Alliance PvE event: "Tracking the Trouble" (Casual, Open)

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Alliance PvE event: "Tracking the Trouble" (Casual, Open)

by itomon » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:07 pm

"Tracking the Trouble" - RP Event towards Booty Bay.

Starting today (nov 30th) at 1:00 server time, in Elwynn's Westbrook Garrison
We'll continue to host this event everyday until Friday, always starting around 1:00 server time (but the starting place and time in the storyline may change)

The Alliance champions were able to foil one evil plan against Stormwind, but the mastermind--signed by "M.S."--is still shrouded in mystery. The plot used explosives bought by the bandits in Booty Bay, now it's time to go investigate the Southern Coast!

The event will be a Casual, Open RP about the champions travelling South toward Booty Bay. This is a continuation from "Banditry in Elwynn" (but its not required that you played this before). Everyone is welcome to join! Type "/join RP" if you need more info.

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