Maladath useful on Humans?

Re: Maladath useful on Humans?

by Youfie » Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:25 am

Wargly13 wrote:Glancing Blows vs. +3 Levels Opponent
Added Weapon Skill Damage Reduction
+0 30%
+1 27%
+2 24%
+3 21%
+4 18%
+5 15%
+6 12%
+7 9%
+8 6%
+9 3%
+10 0%

Thats what I know

Your numbers are a bit off on both sides, you might want to read what other people posted above ;).
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Re: Maladath useful on Humans?

by Wargly13 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:17 am

phrazer wrote:Why has no one mentioned the fact that u have to spend talent points to get the fucking +skill in the first place. Are people that dumb that they think dropping a point on improved poisons and having 5% more chance to apply instant poison is shit? Maladath is an amazing human rogue sword for that reason alone so who ever the guy chatting shit about thinking the cap was 310 is a serious dribbler and should only talk on matters he knows about.

Mala and cts. BiS fact.

2 Talent point for 5 weapon skill is a huge boost. %4 more chance to apply poison is not that big. It is a way bigger upgrade for non humans anyways and it is better if you pass it if you are not in a pug.


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