggers at Boy.

Gyffes rushed forth and droped on his Knees cutting the left Fishman through his Legg and tearing it off. The other Attacker landed on his Feet and turned around to stab the young Nobel in his Back. Gyffes tried to avoid the Blow as he rolled to the side but hit a Boulder in doing so. He recieved a deep Cut in the flank right between the Rips. Laying on his Back and cornered on the Boulder he tried desprerately to parry a barrage of Strikes from the Murloc. Another cut on his Hand threw the Spearedge out his Hand and the Murloc aimed for the killing Blow.

The Creature builded itself up and letted out a scuirrling Sound as it was interrupted by a cracking Sound and Push from Behind. The Stonedagger of the Other Murloc reached from his Backhead through and out of his Mouth. The creature Stood there for a Minute and fell to the Side.

Castaldia stood right Behind it and with the Stonedagger still in her Hand... Breathing heavily and apparently under Shock she stared at the Boy. Blood was all over her Dress.

Castaldia and Gyffes looked at eachother a brief Moment but it seemed like an eternity for both of them…
The Girl fell to her knees and started and blew out the last of her quick Breaths. The Dagger fell from her Hand droped a few inks of Blood.

She came closer to the Boy and tried to help him up. Not knowing of his Injurie she touched touched the Wound accidently. She scared off a bit as he moaned out of Pain. The Wound had been open during the Fight, for the Stonedagger hadn’t just cutted the Skin open less then it shredded through Flesh.
A little pool of blood was growing underneath the young nobel and he merely managed to ask “Are you hurt?” before he passed away from the Bloodloss.

At once Castaldia came closer to the Boy and tried to hold half of the enormous Wound with her Hands and struggled not to throw up by the smell and feeling of all the Blood. She struggled like that as she tried to wake the unconscious boy up by yelling at him. She started crying while repeating his Name.
Then she started to feel the fading warmth of his Body. She also felt her own strength fading because the damn Blood wouldn’t stop rushing out his Chest.

“Gyffes!!! Wake the hell up!”

She closed her eyes and screamed at the Boy who didn’t move his Face. Somewhere in her Head she knew she would lose him but her Heart refused to give up on her Savior just yet.
So she started praying to the Light as her last ally. She prayed for him to recover and regain his Strength.

Her hands started to warm up and glowing in a gold light. A feeling she never felt before overwhelmed her. The Warmth in her hands began to flow over into the injured Boy. The Wound close. The Felshshredds grew back together as did the Skin. All that remaind was a blank spot of sking. The torn Shirt was still inked in Blood.

Gyffes gasped like he had just reached the surface after diving too deep and long. He turned around touched his Flank in search of the Wound. After he realized what happend he saw that Castaldia had gone pale and her Hands began to turn blue.

"Who There!?"
A Guardsman had come down the Stonepath to the Lake. He mustv'e heard the noises from the Fight. The Man was in full Platearmor, armed with a Sword and a Lantern to lighten the Path. Sword drawn he moved towards the children. He would be here soon and witness the scene of Gyffes wouldn't act now.

The Situation would draw to much suspicion for his House and his Father would have to explain alot. So he would have to thank Castaldia later. As for now, he knew what he had to do.
He tossed the Bodies into the Water and behind the Rocks. After that he cuttet his Leg with one of the Stone Daggers.

"Help us! We got attacked by Murlocs. They we could escape but one of them hurt me!"
He sat down next to Castaldia. She sat still not moving a muscle. Just before the Guard arived she passed out and leaned on the young noble.
She was as cold as a corpse but he felt slight breathing on his neck and the movemebt of her chest. The cold though was unusual for this Session.
It was mid Spring so it couldn't be for the temperatur. She must've been exhausted and needed rest.
"Good acting, Castaldia".

The Guardsman brought them back to the Manor after he had asked what happend. Gyffes acted like traumatised and talked mostly rubbish until it came to say who he was. As soon as the Name Blackblood fell, The Guard started to behave seemingly uncomftable. His Family enjoyed the luxury of distrust and in some people even fear.

They were brought back to the Manor in Lakeshire and got handed over to an old man in a Black Suit and a bald Head. Lorrencio had been the Hous Buttler for Years and a loyal Member of the Family. To the Guards surprize he seemed little to not impressed with the appearance and condition of the children. But a simple look into the Guards eyes prevented any suspicion in his Mind. He wouldn't dare to even think something.

Lorrencio carried the sleeping Girl in his arms and walked next to Gyffes into the Manor. It was in the second when the Door opend when the Guard stoped moving and the flames of the Candles on the Walls stoped flackering and stood still.

"I hope you came up with a good excuse for your Father, my Lord."
Lorrencio didn't bothered to look around the envirement as he talked. He was the one who casted the Spell.

"Lorrencio, my friend. i am always prepared in these occasions. don't worry about me."
The Boy was bluffing since he knew how his father reacted when these things and others saw it. It would take alot of work to undo these incidents.

"And what about the Lady, Sir? shall i delete her Memory of the Night or is it already to late for that?"

"Not entirely, try and erase as much memories as possible from the last Hour. There might be some leftovers but she will think them as dreams and nightmares"

"And the clothes, Sir?"

"You know best, Lorrenco. You know best".

"Ofcorse i do, Sir."

Gyffes hoped what he said more than he was sure about it. But for now he would have to play his Part...
He would have to explain this to her one day. If they would ever come to meet again.


Twenty Years Later.

Gastaldia and Gyffes chased the activities of the Bloodsail for a Week now. Allthough they had an admireble Navy on the easter Shores behind Booty Bay, they tend Storrage their Goods off the Coeast on some Island in the East. The Island could be seen roughly. High Mountains covered by tropical Trees and Plantwork.

If had'nt been for these damn adventurers which constantly raided the little Bloodsail outposts. They would let their Guard down for Gyffes and Castaldia to slip through onto a Ship. Gyffes could easly get in even now but he could not just let her Behind. So they waited and preyd sometimes on lone Members of the Horde to soften up the Attacks on the Bloodsail.

It wasn't easy to stay alone with the Priest for so long either. Since she had asked about what happend that night at the Lake after she had passed out, twice now. He told her that a Guard came and helped them and they wen't Home.
But her Fathers mind about what happend had been eredicated and so had the memory of the Guard so no one knew of the Incident but Castaldia, due to the Shreds of Images she had in her Head.
He couldn't evade her demands forever and he knew she deserved to know the true. So he wanted to finish this damn Mission faster and leave.

The Day passed and they couldn't land a shot at sneaking through their Lines. So they returend to their hidden camp. It was on a Mountain side and could not been reached the a piece of Wood was removed that connected two Paths.

The Rain that had been raging over the Vale had passed for the Night and left a beatuiful sight over the Sky. Countless Stars were shining from Horizon to Horizon and one of the Moons had stepped half into the Shadow while the other stood with pride in his full glory.

The Trees reflected the silverlight and some Birds flew around the area in the search for Food. The Vale could be seen all over to the northern Horizon. To the South was the Ocean wich expanded to far for the Eyes to comprehend. Wildlife could be heard in the Jungle beneath them.

Gyffes had ignite a Campfire to warm up th Night. Allthough they had Blankets and a Tent for better cover, he prefered to sleep outside. He didn't dare to come close to the little brownhaired Girl who had turned into a beautiful young Woman over the Years. She asked him in to the Tent on the first night but had given up on asking again. She respected his decision and spent the Nights alone.

Gyffes had been on other missions over several Weeks or even Months with other Blackblood Members both female and Male. Mostly they could rent a room or two in a nearby Inn and sometimes they would bring themselfs some company for the lonley nights.

But this was diffrent. They were outside in the Wilds. No warm Beds. no Drinks and no seducing company...
The again... it had been a long time since he felt this way about a Woman. And Although his mind tried to avoid her company, something in his Stomache begged him to step over his Fears and enjoy the warmth of a Womans Body.
But what if she wouldn't want it? She was a Priestess after all. She must be living after a moral Code. He could not just walk in there and do what he had done with so many other Women before her...
...Why wouldn't he enter the Tent already? Was it something about her? Did she offended him in some way?
Ever since they had been here he was focused on getting this Mission done. Castaldia knew that he could've infiltrated a Ship on his own if it wasn't for her incompetence to sneak.

She regretted the she volentiered for this. Had it been Pimbeau or one of the Druids like Iriel or Ovaaris they would have finished the mission long ago.

He didn't like her at all, she knew this. He avoided speaking with her at any occasion and remaind mute if she asked anything...

Then again... Today in the Morning after they had finished a quick breakfest.... He had catched her as she was falling down, after she slipped on a Rock on the way down the Mountain... He didn't just cathc her it felt like more. He held her in his Arms and it seemed that he didn't want to let go for a second. She looked at her. The green Oceans with the black Void in its centers. She had seen herself again in the Voids... But the next moment, it was gone.

The Tent flakered a bit on the entrance.
Was that him? did he finally decided to come in? She wouldn't dream of having an affair with the Lord. But just spend a night at his Side.... Her sould could find some rest to endure the time being here so close to him and yet traped... But no one came in. It had only been the Wind.

A tear ran down her cheeck and she felt like crying. But she wouldn't. She was strong. She would endure and finish this Mission. Thats what both of them are here after all.
She would wake up tomorrow to with red hairstrain that hang down infront of her face. She felt a warm touch on her Cheeck and an arm wraping around her... as a body came closer to hers.

A silent voice whispered in here ears.
"I am tired of spending these nights alone in the cold, castaldia. Share the warmth with me like that night on the lake..."
She turned around and looked on the side of the Tent... she was alone... But a wind blew inside the Tent...
He had been here... He had... shared her warmth....

End Chapter 6

... Phew allways a challange to write down romantic stuff xD...

Chapter 7: Time to let go

by Qazim » Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:54 am

8 Months after the second Founding.

The Balcony was surrounded by Pillars wich held the Celling of the entire Building. On the Horizon was nothing else to see but frozen Wastes to the east and a Mountainside to the North.

The Room was mostly empty if it weren’t for the few People in it. A beautiful redhaired Elfwoman was sitting on a Throne.

Next to her stood her blond Guardian, his mighty Claymore in his Hand. The Woman was mere dressed in a thin red silk that revealed more than it hid from Beholders. Though a cold Wind blew through the Balcony, The Woman was dressed as it has been summer. But in this Land it hadn’t been summer for Ages. Others were sitting on smaller Thrones in a cycle. There was a little Gnome with white Hair and golden Eyes. She stood next to a Tall Highelf.
He was also in a complete inappropriate Dress. A robe that left the right side of his Chest open if it wasn’t for the Shoulder part over it. The Shoulder part had been made of a Metal socket and on the Socket was an Orb of Glass. The Orb was covered in the same blue metal the socket was made. But inside the Orb moved some weird sort of…. Sand….
Magic. The Gnome was wearing a more simple dress but only compared to the Highelf next to her.

Further away there was a Nightelf Woman sitting on a chair. She, unlike all other Parties sat there alone. She was dressed in green which stood in direct contrast to her usually violet skin. Her Eyes, unusual for the Situation, remained closed. She wasn’t sleep though. She was paying full attention at the one Person the Court had gathered for. She also was rather freely dressed for the Weather conditions. But less revealing like her red haired counterpart.

Other to the four mentioned there was a Human Woman in a black Coat and with black Hair, accompanied by an also black-haired Brute who’s Head stood 30 inch over hers. Even the difference in size and shape. It was clear to see that the Woman was in charge between the two.

Just next to her was an old Man… dressed in a blue Robe. White long hair was running down his Head and the Beard covered most of his Chest almost down to the Stomach.
He participated in this but was rather struggling to pay attention. He tend to move his Head up and down. His hand was reaching to his companion who appeared like the total Opposite in all ways but the color of her Clothes.

A blue haired Highelf Woman. Blue Eyes, glowing like an icy touch. She had her Hair bond together and her dress, also blue was nowhere as near as revealing as he ones of her red and green counterparts. She wore a dress-suit hybrid. Revealing only her lower Legs which had been in an almost perfect shape and entered perfect matching blue shoes. All she revealed on her Upper body was a bit of Insight into her Chest. Not too revealing but enough to raise Men’s imaginations… and some Women’s perhaps.

They all were sitting in a cycle. Surrounding one sitting old Man. He wore a Black Robe with red and white features on it. The Man sat there, not moving a muscle, like everyone else. Grey Hair reached down to his Shoulders. Most of his Face was covered in a clean and cut Beard. His Look was focused on the red dressed Woman.

“I hope you are aware of the Charges which have been raised against you-“

The Woman held in for a second before she continued.
“Lord Blackblood”.

The addressed Man simply nodded but didn’t move a muscle before he answered.
“Yes, I do. Lifebinder. But i recall to have the right of defend and justify my actions.”
The Blond Elf next to her sighed a little and drew the Man’s attention to him. He looked in a way like he was looking upon an Insect that must have been squished as quickly as possible. He despised the old Man for what crime he had committed, yet less for what he simply was.

Whispers and slight words had started among the other spectators and the voices took quickly shape and Volume from whispers to first claims to silence the Man and not listen to his lies.

The red dressed Woman lifted her Hand and silenced the Audience.
“You are right, Mannanan. You do have this right. But besides that, i want to know what drove you to the actions you did.”

The Woman continued after looking for any facial expression in the old Man’s face. Without Success.
“But now also that you have one chance only to explain yourself. So you better start telling us everything you know”…

“Very wel… I shall start at the Moment during the War of the Ancients….”

… Ten Thousand Years Ago….

I had been handpicked by Neltharion to find a Vessle for the Powers he was about to create. The Demonsoul. I was younger back then. I… like all of our Kin had my own plans. And with something as important as that simple Item. I had the chance to make myself as powerful as all the Aspects combined. I just had to place a little spell on the disc. Neltharion himself always praised my skills with Magic and claimed me to be a potential replacer of Malygos himself.

The spell should activate as soon as the Powers of the Aspects had flown into the Disc. A Portion of these Powers would flow to me and empower me with the Essence of all the Aspects. I would become the Incarnation of all Dragonflights combined… In exchange I simply had to connect my Sould and Heart to the Disc. But everytime it was used It drained some of my Powers aswell… I would have died over the Ages a thousand times over if it wasn’t for a little sacrifice…

So I risked my chance and told my Mate Zaarastrasza what I did. As expected she stood behind me. Eventhough she just had layed our first Eggs. She never left my side. At that moment, I had no idea that the arrogance of that damn Nightelf witch Azshara would lead her to use the Well of Eternity as a Portal…. I always said that Immortality is a gift for only one Race alone. The ones who were handpicked at the beginning of Time.

On the Day we waged War against the other Aspects... The Mother of my Children lost her Life to the overwhelming power of the great Demonsoul. As I escaped I had to carry all my Eggs since I needed them for my Plans with the Demonsould to work. I had 23 Eggs after I settled in the Lands today known as the eastern Kingdoms.
The Wounds of the earlier Fight made me lose 4 on the Way. 18 Eggs simply never hatched. They were destroyed during the second War and the destruction of the Demonsoul at Grim Batol…
If it hadn’t been for my children back then… I wouldn’t be here. Now I am the Father of the last remaining bearer of my Blood.

And before you ask, no he hasn’t the Powers that I possess. He is however untouched
by the Corruption. But the recent use of the Disc took him the Ability to show his true form. I don’t know if he is immortal since he seems to age like a… Human…. But you could tell that its Dragonblood flowing through his veins…. He hatched long after I had given up on his survival and he continues to amaze me ever since….

There is however one thing I didn’t calculate… After Centuries of solitude… I took interest in a Human Woman…. Sereina… I married the Woman to not raise suspicion. She should be a mother to my Boy but she died after giving birth to a… little slipper of mine…. Aj… Aja… Ajanes was his Name. Fortunately he is more human and besides a remarkable fast grow into Manhood I could not feel any of our marks on him. No immortality, no talent in magic whatsoever. Sereina insisted to teach him the ways of the light just as she had. So I made sure to send the little Boy to Northshire after I deceived the Kingdom of Man with my false demise.

But I used the remains of Powers from the Demonsoul. After all these Thousands of years in which I didn’t use the… I managed to escape in the last second a leave a duplicate that had even fooled the Offspring of Lord Prestor…. Oh… yes. You probably don’t know by now. The Daughter of Neltharion has taken residence in Stormwind Keep. She is influencing-.

“- This is none of our Concern yet, Manularion. You are breathing because I want to know of your crimes, not of those of your fellow kin Sister.”

The red dressed Woman called Mannanan in a Name he hadn’t heard in years. The Sound of it gave him a cold chill down his spine. It was never a good sign when the Queen herself named one on his Name. He had to play his cards well now.

“Ofcourse.” He simply replied and continued.

After my deception I deleted the memories of the House in most of the People’s Minds. They would come to remember if I would ever return but they wouldn’t turn against us again. This way my Firstborn would be able to conspiring against Lady Prestor and stop her Plans. I made sure that… Gyffes how my Wife named him would receive the right tracks so he would be able to Stop her one Day.

In the Meantime I went to the old Kingdom of Gilneas. I had received a Call of one of my lost Eggs. It must have hatched and entered the Kingdom.

I’ve found a young Woman and a young Man. Both looked like my Boy. Green Eyes, Red hair like Fire.
I disguised myself as a local to meet them. It appeared that the use of that cursed Disc had left its Scars even on those two. I decided to stay around them and watch them become vital Members of their Society. With my influence I made both of them inherit the Name Blackblood.
To further expand my influence of course.

However. The People were plagued by the Curse of Goldrin. So I found myself forced to see my children safe. I’ve sent them to the eastern Cities of the Hillsbrad Foothills. Southshore would turn a relative safe Haven for both of them.

I had to leave the two of them soon after. Because I had to return to Stormwind after Years. Rumors had gone viral of the Return of the Blackblood Family. Gyffes had managed to set his Foot back to Stormwind. He had rebuilt a part of the political and economic Influence that we had over the City. I need to come back and guide him as much as I could without revealing myself.

As I returned, however. It appeared that Gyffes had made himself some useful allies. In both the eastern Kingdoms and in Kalimdor. First I was furious about his Allegiance with the Nightelfs. He couldn’t know but I carried a Hatred towards these… Arrogant Beings. Azshara was the best example for their topless Arrogance.

So I took the Housematters for myself again. Out of Anger for his behavior towards this… Nightelf Priest in particular. Calling him Master Elf and… Friend…. My Blood boiled just by looking at him.
Even worse, he had allied with the Paladin Order. These holy Men posed a threat to the nature of my sorcerous Magic…. And even that I accepted somehow. But He took it too far when he announced that Ajanes, that Halfbreed would be named a Blackblood. That was the Moment when I had to step in before the Matters would turn for the Worse. And I would have exiled the Boy to the bloddy Arenas in the Blackrock or even Worse. If it wasn’t for the Call of the Lifebinder herself. Now I am here, talking about my actions in front of Alexstrasza and her Courtyard.

The Queen of the Dragons mustered the Black Dragon and stood up from her Throne.

“Manularion”. She began.
“You have committed Crimes not only against your own Kin. You disobeyed both the instructions of the Flight of your Lord, regardless of what his Intentions were and the unquestionable Rules of the Creators who gave us the gift of these Powers and entrusted us with the Responsibilities that came with them. You endangered the Balance of the Aspects and even that of the Flow of Life and Time.

My Brother Nozdormu has seen the possible Futures you have set open for this World. And we see the boy Ajanes for the same Threat that you see him.

And yet… We don’t know what he will turn into for sure. We face a combination of Powers we never had to face before. And it is all your fault…

I personally believe that this young Man, perhaps together with all his siblings. Will turn into a Power of Order against the threats we will have to face in time.
But as for you.

Malunarion of the black Dragon Flight.
Lord Mannanan Montgomery Blackblood….

It is time for you to give back the Powers you have stolen all those Years ago… If you survive this procedure, you may live the rest of eternity here in captivity. If not… then you have been given to your deserved Fate.

Mannanan looked to his Feet. A single Tear drop ran down his left Eye. He raised his head again and walk towards the Edge of the Balcony. He threw himself down only to rise up as the huge black Goliath of a Dragon he really was. Black Scales, red eyes a long white Mane that ran down from the back of his Head between his Horns and down to his Back where his Wings grow out. He flew there in front of the Balcony and waited for the other Persons to show their true faces.

The Dragon Queen went on first and took the shape of an even bigger red Dragon with shiny golden Armorpieces around her Neck and her right Claw. Yseera joined her and turned into the green spectral Giant. Her eyes now opened, glowing in all colors at once. Malygos and Nozdormu joined their Sisters and turned into the Bronze Lord of time and the blue Aspect of Magic itself.

All of them started to cast a Spell towards the Balck Dragon who resembled a lot of Neltharion in his Prime. Before he went Mad due to the whispers of the old ones. Before his body was close to completely destroyed by the raw powers of the Dragonsoul.

Deep inside Manualrion, He knew he could not escape. But a part of him just clung to life. He would have to leave his Son alone. He would never see his plans through. He would never see… the white Wings…

The birth of the…

The Dragonqueen asked per telepathy for any last words and ripped him from his thoughts…

After a moment of silence Manualrion built himself up and tossed out a Roar that could be heared over all of the Dragonsblight. A Roar filled with sorrow, remorse and… love…

End chapter 7.

Chapter 8: The Shot at the Cliffside

by Qazim » Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:18 am


It was a Night like they could only be in Ashenvale. The Stars were shining bright that night and lightened the Ground and left barely any Space for Shadows. Even under the Trees the sight was clean and even the small Animals in the Bushes and under the Blanket of Leafs could be seen. Perhaps only for the schooled Eyes but they could be seen.

The Forrest was full of life, especially when the Night had taken over the Skies. That’s when the Kings of the Forrest awoke. Nightsabers, as Tall as Horses but surpassed them in both Speed and strength. Bears, Strong enough to rip Trees out of their Beds of Earth. Over the Skies the undisputed Rulers over Ashenvale were the giant Owls. Flying over the Forests in search of their Prey. Once spotted from over 4 Miles distance, there was no chance of escape, let alone survival.

Dijelon was sneaking through the Forrest. Passing fallen Trees over the Rivers and moving from Bushes to Bushes at first before he found a way to climb one of the huge Trees and continuing his Hunt from a higher level. Unaan was in front of him and flew slightly under the Tree celling to keep a good overlook and remain safe from the other Owls. They surpassed him both in strength and size yet not in speed.
Shangarr was behind them. The little Pub that Dijelon had found on that night in Darkshore had grown into a strong young Bear. His Fur had turned slightly darker since he had moved to Ashenvale on Behalf of Thundris.

The Governor of Auberdine had send the Hunter here to improve in his Training and to prepare him to join the Silverwings. He would be stationed in the South where the Gulch war in which the Nightelfs of the Silverwings were fighting against the Orcs of the Warsongclan. Even though the Warsongclan had built a Base of Operation in the Northeast of the Vale. But that Fact hadn’t taken any value of the Warsong Gulch, how it was named these Days. Former Seat of the Silverwings now under constant Siege from the Horde. Krenaar was fighting there since he left that Morning all these Months ago. He hadn’t seen him since or heard of him. The only Exception was the Wedding in the Human City of Stormwind where the young Lord of the House had married a Priest…. What was her Name again?
He couldn’t recall, but that was of no Importance now.

DIjelon needed all of his Mind on the Prey he had been hunting this last Week. The Tracks made him believe that it must had been a Bear. And a Huge one at that. The Nature brought some of these Animals of Unnatural Size forth in the Past already. And it was always a Hunters task to slay these Beast’s before they brought the Cycle of Nature out of its Balance.

Weird enough this time, the bear didn’t seem to have killed one single Prey since the Hunter was tracking him. But the Bear was hunting some on himself. He also found Steps of a Woman, Nightelf from the Size of it and barely armored at that. So far out in the Forests, it was mere luck that she could escape the Bear for so long. But her Hunter was persistent as was Dijelon.

The poor thing must’ve been totally exhausted, she wouldn’t be able to flee for much longer. This was also unusual for a normal Bear. He never saw a Bear taking a Hunt so long. Most of the other Animals would lose either interest or the Scent in a matter of Hours. But this Bear… was following her. Perhaps some aftermath of the Corruption.

It was well known that the Demons had established a Foothold in the Southeast the Lair to Mannoroth’s Tomb had been there aswell. The Demonic energy must have drawn the remaining Demons from the Area to that point.

Further to the East. Just a bit further. The screams of Unaan had told the distance between Hunter and Prey. Even Shangarr followed them with some euphoria, since it hasn’t been that Dijelon decided to take the Bear with him on the Hunting trips. But something else had relaxed his Movements… Normally he would calm himself only if friendly were around or Humans, and Elves in general….
Could it be that the Bear had found his Prey after all?
He had to hurry now, since it was just a bit until he would reach the Cliffside which led to the Borders of Azshara…

The Land of the Kael’dorei had been ravaged by the Naga and the once Jewel of the Nightelf Culture had been destroyed and left in nothing more but broken Pieces and a half sunken Temple if the Queen.
Dijelon had reached the Edge of the Cliffside and saw the Land in front of him. To the East there was the Main road which led to the Bridge connecting the Land.
The south the Forrest had been ravaged… The once mighty Trees, cut down by the Orcs of the Warsong clan.

Dijelon hated the Orcs. They had killed the Halfgood Cenarius.
He hated them. All of them.

Those Wars around the Mount Hyjal had asked a lot of his People and his Family paid a great price for the Protection of their Lands.

He would lay his Vengeance upon them as soon as he would kill the Beast he had been hunting for the past Week. And as luck had it with the young Hunter, the Tracks led south towards the southern Warsong Hold.
Dijelon climed down the Trees and continued his Hunt from the Ground. Now Shangarr had catches up him and the two of them speeded up their movements. First Shangarr and later Dijelon was smelling the Scent of the Animal mixed with the Sweat that didn’t smell as close as wild, yet both of them were in a Hurry.

They were running upside of a Cliff that ran down to the south into the Waterfall where the River would pass down to Durotar, the Main land of the Orcs. Dijelon stopped at the Edge of the Cliffside in which it split to the West… Over the yonder the massive Stronghold of the Orcs could be seen and nothing but cut down Trees, little Tents in orcish Style were around it. The Trees piled together ready to being further cut for the Use. The scent told him that they turned here.

Would did that Woman think, to outrun the Beast in the open field? And all that so close of the Orcs?
If the Bear wouldn’t kill her, she would be caught by one of the Orcs.

A slight look to the East showed the announcing Dawn of the Day. The Sunrise could only be an Hour away at most. He would have to Hurry and deal with this Matter. For if the Sun would rise the Work of the Orcs would begin for the Day.

The Sound of grunts and chopping Axes tore him from his Thoughts and made him spot the source of the Noise. Down further ahead he found them.

He looked down the Cliffside over to a fallen Tree. Behind it there were three Orcs grunting, talking and working. Peons by the looks of them. Bald, smaller than other Orcs and barely armored. No soldiers.
Another sound made his Look go closer towards the Cliffside to his left. Under one of the few smaller Trees at the Riverside, hidden behind Bushes he saw his Prey for the First time. A Giant. Darkish almost purple Fur. Claws like those of a Dragon. The Beast was bigger than he had imagined but looked way less aggressive. It was moving his Head up and down like it would was….eating…

The poor Woman must’ve lost the chase. The Beast was feasting upon her Corps, although he couldn’t see the Body of the Woman he saw how her dark red Blood covered the Face of the Beast.
Such a Crime would not go unpunished. He would avenge the Woman with one single Shot.
A Final look to the skies in search of Unaan, to see if his Owl marked the Hunted for finished…

Yes. The Owl had cycled around the Area to mark it for his Master… Dijelon calmed Shangarr and made him lay low for the next few Moments.

He drew an Arrow from his Quiver and spanned it on his Arrow. He closed his left Eye and blended everything around him out. Only looking at the Beast and waiting for it lift its Head for a clean Shot…
One Shot to the Head would do the Job and kill it swift and silent. After that he would kill the Peons on the other side.

His Spot was perfect for this after all. Higher ground covered in Bushes and Trees.

Now just a second more until would lift its Head…

There it was… A long Mouth, usual for any Bear with… glowing Eyes and… Ears… like those of… an Elf?


The Screams of Orc Warriors caught the Hunter off guard he slipped his Aim and the Arrow. He looked over to the Peons. They had encountered a majestic Hyppogryph and like 5 armored Orcs charged at the one of the Forrest lords. Regardless that the Butchery was sad enough he had missed the Shot and the Beast would be on the Run again.

He looked down to the other Side and the Sight left his Mouth open.

Where the Beast used to there was a Woman on the Ground and crawling on her Back away towards the River. No torn Flesh, no Wounds of Claws or Teeth… Only an Arrow that pierced through her right Leg. His Arrow!

Even worse one of the Orcs had turned his Head towards her Direction. He must have seen the Arrow or here her moaning of Pain.
What had he done?

Dijelon had to think fast now, faster than ever before. Her Fate would be sealed by his hands if he would bring her Out of this alive.

He looked at Shangarr who spectated the Scene and looked to his Master for Guidance.
The Bear had fought some Fights against Animals and other Threats before but never under the disadvantage of being outnumbered.

He looked quickly again to the other Warriors. One of them leaped forth and landed the killing Blow on the Head of the Hyppogryph. One of them was injured laying on the Ground. His Chest had been sliced wide open and his Intestines were scattered around him.

Three more Warriors had come to replace the dying Orc.

The One who had laid his Eyes upon where the Woman was hiding was informing his Companions about his Suspicion.

Seven Orcs were walking carefully towards the Woman, still covered behind the Bushes and the fallen Tree.
Dijelon Drew three Arrows at once from his Quiver and spanned them on his Arrow. As he was rushing down a thin Path further down he both yelled and whispered Orders to Shangarr.

“Hurry down, Buy me as much time as you can but don’t do anything Stupid!”

Dijelon had left himself totally uncovered but fortunately none of the Orcs carried a Bow or something of that sort. So he would have the Advantage of the first Strike.

He was almost at the bottom and they still hadn’t noticed him. They had passed him and he was rushing behind them and rushed towards a nearby Stub. They had passed the fallen Tree and were about 4 Feet away from the Bushes.

Shangarr had leaped from a Cliffprejection and drew his Claws into one of the unsuspecting Orcs.
He menaged to jump onto another one and Tear his Arm our holding an Ace. Now two Orcs on the Ground, both heavily bleeding the remaining Group surrounded the young Bear and drew him back to the Cliffside. The usual technique to hunt a Bear.
Dijelon would help him in a Moment but he rushed behind them through the Bushes and saw that Woman had given up her attempt to flee and accepted her Fate. The Surprise on her Face seeing him was obvious. The Arrow still in her Leg, she hadn’t even broken the Shaft of the Projectile.

“Who the Hell are you?” She asked with a hesitation in her Voice.
Dijelon just had to act now so he didn’t said anything and grabbed the Woman on her Hips and lifted her on his Shoulders and Ran towards the eastern Cliffside on the Riverside.
Once there she would be in safe Distance, then he would turn back to help Shangarr. The Noises of his struggling friend and the roaring Orcs made the Hunter forget all discipline and gentleness towards the injured Woman and so he roughly carried her as he ran for the Riverside. Her Legs hitting is Chest on each step.

“What are you? - AAAARRGHHHH!” She screamed in Pain after Dijelon had broken the annoying Arrow in her Leg while on the Run.

Her had was on his Back so she so what they ran from, the Attackers charged at the Bear and he did his best to avoid the Hits but a Hit in his back Legs had made moving harder for the heavy Bear.
Now she saw the Quiver and the Arrows on the other hand of her Savior. The Arrows who looked just like the one that brought her into this Mess.

“It was you!?”
“Shut up already, I am trying to save both you and my Friend who is currently about to die for you! So please be quiet and stay here”

He let her down to the ground again as quickly and gently as he could in this situation. As she was safely laying on the Ground he turned around, only brief moment to look into her Eyes…. White Eyes… just as her Hair had been…. But Shangarr!

He ran back as he could spanning his Arrows on his Bow again, all three of them at once. He saw the Bush again. He would jump out of the Bush and Shoot all three of them at once. Then he would give these Orcs a taste of Nightelf close combat.

He heard the Screams and the Roars closer. He jumped to through the Bush and shot his Arrows without aiming just hoping to hit something.

The three Arrows pierced three Targets. The Closest one was hit in the Shoulder but didn’t kill it. The second Arrow hit in the Eye of another Orc, he fell down quiet and was dead in an instant. And the Last Arrow hit the broadside of the swinging Axe that aimed for the surrounded Bear, stopping the Movement and letting an open Spot for Shangarr to jump forth and driving his Fangs into the Throat of the Attacker.
Still in the Air, Dijelon packed his Bow back and drew his Blades. One edged Swords, with the Blades reflecting the Light of the Moon that was shining from the Skies. He didn’t hesitate to move forth and turn into a Whirlwind of parrying and slicing silver Claws. He overpowered one of the last four Attackers sliced his Stomach, Chest and Throat open in two spins. The Massive Warrior lost his Helmet and fell back from a last Kick by the Hunter.

The Other three Attackers focused on the Elf now and tried to spot any opening for a swift Hack of their Axes.
Dijelon was already exhausted from carrying the Woman and running back to aid his Friend. And he couldn’t hope to defeat the rest of the attackers. The fast spinning before had made him feel a little bit dizzy.
His vision blurred and he struggled just to parry and doge the Swings of the Axes. He missed dozens of Openings for a Counterattack and the Times between the swings didn’t get longer, no they were getting shorter.

Shangarr leaped again towards the Orc on the right, this time however the Green Giant was prepared. He grabbed the Bear, tossed him the ground next to him and drew his Axe into the Animal, separating one of his Front legs from the Body.
The Roar of the Bear would haunt Dijelon for many Years as would the sight of the crippled Bear trying to get up and Fight.

Dijelon’s feet crumbled and his Body was feeling Numb from exhaustion. Before his Vision blurred into shapes and blackening colors he saw the Axe driving into the Skull of the Pub he had found that Night in Darkshore…

The cracking Sound of Steel grinding into the Bones and a quick wheeping of the Bear was the last Sound he heard before his Will had given up the Fight against the weight of his Body and he sank to his knees.
Dijelon closed his Eyes for a moment to gather his Memories. As he rose his Head again he saw one of the Orcs in front him, raising his Axe for the las Blow.

Unaan had intervened and rammed his Claws into the Eyes of the Orcs, The Attack was swift and clean. As he flew away, he tore the Eyes of the Orc out his Head. The Orc blinded swung his Axe around in panic and Dijelon duck quickly so he would not get hit by one of the Blows by accident.
The other two Warriors grabbed their Friend and pushed him to the Ground, some Words must have been meant to calm the blinded Warrior down.

As the two remaining Warriors had helped their Friend sit up and turned their attention towards the Nightelf now. One of them was kicked Dijelon in the Chest and he fell down to the Ground from the impact.

“That Son of a Bitch have taken enough Warsong Li.-“

He couldn’t finish his Sentence for two Arrows pierced his opened Mouth and two others in each Eyeholes. The Orc died right there.

The last one of them looked behind Dijelon up towards the Cliffside. The Hunter turned around and saw opened his Mouth just as the Orc behind him did.

Up there, were around 200 Sentinels with Spanned Bows waiting for the Command of a Blue haired Nightelf, He was in in silver Plate Armor and a huge Sword drawn in his right Hand and held up to the Sky.
Behind the Orc however there could be heard he Blow of an orcish Horn. Another Green skinned Army marched towards the Cliffside.
The Leader of that Army was a Huge Orc wearing an Armor covered in Spikes. His helmet was designed to only cover his Mouth. It looked like some kind of Vizier covered in Spikes. In both his Hands, a Giant Waraxe with a Skull in the Center of the Blade. If it wasn’t for the White Hair on his Head, the Age of the Orc could have not been told. But it was his Age and the Armor that made everyone know who that Orc was.

Dijelon had heard of tales of his legendary Bloodline among the Orcs… His mere presence demanded Respect from everyone who was to behold the Embodiment of the true Principles of the orcish Culture.

The Name ran both out Orc and Dijelon…
“High Overlord Varok Saurfang.”

The Name shattered among the Nightelf Army and was heard in the whispers among the Men and Women of the Silverwing Forces.
The blue Haired Leader failed utterly to calm his Army and regain Order in his Lines.

The Orcs were the complete opposite. None of the Heavy Armored Warriors moved any of their Muscles for an Inch.

The Leader of the Orcs stepped froth and rose his Hand to Greet. At the same time Two Orcs of his Army moved over and gathered the two remaining Attackers.
Dijelon was alone between two Armies and he knew who would win if this situation would go further south.

The Blue Haired commander was seemingly under a huge amount of Pressure and shouted a command out of Fear.

“Ready your Arrows!”
-“Hold on!”

The second voice behind him was a familiar one. Krenaar had stepped from Behind, riding an armored grey Sabre. His golden Armor was shining bright to the dawning Sun and The Vale between the Cliffside and the Forrest edge to the South was inked in the Gold of the first Sunrays.

He had taken command of the Army and relief could be heard from the Silverwings. He returned the command and replied the greeting Hand to the older General.

“My humble Greetings, Overlord Saurfang. I see you had the same idea for a morning Walk as I did.”
The old Orc laughed a bit and continued.

“Indeed, young Elf. You see I was receiving a Message form a Friend that he suffered recent Demon activities in the Area. And as I am here to send some Reinforcements for the Foothold that one of our honored Clans have established here, I run into a full armored welcome. Haven’t we learned nothing from the War on Mount Hyjal, Boy?”

Krenaar didn’t move an Inch and understood the little test his Opponent had set up for him.

“I understand your concerns, My Lord. And I hope you understand that we as the Natives are here to protect our Lands both from hidden Threats within and outer Threats from beyond our Borders.”
Saurfang was slightly impressed with the Answer of the young Captain.

“I see, you must be Krenaar… My warriors told me of your Skills in Combat and Tactics. I am honored to finally meet a capable Officer on the Side of the Alliance. Shall we talk about the little Incident that happened right in front of us?

Five valuable Soldiers of the Horde, slain from a lone Hunter, a Bear and that damn Mockingbird up there who I am about to shoot down if doesn’t stop his Cycling.”

Dijelon called Unaan down to him and the Bird came to his Masters side and rested on his Shoulder after thee Hunter got back up to his Feet.

“By all means. I see a much more Noble reason for the slaughter as you call it. He tried to save his Mate from the Attacks of the Hyppogryph your soldiers killed earlier further over there.”
Krenaar didn’t struggle at all to keep up with the harsh sound and the cold Intention of the old Warrior.
Saurfang turned towards the remaining Warrior who was a little injured from the Arrow on his Shoulder. After a brief Moment he looked at the Warrior and punched him in the Face.

“Taking down a Beast four Times your Size isn’t a Problem but you fail with six others on one little Elf?”
Something was odd about the Voice of the old Overlord. It almost felt like he was acting Tough towards the younger Orc.

After a moment he needed to think about the situation he turned towards Krenaar again.

“I can see that my Men were interrupted in their Duty to keep our Workers safe.”
A Troll came to the Lines and whispered something in Saurfangs Ear. The Orc smiled brightly now and continued right after.

“I am willing to call my Forces back, but I wish to speak to you one to one and with the Hunter. Before I go.”

Soon after Krenaar had come down the Cliffside and stood together with his Brother in front of the living Legend they have learned to respect and Fear.

Kreannar greeted the elder properly and bowed to him. Dijelon did like his Brother since he was totally exhausted from the earlier action.

Both Armies waited on each side without moving a muscle. The Warmth of the Sun began to take over the Air and the Skies turned slowly into the brighter Blue of the Day.

“Listen Here Boys. I know who you are, I fought besides your Father at Mount Hyjal, an admirable Warrior who saved my life three times that Day. Three times from a Demon twice the Size of the Warsong Hold over there, A Doomguard who caught me off guard and the Grasp of Archimonde himself as we were fleeing. He died there in my Stead and your Mother died of a broken Heart from the same sight as I had.”

Krenaar sighed a bit but focused on remaining his Stature, if he would show any sign of weakness now, he would lose the respect of his Soldiers.

“I will remember you two from now on. You may go back to your Forests now. I will report this Encounter to my Warchief but I advise you not to do the same with Lady Whisperwind. Since the return of Master Shando Stormrage she has a grief towards any Invader. Do I make myself clear?”

“And about you… Dijelon…”

A cold Chill ran down Dijelons spine as the orc spoke out his Name.

“Next time you are hunting a Bear of the Size of a small Treestub, make sure that it is a Bear and not a Druid. And before you asked. I got you being watched by my Spies. I and the Commander of the Silverwings control these Forests and we won’t risk any Spark which could lead to an all-out War. We have lost enough Brothers and Sisters Four Years Ago.”

Dijelon couln’t hold back but to ask.

“What happened to the Woman?”

“She is safe, a Healer is taking care of her Wounds. I bet you were never that happy that an Arrow missed before.”

“Thank you very much, Overlord.”

Krenaar looked to his Brother and simply rose of his Eyebrows. But remained silent.

“And you, Krenaar. I respect your Spirit and your sharp Mind, but let me ask you something.”
“Would you have sent all your Soldier to their Demise for nothing this Morning?”

Krenaar looked down to the Ground, then to his exhausted Brother and lastly to his Soldiers on top of the Cliffside.

“Would you, have done it, Overlord?”

Saurfang smiled again at Krenaar and laid his Hand on his Shoulder.

“Bolt Answer, young one. Bolt Answer. But remember. Unlike you, I don’t have to win the Favor of my Soldiers and their Respect.”

“Besides, I wouldn’t play with my Luck against an Opponent with a Reputation. Oh and for the next time we meet, you may call me Varok.”

“You are dismissed.”

Dijelon walked back with his Brother, Krenaar wasn’t speaking for he had turned Pale as a Ghost and his Eyes were wide open. He was scared shitless.

But Dijelons thoughts went to the Woman he had shot in the Leg. She would never forgive him. He didn’t even know her Name? How did a simple hunt turned into a political War prevention.
And Everything because of that Arrow at a Cliffside….

End Chapter 8

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Did you write this? I'm gonna give it a read once i have the time for it!
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