<Night Song> Recruiting - War on Horde Declared

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<Night Song> Recruiting - War on Horde Declared

by Succhi » Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:16 am


<Night Song> *Newly Formed* is recruiting capable and reliable players for PVP and Leveling Purposes. We are currently looking for dedicated players interested in slaying Horde, all classes are welcome. We are willing to recruit new players and those who have had prior experience in retail, to gear up and progress with the guild.

Please see below details:

We are looking for mature individuals, who are willing to make a commitment to the guild, with a can do attitude. People who are willing to work together, make teams and make an active effort to gear up and PVP.

What we Expect from you:

- Mature Attitude - Socialize with the guild
- Active Player and committed to the guild
- Ability to assist and help others
- Active Interest in PVP
- PVE - With the ability to make and form groups, Gearing / Leveling purposes


- Be Polite
- Active Player - 2 weeks Inactivity without prior notice = Kick
- No Ninjas
- No begging for runs or money
- Mature (not R rated, nor childish) guild chat
- Don't badmouth the guild, especially on public channels
- Don't treat other people like crap, even if they aren't in our guild
- If a lower level is in need of a run or something, try and find some time - help is always appreciated
- Don't beg for promotions - it will get you demoted

What we offer:

- Friendly Atmosphere / Guild and people to level with
- Random BG's
- PVP Guild Events
- World PVP

Rules of engagement:

- Kill all Horde where ever you meet them
- If at all possible try and get mobs the last hit on an Horde thus making it get damage to equipment
- Refrain from being a care-bear (do not fraternize with Horde on a friendly basis)
- Help your fellow Allies if they are troubled by Horde
- Don't be rude to other Alliance members, especially our own guild
- Do not Emote after kills, any form of contact should be made with the sharp part of your weapon

Leeching in battlegrounds is against the our guild code of conduct, anyone caught leeching or in "conversation" with the Horde will be kicked.

The Future

Whats to come, once the guild grows.


1: Specific Horde targets, where players will be rewarded based on the kill of a targeted Horde wanted by Night Song.
2: Gold Rewards will be given based on the success contract at hand.
3: You will be able to claim a successful contract via a Screenshot of the Horde corpse, a long with Combat log.

A message from the GM
Night Song is newly formed and I am currently looking for Reliable, Active players to fill some Officer roles, Requirements of course are to be focused on PVP. - Interviews will take place.

If this sounds like a group that you would fit in please whisper Succhi. If offline send me an In-game mail, with basic details:

Why you think you'd make a good asset to the guild:

Together lets slay the Horde.

Re: <Night Song> Recruiting - War on Horde Declared

by elitegamer101 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:33 pm

Class: warrior
Spec: arms
Country: I'm from Poland but i live in the UK
Why you think you'd make a good asset to the guild: because i hate the horde

Re: <Night Song> Recruiting - War on Horde Declared

by buttruffle » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:10 am

Class: warrior
Spec: fury
Country: usa
Why you think you'd make a good asset to the guild: i enjoy drinking the salty tears of people i kill

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