Need advice on what spec I should use

Need advice on what spec I should use

by jabbaaz » Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:48 am


So I'm the type of guy that respecs a lot, and i mean ALOT..I use daggers atm, and I enjoy both pvp with 21/8/22 and combat dagger 15/31/5. Is there any specs that is viable for both pvp and pve? I mainly run 5 man dungeons, so I guess a raid spec isn't quite needed yet.

I may also include that I have been extremely lucky and got my hands on both ironfoe and felstriker.

Three specs have been suggested to me because of ironfoe+felstriker they are 30/21/0, 30/0/21 and 21/3/27, I guess the last one is more pvp. But damn am I lost..sorry if this post is hard to understand when I'm just writing numbers as the specs and not linking. I have never ran seal fate since I am not that good geared yet, but is there a really nice spec that these weapons can benefit huge from?

Is there anyone with good experience out there that can suggest me a build? Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this nonsense haha.

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