<A-PVP> Vial Behavior

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<A-PVP> Vial Behavior

by IronforgeHerald » Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:49 am

Relic of the Past
Lyon Mountainheart of the Library in the Hall of Explorers is proudly inviting visitors to his new exhibition.

A collection of significant pottery finds from Uldaman, brought back by brave Dwarven archaelogists. The Uldaman Reliefs, as his has entitled the exhibit, demonstrate a significant find and are a strong indiciation that there is a connection between the Earthen and the Dwarven races.

For more details, visit Lyon in the Library from today onwards.

Burbik Under Siege
On Wednesday evening, a large group of thieves were sighted at Burbik's Supplies, near the Great Forge. They were attracted primarily to his low cost [Imbued Vial]s. Burbik found himself outwitted and outnumbered. His cries for help from the Ironforge guards went unnoticed.

Burbik has been left shaken by the events and pleaded with our reporter; "When will a large group of brave fighters help to defend Ironforge? The guards do little by themselves!"

The Slaughter of Redridge
Breaking news has reached the Ironforge Herald; a massive invasion of the Redridge Mountains by a renegade Horde faction calling themselves the <Frostwolf Clan>.

The Frostwolf Clan, led by their own break-away warchief, believes that the lands around Redridge, including Lakeshire, should firmly belong to the Horde. Ironforge's expert in travel, Gryth Thurden is now recommending that young Dwarves and Gnomes head towards Loch Modan and the Wetlands for their adventures instead. "Och! Ye cannae go down that way if ye value the skin ye 'ave lass!" Gryth said to our reporter when questioned.

And now a word from our sponsor..
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Bruuk's Corner is located in the Military Ward, nestled in the corner near the entrance to Tinker Town.

Bruuk's Corner, where everybody knows your name!

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Re: <A-PVP> Vial Behavior

by Simonich » Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:34 pm

Oh nono my friend, it is The Red Dawn leading the slaughter, along with their sub-organizations Frostwolf Clan and Hammerfall Legion, which is made of more militia-themed military, before they complete their adventure in Azeroth, and be hardened enough to finally be part of the higher ranks in the horde military.
Was good to have you all

Hail The Red Dawn <3
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