5 Creatures Party. New players or twinks go here!

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5 Creatures Party. New players or twinks go here!

by legioxwar » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:51 pm

Hi all. Im looking for full party leveling.
Alliance or Horde. Its has no reason for me. But i think we need to start on first lvl and chose:

For the Horde!
1. Orks and Trolls
2. All Undeads.
For the Alliance!
1. Dwarfs and Gnomes
2. All Humans.

Or if anybody need other race (whiteout elf), he can go to the another starting place, where will be start all. Tauren can go from Mulgore to Durator. Human can traveling with Metro to Ironforge.

:idea: Classes that we will need:

:arrow: 1. Warrior (for tanking)
:arrow: 2. Priest/Druid/Shaman (healing)
:!: 3.(Ready) Mage (dps and making food/drink)
:arrow: 4,5. Any two dps like Warlock, Rouge or Hunter.

I can play any role. Variant is for good party complication (we can farm 5man inst really good, elite quest, and all questing leveling will be easy and fast) Only one mini problem is on classes quests where we will be divided for some time and xp.

After this we need to organize time for playing, Every day or every second day, like 18:00 to 21:00 (or many others variants, we will decide when you can) Before every staring to playing, we will waiting all group members. So all will be the same lvl and on same quest!

Also who wants to up professions, we able to give them all. Аnd such:
:arrow: Monday: Farming cloth. (for 1 tailor and others)
:arrow: Friday: Killing beast. (for man who skinning)

:| Vanilla is so hard, really hard :cry: . I see many charters who starting every day, but 85% of them playing solo. And im looking for good party! If you do not wont to drearily and hard solo leveling join to us!!! Im waiting you!!!

:arrow: Ready progress:
1. Legiox
2. Bayest (Mage)
3. Free
4. Free
5. Free
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Re: 5 Creatures Party. New players or twinks go here!

by bayest » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:53 am

Hi, I would like to join. PVP or PVE server?

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