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by Gammelmor » Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:17 pm

I personally like Holy Nova alot aswel, It's a very good spell to get your DMF trinket to procc in start of a fight, even using rank1 of it. also the more healers you bring to raids, the more powerful it becomes due all the flash heal/flash of light sniping. At least in our raids.

Also about the best priest specc. I think it's very situational and you have to communicate with the other priests in your guild. Ultimate goal is to have 2-3, not more specc for imp renew. when more people have it, I dont think it becomes effective anymore. Also make sure not everybody is throwing out renew because it will make other priests less effective.

Recently I managed to get full t2, together with hazzarah charm of healing and I see huge potentials with it. I kinda stopped using flash heals completely, instead having gh1, gh3 and heal3 as main healing spells. It will be alot of overhealing but the raw heal is insane without having to worry about ooming. I could also see a potential of a imp renew specc, with gh spam during spikes, renew during downtime of the trinket with a gh1 here and there.

Overall I would say its bad to let all priests specc "the best priest specc" Everything is situational and try to communicate with the other priests, their playstyle and what they like.

Re: Best Holy Talent Spec

by Smokaren » Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:48 am

res wrote:Improved renew increases renews healing by about 8 per tick/talent point - so 24 per tick when you have all three talent points. That adds up to about 120 more healing per renew cast.
Looking at renews limited use in raids (most of it just becomes overhealing) I'd say that it's a somewhat questionable choice.

Spirit of Redemption is kind of like picking night elf for "improved death" - you don't want to die in the first place.
I guess it has it's uses in pvp and maybe vaelastrasz, but that's about the only places I can think of where it would be expected of anyone to die in current content.
So between Spirit of Redemption and Divine Spirit I'd take divine spirit.

I can't say I use prayer of healing often (I prefer to us Holy Nova on vael because it generates no threat, and leaves me more time to renew/flash heal other groups and mana isn't an issue during that fight anyway) so I can't speak at all about those talents.

This is a picture I posted 10 months ago here in the priest forum - when the server was still relatively new, I think most of it still holds true (maybe not the 10% mana part, but back then there wasn't a lot of +healing)


Technically the stamina and spirit talents are only required by 1 person/raid but that would lead to a lot of downtime, and on the other hand everyone in the raid could be running around with power infusion since healing isn't really a problem in current content - why not just let some mage kill mobs faster?

I got both beginner trap talents + 20% reduced mana on prayer of healing and range on prayer of healing
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