Read this if your thinking of rolling on PVP server.

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Read this if your thinking of rolling on PVP server.

by Tobbolina » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:17 pm

I tell you this, if you are thinking of rolling a new char on the pvp server horde side. There is only one class and specc to roll. Yes it is the one roll most ppl don't wanna play. Warrior tank. So why do I say this ?

Well Nost have been up for some time now, and even thou there are loads and loads of players and the starting zones seem to be over flowing with new chars, most of those chars never reach 60.

So what does that mean, that means that the few that does the main majority will be dps. So for say every 1 tank that reaches 60 there will be like 100 dps.

This makes finding groups to instances like UBRS/LBRS/SCHOLO/STRAT and nightmare for you as a dps. It is damn near impossible, this again will affect you, as most pugs to ZG/MC/Onyxia demand you have Pre-Raid BIS ( Best item in slot ) And to get that you'll need to do said instances. And the way things work on NOST PVP Horde now is that there is hardly any groups to any instances, and when there is one in the forming, your gonna compet with those 200 others that ding 60 about the same time as you, + the ones that still have not gotten all their bis yet from weeks/Months back due to the difficulty of finding groups.

Well this is no problem if you just wanna pvp, then go a head and roll what ever, but if you want do to dugeons, raids then ROLL TANK and notting but TANK. Or roll PVE server, things are abit better there I've been told.

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