[GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

[GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Arucado » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:26 pm

This guide will be focused only in PVP on the most powerful spec of Warrior in PVP environment. It will count with an explanation of Stats, Spec, Gearing-up, Enchants, Proffesions and Tips/encounters.

I have decided to make this guide since i haven't been able to find one in any vanilla forum.

So, let's begin:


0. Introducction
1. Stats
2. Spec
3. Gearing-up
4. Enchants
5. Proffesions
6. Tips and encounters
7. Races


Warrior is a nice pvp vanilla class. It's gear dependant, however, it becomes one of the most powerful pvp classes when it's properly geared and played. It is also good in 1v1 with the proper gear and skill (in this situation consumables are included since warrior is also dependant on his movility which is pretty much limited).

Vanilla mechanics are quite simple, but still you have to know when to use your abilities to maximize your performance in every environment of the game. Warrior is very useful in pvp also because of the Mortal Strike healing reduction and the rage generation that makes it a bomb dmg in teamfight as long as you have a healer behind your back.

1. Stats.

Weapon dmg > 5% hit > Critical > Strength = Stamina => Agility > Parry > Dodge > spirit,intelect...

- Base weapon dmg. Your best enhancement will always be your Weapon's base dmg, why? Most of your abilities deal dmg depending on the % base dmg that your weapon has. That said, you will always be looking for the slowest weapon with highest dmg. This means you might get more benefit from a 3.80speed 2h that has less DamagePerSecond than a 3.00 2h.

For example, let's compare Demonshear with Relentless Scythe. They have both same dps (53.8) but you get more benefit of Demonshear ( 163 - 246 Damage base) than Relentless Scythe (140 - 210 Damage base)

Now, the rest of stats.

You can observe that i put them equal preference, that is because a Warrior needs critical to be efficient (it is mandatory in pvp, if you don't crit you don't kill) , but still a certain health is needed to not die in 2 seconds, also AP is your dmg boost since gives you additional dmg.

That said, if you want to be an useful warrior , i set as mandatory, 20% crit in BS, 5% hit, 5k health (unbuffed), and about +820 ap without buffs. You might think those stats can only be reached by an endgame gear, NO, they are not, you can get them with the right pieces that i will show later.

- Hit. 5% hit cap, if you don't get it you will be missing hits from time to time. Missing a mortal strike means -30 rage and 0 dmg. So the hit cap is mandatory.
- Crit. Gives you more burst which is what makes it good in pvp. Have atleast a 20% if you don't want to struggle.
- Strenght. 1 point gives you 2AP. Main stat for dmg.
- Stamina. Really important, the more stamina you have, the longest you will stand in battle. I recommend to have atleast 5k hp unbuffed.
- Agility. 20 points of agi, is 1% crit. A tip, you will get more benefit from 20 agi than 1% crit because of buffs like Blessing of Kings.
- Parry. Good stat against melees.
- Dodge. You won't have that much.
- Armor. Its important, but you will always try to carry plate gear so you will have what your gear gives.

2. Spec.

Obviously Arms, and it is on what this guide will be focused. Mortal Strike reduces healing received by 50%, that makes Warrior a must in every premade.

Before i procceed to show the talents, i have to explain few things about the spec. You can play either Sword Mace or Axe spec. You will chose them depending of the best 2h weapon you have.

- Sword Spec. Nice for a premade warrior, gives you more random burst which is nice if you stand alive in a teamfight.
- Axe spec. The best for 1v1 and most situations when you don't have a healer behind your back. Also very useful when starting because gets you to reach the crit cap easier.
- Mace spec. The worst of them but can be useful sometimes.

Some talents can be swapped depeding of your playstyle but i will explain my build so you can understand better how to play as Warrior:


- I don't take Imp HS because you will not use this ability that much unless you are being focused by multiple enemies (use it when +50 rage.) 2% Parry will make it more efficient when you are against warriors and rogues. Rend obviously cuz you need Deep wounds and Impale.
- Tactical Mastery. Mandatory, what else can i say?
- Imp overpower. 50% crit with OP, extremely useful. I dont take Imp charge because it is situational, +6rage wont make it a big difference and there are many situations where you won't be able to use charge.
- Impale. Mandatory, also Two hand spec, pure dmg.
- Imp Hamstring. This is where you could not pick this talent and get 5/5 on Deflection, or instead Anger Management. I prefer to pick this one because despite being random can take you huge advantage against some classes such Mages (your worse enemy) and Hunters, anyone who try to kite you.
- Booming Voice. Really good to get Rogues unstealth using Demoralizing Shout. Unbridleth Wrath will make no difference since you hit 1 every 3.80 seconds.
- Cruelty. 5% crit, tasty.
- Blood Craze. Really useful against rogues for example, can heal you for a lot if the battle lasts long.
- Piercing Howl. Very useful in some situations like when hitting a flag carrier and you slow 4 more people around, also to not get kited easily.
- Enrage. Tasty aswell...

Some people would change few talents (it's just preferece) but this is probably the best spec for most situations.

3. Gearing up.

An important section. I will start with a list of the bis pre-pvp, then a list of a spec that you can aspire for without being endgame. By the way, the best set of the game for pvp is the R12-R13 set.

3.1 Weapons:

The minimum you need to do PVP is the Arcanite Reaper. If you have a worse weapon than this i'd suggest you to focus on getting a better one. It would go like this.

Arcanite Reaper < Unstoppable Force < ZinRokh < BRE < Ashkandi < R14 < Cthunaxe/Naxx40 weps.

This is basically the line you want to follow. There are some other useful weps such as The untamed blade, but if you can focus on this it will be better.

3.2 PrePVP BIS:

- Head. Helm of the executioner.
- Neck. Emberfury Talisman.
- Shoulder. Spaulders of Valor.
- Cloak. Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape.
- Chest. Breastplate of Valor.
- Bracer. Vambraces of the sadist.
- Weapon. Arcanite Reaper.
- ranged. Blackcrow/Satyr's bow.
- Trinkets. Blackhand's breath & Hand of Justice & Insignia of the alliance.
- Rings. Magni's will & Blackstone Ring.
- Boots. Boots of Valor.
- Belt. Brigam Girdle.
- Hands. Reiver Claws.
- Legs. Legplates of Valor.

With this build you have (as human). 22,10% crit BS, 4450hp , and 780 ap, not bad for being a starter, and the Arcanite Reaper base dmg is quite decent. (This build is showed without enchants)


3.3 Medium PVP gear.

Next is the gear you are aiming for if you don't want to Rank further than R10. (This is the gear im aiming for, of course there is always more, AQ40 set will be similar to r12/r13 gear , nuts, and Naxx40 will have some extremely good pieces.

Head. Lieutenant Commander's Plate Helm +100HP
Neck. Eskhandar's Collar
Shoulder. Lieutenant Commander's Plate Shoulders +30AP
Cloak. Cloak of Firemaw +3 agi
Chest. Knight-Captain's Plate Hauberk +100HP
Bracer. Bracelets of Wrath +9 Stam
Weapon. Bonereaver's Edge +Crusader
Ranged. Blastershot Launcher
Trinkets. Blackhand's Breadth & Hand of Justice & Insignia
Rings. Band of Accuria and Don Julios
Boots. Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Greaves +7 agi
Legs. Knight-Captain's Plate Leggings +100 HP
Belt. Onslaught Girdle
Hands. Knight-Lieutenant's Plate Gauntlets +7agi.

With this build you can achieve a total of 5400hp, 840ap, and 22%crit BS (sword spec), with the proc of BRE, makes a killing machine in premade fights. You have great sustain, decent ap, nice rng proc dmg, and decent crit rating.


3.4 BiS PVP Overall.

Now im going to proceed with the best PVP warrior gear overall. Some would agree, others would disagree. The best gear is focused in a huge amount of AP, crit and specially, Health and Armor. If you didn't notice, in late vanilla caster classes will hit for 2k with most spells and warrior doesn't have spell dmg reduction. In other hand, if you don't have good armor, Rogues will kill you in an opener. Focusing in resistance in late vanilla is a good way, since you will get lots of crit rating from most pieces and your weapon's base dmg will be colossal.

Head. Conqueror's Crown. +Presence of Might.
Shoulder. Field Marshal's Plate Shoulderguards. +Might of the Scourge.
Neck. Saddist' s Collar
Chest. Conqueror's Breastplate. +100hp
Cloak. Shroud of Dominion. +3agi
Bracers. Wristguards of Vengeance. +9stam
Weapon. Might of Menethil. +Weapon Chain
Ranged. Soulstring
Trinkets. Slayer's Crest + Livegiving Gem+ Insignia + Hand of Justice
Rings. Archimtiros's ring of Reckoning + Ring of the Qiraji Fury
Boots. Marshal's Plate Boots. +7stam
Legs. Legplates of Carnage. +100hp
Belt. Girdle of the Mentor.
Hands. Marshal's plate Gauntlets. +15 agility

Well, this is 1042 ap, 6449hp , 50% armor reduction, 25% crit BS (mace spec), and the highest dmg weapon in the game (its basically a TBC wep).

I know is hard to get exactly what i point in these lists, what im trying to tell you in this section , is that you should focus on a good stam with a proper average of Crit/Ap, but do not focus full ap, full crit or full hp, try to find a balance.

4. Enchants

What i recommend.

- Head. +100 hp or 8strength
- Shoulders. Zandalar Signet of Might or Might of the scourge ;)
- Cloak. +3agi
- Chest. 100hp or +4 stats
- Bracers. +9stam
- Weapon. Crusader or Weapon chain. I will point some items such as Stronghold Gauntlets later
- Rings. Oh wait, we are in vanilla.
- Boots. Most pvp guys will tell you to wear Minor speed increase. IMO is not the best choice, since in many situations you will try to charge and snare, you also have piercing howl to chase. I'd prefer to carry +7 agi or +7 stam.
- Legs. +100hp or 8 strength.
- Hands. +15 agi or +7agi if u can't get the first one.

5 Proffesions.

Engineering hands down. This is mandatory if you want to focus in PVP. Why? Firstly because there are a lot of classes you will struggle against 1v1 being a warrior, and in some cases you will need Reflectors to destroy mages and shadow priests, you can also get the Net trinket that won't let Hunters kite you like shit, and grenades to catch them up or helmets to CC in world pvp / bg's. There are also boots with speedboost to flag carry and some other interesting stuff.
Definitely the best choice for pvp, as secondary proffesion i don't really know what to tell you. You can get mining to farm mats, or if you are rich just get Alchemy and craft lots of Free action potions to evade kite.

List of of interesting items for PVP (also contains the Engineering Stuff) (made by myself):


6 Tips and encounters.

I don't pretend being a pro as Warrior, these tips are showed to make people who barely played PvP vanilla warrior get an improvement on their playstyle. Furthermore, they are thought to be applied with a good gear. Keep in mind that every single class in vanilla will easily beat you 1v1 if you are not well geared. Warrior is a good class, but it needs gear. This is also why leveling a warrior is a pain in the ass.


- Warrior. Try to charge always first. Apply Hamstring and Demoralizing Shout (this will reduce his dmg), and switch to Def stance to disarm as quick as possible. Then you can start dealing dmg Mortal Strike always you can, HS if you have more than 50rage, whirlwind. Another tip is to get away and Intercept when he is about 30%hp, so you just auto+MS+Execute, or even HS+Execute. Don't let him intercept you because you will get stun of 1.5sec and this might lead you into death. In any case Warrior vs Warrior is a RNG+ gear combat.

- Rogue. This is an easy fight if you are properly geared. Keep a 1h+shield because you will get his opener in first time. Apply as quickest as possible an slow, if he evades then use Piercing Howl, if he tries to kite you then use demoralizing shout to not get out of combat or Intimidating shout if you don't have any bleeding effect on him. The best way to kill a rogue is to burst him in intercept stun. Keep in mind that Rend will make him not possible to blind you and re-stealth, which is very very important. I'd use insignia in his first kidney, cc him with Int Shout or engineering cc, then Bloodrage+Intercept+Recklessness+ Basic+Slam+Mortal. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhYUcCjzhlQ) even though obviously this is situational.

- Warlock. Don't open with intercept, try to reach him or charge first, because you will get 3 dots and Death coil, you will need to intercept him after this and burst him. If you are properly geared use Sweeping Strikes then whirlwind. Keep in mind to switch quickly to Zerk stance because you will need Zerk Rage to evade his fear. The rest is easy unless you are shit geared and do not have the burst to get him down. If he is playing with the void... it's pretty much the same, the difference is that you will struggle a lot more.

- Mage. Well, your damn counter. Try to charge him , use insignia on his nova and try to kick Polymorph. If you fail you are pretty much dead. If you don't have engineering stuff you will lose most of mage encounters. The problem is that he will Ice block when you use your trinket in his nova. Then he will repeat process. The best option would be using Recklessness after his block and popping Frost reflector or Free action potion.

- Shaman. Stand on him, try to avoid Fire nova totem, and kick him as much as possible. I'd kick his healing spells over damaging spells, unless he outgears you. Besides he won't be able to cast that much.

- Pally. You are probably fucked up against this class. He has an stun (which you should use insignia on), and he deals holy dmg, this means that if he is well geared and get procs will destroy you in matter of seconds. So i would charge him, disarm him, then burst him down as quickest as possible, your goal is to make him bubble sooner as possible. If he bubbles and you are low hp means that you are loosing. Try to heal yourself on his bubble if he start casting holy light (just get away and use some bandages or even food if you get out of combat).

- Hunter. Can be a pain in the ass if he plays MM/Surv. Just try to not get away from him. Engineering stuff will make the combat way easier. Save intercept to use it after his trap. I'd use insignia if he inmovilizes with Wings Cleap or Counterattack. Shouldn't be hard if you use a Net over him when he doesn't have trap, then burst him down, also if you get the Hamstring proc GG, thats why i use this talent over +3% parry, it's situational but can make you success against hunters and mages.

- Druid. What are we talking about, Balance? Feral? These are the biggest crap in pvp of vanilla. You should be able to destroy them, just apply hamstring properly and use insignia when rooted.

- Priest. Well, Shadowy priest can be another pain in the ass. However, if you are properly geared you can just tunelvision on them. Kick Mind blast and stand in zerk stance to use zerk rage. This combat is pretty much a matter of who has better gear. Shadow reflector is very useful against them.

7 Races.

Im not going deep here.

If you plan to play as Horde, i'd choose between Orc (+25% resist stun + active of +25% base ap) or Tauren ( +5% health overall which is awesome in late vanilla)
If you plan to play as Ally, I'd recommend you to play Human since the benefit from the passive for PVE is superior to the benefit you get from other race's racials for PVP. Perception isn't that useful, NE are good because of Shadowmeld, Dwarves have Stoneform (which avoid Blind and Devouring Plague) and Gnomes have Escape Artist that removes cc.

Even though im ally, playing Horde is better because of the racials and Windfury totem ; Hpally is also a nice support class and gets Warrior very strong when playing with it (Hand of Freedom pew pew)

Thanks to:

Feenix forums.
Nostalrius forums.
Monkeynews channel. (I suggest you to watch "Moo Cannon" youtube channel if you want to improve)

If you have any question do it, criticism is also welcome
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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Arucado » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:26 pm

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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Arucado » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:27 pm

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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Undertanker » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:27 am

Hey, move your guide to the Valky Forums as Pottu was doing for other guides due to the uncertainty of the longevity of this forum.
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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Arucado » Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:58 pm

Undertanker wrote:Hey, move your guide to the Valky Forums as Pottu was doing for other guides due to the uncertainty of the longevity of this forum.

Of course i will bud. When it is completed.
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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by gangstabitch » Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:58 pm

Arucado wrote:
Agility = Stamina

- Mage be ready to kick Polymorph.

Windfury totem which carries bg's

(ancient black lotus cry)
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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Arucado » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:28 pm

gangstabitch wrote:
Arucado wrote:
Agility = Stamina

- Mage be ready to kick Polymorph.

Windfury totem which carries bg's


Ok im gonna try to answer you without being rude.

First, When i posted Agility = Stamina, i think you missunderstood me, if not, why one of the best warriors of the server "Juddyy" has equiped in his pvp build "Forest Stalker's Bracers"? I know Stamina works better on warriors by general, but sometimes it's a matter of preference.

Second, when i said be ready to kick polymorph, if you let a mage polymorph you basically are dead, because he will be able to frostbolt you from max range and if you manage to intercept him he will just blink leaving you no chance to reach him, even if you use some kind of engineering stuff he will just ice block to un-cc.

Third, the point that makes it more hilarious is when you rofl on "Windfury totem can carry bgs". You basically don't see the potencial of that in a premade, and make clear how low are you in pvp.

It's cool if you don't agree with me in some points, but atleast have some cronstructive criticism instead of just typing ROFL.
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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Drain » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:40 pm

Gnome is literally the worst race in the game for Warriors (and Rogues). You should be recommending Dwarf or Elf. Stoneform/Shadowmeld are fantastic racials for BGs. The weapon skill however isn't necessary vs players, and Perception is something you don't need when you can already wack a mole Rogues.
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Re: [GUIDE] Arms PVP by Arucado.

by Arucado » Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:11 pm

How can you say Gnome is the worst? Have you seen Escape Artist? Anyway, Perception is not a big deal ye, Shadowmeld its okay, good but situational. And stoneform... i don't see much use but evading Blind and Devouring Plague...

I've been reading a lot of threads about this and most people (many ranks14) confirm that Gnome racial is the probably the best in Alliance for pvp.

And personally, i wouldn't tell someone to focus on NE, gnome or dwarf if they plan to PVP, the racials are not worth compared to Human's PVE one.
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