Please help me choose a class

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Please help me choose a class

by JesterJones » Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:18 pm

I always struggle choosing a class to main and I don't think I've ever struggled more than I am now. Not that I feel this will make much of a difference but I am deciding a class for the fresh PvP realm, I already have a main on the old PvE realm (rogue). I want to have a somewhat equal balance of PvE and PvP.

Okay so to give you some information to hopefully help me choose, Part of this is me trying to figure out if I want to play Hunter, Warrior, or Paladin. I will be giving both my positive and negative views on them. Most of the negative views stem from my OCD that makes certain aspects of some classes.

Hunter - I have not played one at max since retail vanilla. However, there is a thing that I really want to do where I become the richest person on the server (a long with hopefully helping out whatever guild I end up in), and I know if I'm going to do that I need to be on the best farming class in the game. My only problem with them is that I have OCD, so I have this terribly bad habit of my pet making me very anxious, I am always worried I won't feed it enough and it will run away.

Mage - I have played one at max recently and have a lot of fun on it, however, even though it is my favorite class I have played recently, there are some nagging issues that have bothered me (and it is not the mage biscuits, that is actually my favorite part because it forces people to be my friend lol). They are terribly overpopulated, and after playing one a lot it seems that I may have had my fill of playing mage. However, someone may be able to convince me otherwise.

Warrior - I always envied them when I was playing horde on Nost or Kronos. So, being a tank always seems so awesome to me, and there is also another massive plus, I love the Fury warrior, making it my favorite DPS and Tank in the game. The reason I love it so much is because the rotation of every warrior spec is almost always situational, making me not have to constantly check my spells and look at my bar because the actual game play is the most important part. However, the problems come in to play when I have to level, I have tried leveling a warrior 2 times or so and every time I do I always give up because there are other classes that are appealing to me. There is also a small problem (even though I haven't experienced end game and simply told about by other warriors), and it's that they are so terribly overpopulated. The point of overpopulated where they might actually beat rogues in the Elysium server.

Paladin - I have also not played one at max since retail vanilla. However, in nearly every game I play I main a support, so naturally having them be my favorite role, and now that my buddies are rolling Alliance, I have the opportunity to play one again. Honestly, no class except the warrior ever seems to even come close to how awesome I feel playing one. There is also a nice plus making them (or maybe the mage) the 2nd best farmer in the game as holy shield conc spec (AoEadin). There really is only one problem with me playing a paladin. It's that you are called a buffadin for a reason. In raids in retail what would always make me play worse is that I couldn't help but constantly check to make sure that every single person that needs to be buffed by me is buffed or how long until they need to be.

So judging by that information what do you guys think I should main? (I will be alting all of the classes btw, I just need to decide a class to big dick once Elysium fresh PvP comes out)

Re: Please help me choose a class

by raycrios » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:12 pm

Warriors were awesome in Vanilla. Go for it if you like it. But! Fury warrior cannot tank. You will need to play in protection spec with the tanking specific gear. The respecs can get expensive if you want to jump between tank and fury to experience both aspects of the game.
Leveling warrior in Vanilla is certainly not as fast as leveling rogue or hunter, but faster than leveling mage/lock.. and you will have to go with arms spec for leveling fast. Protection sucks for leveling.
As for overpopulation... the only question is - are you really going to play the endgame raiding content with top guilds? In that case yeah, it can be hard to get into raid as a warrior. As I remember, tho, Naxx requires 8 tanks for one of the bosses, but usually 2-3 tanks in Vanilla was enough...

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