Draegon, Our lord!

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Draegon, Our lord!

by Draegon » Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:01 pm

Come friends, gather round while I recall a tale that happened not too long ago, on a night not too unlike this one...

The Alliance was battered and bruised, none stood for them. The Horde rampaged through the land, taking and killing whatever, and whomever, they desired.

"Enough!" Draegon shouted as he slammed his armored gauntlet into the table, standing up quickly. Flagons of mead shook, spilling their precious contents as the others of his guild, Kanium, looked up in surprise.
"I have heard news upon news of the Horde forces overrunning Alliance positions. Is there no army that can stand up to them?" Draegon asked.

One young member of Kanium started to speak, "Well, there is--"

"Shut up!" Draegon turned to the young boy. "Your duty is to care for my steed and oil my weapons, Bilbo, not to give your opinion!"

The rest of Kanium eyed Bilbo with contempt, muttering their agreement with their glorious leader Draegon.

"Sor--" Bilbo began to say before shutting up. He simply nodded.

Draegon let out a deep, guttural grunt before turning to address the rest of the guild. "Today we stand idly by no longer. Today we strike the Horde where it will hurt the most - we kill their leaders!"

The walls of the massive guild hall shook with the roaring cheers and the pounding of pewter flagons. The mighty Kanium had awoken, and Azeroth would never be the same again.

Across the land word spread that Kanium prepared for battle. The people rejoiced and celebrated, for it had been foretold that a virgin male would be born, and that he would be destined to lead the most powerful of armies ever seen into glorious battle; battle that like a fresh rain would cleanse the lands and bring peace for fifty generations.

"Draegon." King Anduin said softly.

Draegon turned slowly, not even bothering to stand. "Aye?"

"Is it true? Do you plan to lead your men forth into battle and save the Alliance?" Anduin asked as he looked over Draegon's finely polished golden armor.

"It is. I can no longer stand by fighting the Horde in a far away land while they ravage the land closest to home." Draegon took a quick swing of his mead before wiping his mouth with what was supposed to be Bilbo's's guild tabard.

The king looked on. "I see. Then, would you do me a request?" Anduin carefully stepped closer and extended his hand. In his hand there was a dagger.

"What would I want with a weapon of that size?" Draegon glared at the dagger with contempt before giving a nod to his own set of head-cleaving weaponry. It was said that Draegon decapitated three Orcs in one swing.

"It was my fathers, and I would be in your debt if you would plunge this into the heart of the Banshee Quee--" King Anduin was interrupted.

"Yea, whatever you want my king, but I've no time for small talk. I've a war to prepare for. BILBO!" Draegon stood from the table as Bilbo ran over, taking the dagger from the king's hand.

Anduin looked on, rather surprised but he dared not speak ill to Draegon, for while he sat on the throne, Draegon commanded an army that accounted for nearly forty percent of the entire Alliance. And the only reason Anduin sat on the the throne was because Draegon let's him, out of respect for his father, Varian. "You have my gratitude then, Lord Draegon." Anduin took a step back.

Draegon stopped and turned to fully address the king. "Lord?" He looked down as if to hold back. After a second he continued, "Your majesty, I've no need of your titles or your lands. All I need is my armor, a good blade, my men, and an unlimited supply of mead, meat, and women."

Varian looked rather surprised but quickly adjusted. "Aye, of course, then you shall have it. Whatever it is you desire!" Varian nodded emphatically.

"Good." Draegon blurted out before moving towards the door, leaving the king standing there besides Bilbo. "Come boy." Bilbo gave the king a slight bow and quickly followed on Draegon's heels with the dagger in hand. Draegon opened the massive wooden doors by himself, doors that would have required two or three men normally. He paused and turned to the king. "Majesty!"

Anduin, who had began to leave, stopped and turned. "Aye, Draegon?"

"I shall bring you the hearts of every one of their leaders." Draegon yelled, spittle flew from his mouth, speckling Bilbo's face. Draegon grasped his helm and fixed it upon his head.

"And the Alliance shall owe you a debt of ..." Anduin slowly stopped talking as Draegon had already walked through the doors and down the corridor beyond.

And so it was that almost half of the entire alliance army, lead under the banner of one human warrior, descended upon the capitols of the Horde and laid waste and ruin to every man, woman, and child there. None survived, none were left standing. Their buildings were set ablaze and their fields were salted. And with the righteous fury only foretold in the prophesy they did finally smote the leaders of the Horde, each and every one.

As Sylvanas gasped her last breath, Draegon reached out his hand. And he waited. "The dagger, Bilbo!" Draegon looked back and forth. "Bilbo!" He boomed.

"Bilbo was slain! He was cut down by a wandering bread merchant!" replied one of the numerous warriors of the Kanium.

"Draegon!" a voice shouted. A large black feline leapt through the thick mix of smoke and fire, dagger in its mouth. It faithfully landed the dagger into the outstretched hand of the mighty warrior.

Draegon grasped the dagger and in one movement pulled it from the feline's teeth and thrust it not only through the armor of the Banshee Queen and into her cold, dead heart, but the tip burst through her back. Sylvanas' eyes rolled backwards and she crumbled into Draegon's arms.

"Nnngg... you... finally did it, mm?" Sylvanas whispered, twitching in the warrior's arms.

Draegon looked down at her, eyes meeting eyes. "It had to be done, you would not see reason. For the good of the Alliance --" Draegon was interrupted.

"The Alliance... hah... you know your destiny, Draegon, why do you fight it?" The Banshee Queen shivered. She could feel the dark magic that kept her going fading quickly. Her eyes losing their glow every second.

"I cannot." Draegon said in a hushed voice. His men were slowly gathering around to watch.

"You must!" She sputtered. "All... hear me. Your leader, this... man, Draegon. He is not who you believe him to be."

"Stop..." Draegon reached up to put a finger against her cold lips.

Sylvanas jerked her head to the side with all the power she had left. "No, let me speak Draegon. Your leader was not born of a virgin..." The crowd of men began to mumble quickly, looking back and forth at each other. "... but a king," she struggled to get out.

"Go in peace, you've been through enough," Draegon almost pleaded.

"A... king?" asked another large male known to the men as Narach. "What does this witch speak of, Draegon?"

Draegon kept his eyes locked on the dying queen.

"Go on... tell them... te- ...tell.. them....." Sylvanas groaned in pain before closing her eyes, going limp in the mighty arms of the warrior.

Draegon slowly laid her down and stood. The men around him backing to give him space.

"So. You want to know, do you?" Draegon turned and looked towards Narach, then the others.

"Yes, we do Draegon, we want to know," urged a male druid named Nuffels, the same who had delivered the dagger unto Draegon's hand.

Draegon glanced at Nuffels before nodding. "Very well. What the Banshee Queen said was true. I was not born from a virgin. I was born from a king..."

"But you were and always will be a bastard, Draegon!" a voice squeeked from the rear of the great hall. The men turned and began to part way so that Draegon could see who spoke.

Anduin stood there, surrounded by his elite house guardsmen. "Did you think I did not know?"

The men were in shock, mouths hung open in disbelief. Except for Bilbo, aye. He had been killed.

Draegon hung his head slightly and let out a deep sigh. "Anduin, I've no interest in debating something I have put to rest long ago. The throne is yours, I make no claim. I lust for only battle."

"And women ...and mead, and meat, no, brother?" Anduin retorted quickly. The king's guards, sorely outnumbered, warily eyed the massive army before them.

"Aye. So where is it, Anduin?" Draegon stepped down the path towards the king, the blackened, soot that was once Sylvanas' blood covering his armored hands.

The king's men quickly closed ranks before their king Anduin and Draegon stopped only when his chest plate pushed into the shield of the king's guard. "Well?" Draegon asked.

Anduin scowled slightly but waved his hand. The guards opened ranks to allow Draegon clean sight of the king. "They await you and your men, in numbers untold, at your hall."

Draegon gave a simple nod and turned to his men. "You hear that? Collect our dead, we bury them first, then we drink and make merry until we pass out with women at our sides," Draegon said.

"Both sides?" Narach asked.

"Aye friend. Both sides." Draegon smiled and put his arm around Narach's shoulder, pulling him close as he began to walk, shoulder checking the child king Anduin as he moved past.

The entire Kanium pushed past the king and his men, not holding back on their own shoulder checking.

"But, Draegon. With the leaders of the Horde dead, what is left for us?" Nuffels the druid asked as he followed close behind.

"A place called ..."

Nuffel's quickly shouted out. "Three cheers for Lord Draegon!"

The massive army of men let out a deafening roar that shook the very foundation of Undercity.

You ask me how I know all of this? I was there, with our Lord, Draegon.

Where were you?

Re: Draegon, Our lord!

by JCarrill0 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:51 pm

I was just a boy when the very foundations of Azeroth shook during the tragic events of the Lich King drew Arthas to Icecrown, years later I have not felt such shaking in Lordaeron, however I have yet to meet this Lord Draegon. As a Paladin of the Holy Light, I look forward to meeting him!
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Re: Draegon, Our lord!

by Simonich » Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:37 am

Was good to have you all

Hail The Red Dawn <3
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Re: Draegon, Our lord!

by Dr. Doom » Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:56 am

Anyone betting against me regarding what race this guy plays?

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Re: Draegon, Our lord!

by Simonich » Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:30 am

Night elf, if not human (i imagined human originally)
Was good to have you all

Hail The Red Dawn <3
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Re: Draegon, Our lord!

by Fridolin » Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:03 am

What is the TL:DR of this super long post ?
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Re: Draegon, Our lord!

by Dr. Doom » Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:27 am

Fridolin wrote:What is the TL:DR of this super long post ?

Don't know, read only a few lines myself.

Seems like, something that tried to be RP + Bart Simpson bad boy humour at the same time. Can't confirm anyway.
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