PvP Warrior: Racials

PvP Warrior: Racials

by BelgianGus » Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:47 pm

Hey everyone,
I have a lvl60 UD warrior on another vanilla server and i will reroll on nostalrius/elysium fresh server
I've been searching over the internet for a few days for infos about the "best" warrior race when it comes to pvp with no real answer, no clear one. (i know, there is no best one, it depends on the situation, etc, but there will probably be more frequent situations where a race is better than the others)
i'm still pretty noob skillwise

I'll be using arms spec 31/20/0

I dont really care about horde or alliance or anything when it comes to the esthetic of the race, i just want the best racial

i'm leading toward orc or tauren, but i'm not 100% sure
i feel like WOTF is a bit of a waste due to 2 other ways to remove fear with warrior skills

Orc :
25% stun resist (insane, especially against rogues)
+5 axe mastery (not really useful since i'll most likely be using the unstoppable force?)
bloodfury (it kinda sucks imo, since it's only base AP and the debuff lasts for 25s)
pet damage (useless)

Tauren :
+5% life (nice)
Warstomp (nice)
nature resist (it sucks)
herbalism (not really useful, but i'll probably roll alc/herbalism, atleast in the first place)

other possibilities : UD (wotf), gnome (escape artist), human (mace mastery with TuF, 10% rep and stealth detect), dwarf (stoneform)
no go : troll, NE

in every forum i've checked, people are always talking about you should take the race you like the most and all that stuff, but i repeat it, i dont care about esthetic, i just want the most useful racials in PVP

so here we are, i hope you can help me, let me know what you guys think
thank you!

Re: PvP Warrior: Racials

by Bubble Hearth » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:01 am

Orc is best warrior race for Horde with the 25% stun resist. Warriors have enough fear breaks so WotF falls behind it.

For Alliance the best PvP race is gnome. Escape artist on a very short cooldown is pretty nice.
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Bubble Hearth

Re: PvP Warrior: Racials

by Dirtnasti » Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:02 am

Horde Orc>tauren=undead>troll

Ally Gnome>dwarf>NE=Human

Id say ally is the better faction for warrior pvp, WF is great but is still take pala healers with bof and fol spam over it.

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