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<A-PVP> Herald: Ten Years Later..

by IronforgeHerald » Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:17 pm

Book Returned, After 10 Years

On the evening of Thursday, shortly before the sun beamed it's last ray of light onto the gates of Ironforge, curator and librarian Krom Stoutarm in the Hall of Explorers had a surprising turn of events.

After 10 years, a book of historical significance was finally returned.

"I was incredibly surprised lass, I did nay expect this book to ever come back!", Krom said in an interview with the Herald reporter. We asked Krom why this was important news and of what value this book represented..

"Aye, this book is of upmost importance to our collection! It gives an incredibly beautiful overview of why Ironforge came into being and from that we can begin to shape our future too! I nay think we will lend it out again."

"The Dwarf we loaned this book to ten years ago was muttering some nonsense about parallel realms, fluffy monks, and a cataclysmic event. He seemed very pleased to be back in Ironforge, sober .. at least sober enough to return the book!"

The book, [Ironforge - the Awakening of the Dwarves], can now be seen on permanent collection in the Library, where Krom will be keeping a careful eye on it.

Undead Killer Strikes Again

Young adventurers traveling by Deeprun Tram to Stormwind are being warned once again to watch out for a vicious undead killer lurking in the shadows. Two more victims were claimed on Saturday night, with seven innocent eye witnesses left traumatized.

It is believed that after the murder, a small band of human thieves were sighted stealing items from passenger pockets. We ask, just were are Ironforge or Stormwind guards when we need them, is anyone in Azeroth safe?

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