Does the off-hand Sword Spec proc grant an extra hit on MH?

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by Youfie » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:25 am

Netherfrost wrote:
Youfie wrote:
Netherfrost wrote:There is way more than what the average rogue would say there is to watch. Horde, adjustment to WF procs(+200ap), crusader procs, max energypool, swing movement, cd management (both the obvious one, but also AP fishing, do I wait 20 sec and hope for a crusader so on so forth), not using SnD without swings, the fact that you have to plan 20 seconds ahead all the time energy wise (and have a plan b ready for the 5.6 dodge chance) in order to effectivize not only your CPs but also cds in general. As each encounter is unique (but but most encounters are spank and tank, yes, but their HP also varies, and so should your CD usage, as long as the fight is longer than 2 mins, but below than you have a speed where you have to consider which boss is best to use the cds at etc).
Theorycrafting in general is what makes players realize they have to use boomstick rather than those scrub hitbows.. No rogue plays perfect...

I can definitely see what you mean with Crusader Procs, but how exactly do you "adjust" to a WF proc? What do you mean exactly? Even if I play Alliance it could be something worth knowing :).

Same question with "Swing movement" - seems kinda vague!

My keyboard slamming before was indeed vague on some points, let me clarify:

WF has several mechanics you must adapt to, this is just some:
1) WF adds 200 ap overall (not procced hits only) for a very short amount of time, you must use your spenders in this period
2) I haven't done the extensive research which is needed on Nost, but 1 WF per MH swing might be a thing(or similar, a new WF cant be added before the one before ends, so on so forth), you musnt just spam all day long when you "burst" (empty energypool, at say crusader proc) as you might be landing more yellows than you should.
These are some of the reasons alliance rogue is more straight-forward and convenient, as on horde, you have even more things which affects the ideal time to use spenders.

Swing movement is somewhat minor, but the general idea is that you move at the end of a swing(s). Additionally, with max pool it also means you empty it just before (so you have to react before "everyone" else), if this is done very well, on some encounters, you will not lose any damage because of movement. This is also one of the reasons that similar speed weapons (yes.. slow OH aswell) is prefered in some cases. Having weapons which speed that dont add up (2.8 and 1.3 in contrary of take 1.3 and 2.6) means, the difference on your weapons results in you being unable to control them properly.

Okay thanks, pretty common sense about the movement - although it's kinda hard to apply it in real situation.

Regarding the WF, I always thought the bonus AP was only for the extra-attacks. How long does the AP buff last? Is it a bug on privates / here or was it the same on retail ?
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