<A-PVP> Herald: A Thread in Need(le)

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<A-PVP> Herald: A Thread in Need(le)

by IronforgeHerald » Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:58 am

Economy: A Thread in Need(le)

We continue our look at the Ironforge economy in this issue of the Herald by taking a closer look at one of the local businesses of the Mystic Ward. Maeva Snowbraid is the owner and day to day shop keeper of Maeva's Mystical Apparel, retailer of clothing for those practicing the arcane arts, as well as special occasions.

We asked Maeva if the growing population of dwarfs, gnomes, and tourists meant that her business had seen an increase in trade over the past few weeks. The response was surprising; "Och! Well not really! Y'see most of the peddlers of imported an' inferior robes stand right outside the bank. As a result I cannae seem t'get the message out that the robes we sell are of a superior quality, an' if I do say so, far prettier."

If you find yourself in the Mystic Ward, why not stop by Maeva's and see if you can pick up a robe for the next party you find yourself attending, or if you're going on a Stranglethorn adventure, why not buy a [Russet Hat] from Ingrys on the second floor.

Murder in the Cavern?

Rumours are spreading that a murderer was committed last night in the Forlorn Cavern. Local demonic arts practitioner Jubahl is quoted as saying, "The vile rogues across the cavern are likely involved if you ask me. Ever since crime on the tram increased, they have seemingly gained a large quantity of wealth."

Ironforge officials have suggested that anyone venturing in to the caverns should do so with caution for the next few days. "We need to stick together to fight these fiends, even if they may be dwarf," exclaimed one of the guards now positioned at the western entrance to the caverns.

Have you witnessed any action in the Forlorn Cavern? We are calling on citizens to begin patrolling the streets and keep their eye open for any trouble that may lurk in the dark corners.

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