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<A-RP> Ironforge Herald (2016/02)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:53 pm
by IronforgeHerald
Economy: Boom or Bust?

The economy of Ironforge has continued to rise this week as large crowds gathered outside the auction house in the Common. Competition has been fierce in the [Light Leather] and [Copper Ore] markets, with a large number of trainee animal skinners bringing prices down considerably. Could this be a sign that gold is becoming more abundant, or that a crash in the value of leather and gold is imminent?

Day trading also appears to have become a growing business. We spoke to a dwarf from Tinker Town who was selling herbs at prices cheaper than the market rate; "Twenty stranglekelp for five silver!" he bellowed across the street to passing citizens. Some citizens appear to believe that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is, and continue to purchase from the shops in Ironforge and direct from fishermen.

Thievery on the Increase

It appears that thievery is on the increase on the Deeprun Tram, analysts are saying that it has reached an all time high. A night elf tourist commented, "I'm a little scared of using the tram at night."

A pattern has emerged where thieves frequently prey on the young, despite not having much money, as they are seen as easy pickings. A spokesman from SI:7 is reported as saying, "Frequently the thieves are not out for monetary gain, but rather to instill the notion of the Deeprun Tram belonging to the underbelly of Ironforge and Stormwind society."

We attempted to reach both Ironforge and Stormwind officials; both declined to comment on the situation. A member of the Stormwind Militia said, on the request of anonymity, "We cannot be everywhere at once. Most citizens do not even notice they have been victims until the thief is long gone. How can we be expected to catch a thief if we do not know their name!"

We will keep a close eye on this story and continue to seek comment from offiicials.