Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Klick » Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:02 pm

Hi, I'm new to the server, almost also new to Vanilla.
I come from a TBC server and choosed to play a hunter in here again.

On that other server I always used a macro that made 1. my pet attack my target 2. put me a hunter's mark on my target 3. start auto shooting if I'm in range.

This macro is essentiel. I mean this macro is super important for lazy peoeple like me cause it safes you a lot, really a lot of clicking!

But I am sad that it doesn't work on this server... I tried some macros I found over google but none of them work.

Any macro-master here, who can post a working macro pls?

For me this macro is very important... sorry for bad english and thx for reading hf

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by MarkusNemesis » Tue Mar 01, 2016 2:26 am

Can you post your macro here so we can review it?

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Bluedoc » Tue Mar 01, 2016 7:43 am

/run if not IsAutoRepeatAction(25) then CastSpellByName("Auto Shot"); end
/run if not buffed("Hunter's Mark",'target') then cast("Hunter's Mark");end
/run PetAttack()

Just use this one, maybe you need SuperMacro for it, i'm not sure, but it works 100%

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by deathpulse » Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:38 pm

Can anyone confirm this one works? ^

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Gazpy » Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:59 pm

Most important to casuals yea, this one is great as it works flawlessly in BC, leveling with it is a treat, but I'm pretty sure it's quite clunky on vanilla client.
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Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Klick » Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:08 pm

I tried the macro and it doesn't work or spams me with fail messages :(

So I'm still looking for such a macro ...
I find it super annoying to 3 clicks each mob before I actually do skills
Like 1x click for Mark, 1x click for pet attack and then a key to actually start auto shooting is super annoying
and makes me overthink my choice for a hunter lol

Thinks would be a lot easier if I could do all 3 with 1 key, like I'm used to from tbc ^^

Also, I find it super annoying that hunters dont start attacking when you right-click on a target, like it works for meeles.
Noo.. targeting the target and right click isnt enough, you have to cast a spell before your class actually starts attacking.

This can be a serious problem if you are out of mana.
Ive experienced this situation multiple times now, I was out of mana which didnt allow me to cast a spell to start auto shooting, which forced me to go all meele hunters in pvp situations etc.

I find it super annoying that as hunter you have to cast a spell or have to use an macro to start auto shooting.

Any geniuses out there who have a good idea to make my life easier?

PS: At level 1 I dragged the auto-shoot button away because Im used to do this by right-clicking like in tbc and after.
After realizing this are different and more complicated in here, I tried to find the auto-shoot-button in my spellbook, but there is none.

Ideas? Id love help <3

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Mind » Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:37 pm

/cast Hunter's Mark
/script PetAttack(target);

This one works with SuperScript and casts Hunter's Mark and sends your pet to attack the target. I start auto shot with Serpent Sting and got Auto Shot on 1 just in case i need it.

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Klick » Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:27 pm

What is SuperScript? :)

I'm a total noob in such things

Thanks for your reply!

Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by konked » Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:57 am

i use these to start pet attack / auto attack

Pet attack + hunters mark + dive/dash/charge if you have it.

/cast Hunter's Mark
/script if GetUnitName("target")==nil then TargetNearestEnemy() end
/script CastPetAction(2);
/script CastPetAction(10);
/script PetAttack(target)
/cast Dive
/cast Dash
/cast Charge

Fey wrote:There are a few curious things worth mention in this macro. Firstly, what it does is target the nearest enemy in front of you if you don't have a target, sets your pet to passive and follow, and tells your pet to run at the target you specify. The final script is the part that tells your pet to attack your target, but what do the other three do? Or, rather, what are they for?

The first line is the auto-target part. You may be wondering why it's there if, when you hit the pet attack command without it, it automatically targets for you regardless. Well, that's there in case you don't have your pet out and hit the key out of habit. It won't auto-target if your pet isn't there, and I do that sometimes while my pet isn't there, so it's just my preference to have things work as I'd expect them to.

The third line is pretty interesting. That function can be used to cast ANY ability on your pet's action bar, depending on where it is. Passive is usually on the far right, and it counts from 1-10 from left to right, so /script CastPetAction(4); might cast Growl if Growl is fourth from the left. You get the idea. Keep this command in mind if you think you'll want to make another macro at some point for your pet's abilities, like for Prowl or Dash. Why is a command to set the pet to passive in the macro, though, when it's supposed to be an attack macro? Well, that's just in case you happen to change your pet's disposition to aggressive or defensive for whatever reason. When you need to control your pet, you need it under your direct control, and if it weren't there, it might go running off in the middle of a spontaneous fight to hit something else. It's all about control. Since the line telling your pet to be passive occurs before the petattack command, though, the petattack macro will never bring your pet back to you, it'll only set the pet's disposition to passive while simultaneously sending it at an enemy.

The second line does the same as the third. It's important to set your pet back to follow in case you told it to stay at one point.

The final two lines, the two /cast lines, are best used with a boar. Charge will be prioritized over Dash, but Dash will be used if Charge cannot be used. You may remove or change those lines as you see fit, to suit your own pet. A cat will only need Dash.

Autoshot + auto attack

/script if GetUnitName("target")==nil then TargetNearestEnemy() end
/run if CheckInteractDistance("target", 3) and (not PlayerFrame.inCombat) then AttackTarget() elseif not IsAutoRepeatAction(48) then CastSpellByName("Auto Shot") end

Fey wrote:This two-line macro will:
- Automatically target anything in front of you, if you don't have a target.
- Begin using Auto Shot, if you're far enough away to do so.
- Prevent Auto Shot from being toggled off if you hit the key again.
- Swap to melee attack if you're too close to Auto Shot.

Two really important things are there: The auto-target, which will allow you to simply hit the keybind to target something so you can start attacking faster, instead of having to wait to choose a target with your mouse before you can start attacking, and the preventing Auto Shot from toggling off. If you hit your Auto Shot keybind normally, it can be toggled off if you hit it again, so having this macro is useful, especially if you for whatever reason don't want to or can't cast a spell which would toggle your Auto Shot on automatically. A small note is that it allows you to attack in melee sooner, but that doesn't make too much of a difference, despite being worth mentioning.

Something else crucial to mention about this macro is that it WILL NOT WORK if the below line doesn't correspond with your Auto Shot hotkey.

You can see from my interface screenshot that my Auto Shot is on 3, so it's (3) in the macro. To figure out what spot your Auto Shot is on, refer to this image:
And change it accordingly within the macro.
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Re: Most important macro: petattack+Hunter's Mark+autoshot

by Tamanous » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:07 am

This is the beauty of hunters: complex and strategic macros that can mold to your very own play style. There is no one way to do things.

I myself use hunter's mark on a macro that auto-targets if in range, changes me to hawk or monkey depending on range and puts mark on the target. I keep it separate from my auto attack macro.

My auto attack macro contains most of what some put on here but I have 2:

1. One that has all melee attacks on it, auto-shot if outside of melee range, pet attack + dash enforcing passive and follow and putting growl on if not already on + dash if outside of melee range only.

2. Same but turning growl off (same hotkey but using shift) for group play (I'll swap as primary quickly so the shift bind is the growl to send pet as off tank when needed). Managing growl is key for group play or experienced groups will be angry at you.

I also have a non-wing clip melee variant with auto-shot outside of melee with no pet commands to keep pet on another target.

It is down right crazy how many hotkeys I have saved with just these macros (and I use many more) and most can be obtained here:

All one has to do is construct elements from many macros and fit them together to fit your own play style and build. You will need tweaks to core macros for group play (like above where I have 2 with growl as only difference) and pvp is of course it's own beast. You still will have fewer keybinds with all variants than playing the class stock.

I keep trying to educate people in game about macros but so many think of macros as a bad word. They customize your game play to your style and add a layer of strategy missing from stock keybinds. They are way to finish the class that Blizzard only made in basic form.

Thanks for the auto attack addition to auto shot above. I have added to my super macros I mentioned above to save mana by not using a melee ability when not required (2h hits hard enough alone when a mob is near death already).

The full maintenance macro for pet feed, res, dismiss/recall is a thing of beauty too. I don't use pet heal as I bandage my pet to save mana.


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