Is this how it's suppose to work?

Re: Is this how it's suppose to work?

by Youfie » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:49 pm

Keldan wrote:
Well, it is, kind of.

2.0.3 Patch Release date US - 09 January 2007
The Burning Crusade Release date NA/EU - 16 January 2007

I agree with you it should not be changed, but I think it's always important to check the facts.

It was out before TBC, but it is definitely TBC. Level 70 gear was seen at the PvP vendors, the PvP sets could be bought with honor points, talents were TBC etc., so yes, it was definitely not Vanilla, but TBC. Pointing out that the TBC pre-patch came out before TBC itself is a fact, but it doesn't change anything to the fact that it wasn't Vanilla anymore ;)
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