<SAVAGES> (NA) PVP reforming on NOST

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<SAVAGES> (NA) PVP reforming on NOST

by XIIG » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:53 am

Just like the other community page, I'll copy and paste this here.

I'll keep this short and sweet because the website has details and I'm ваууing sick of typing.

<SAVAGES> is a PVP NA based guild looking to recruit fun, laid back and skilled players. (EU friendly)
We're originally a small group of friends from way back on Firetree. On Nost we had ties with <US Horder Patrol> but mainly associated with <Double Tap>. Couldn't be happier about seeing our community return. Just looking to swell the ranks of a dedicated group of members that are passionate about vanilla, epic WoW moments, beers, and pissing people off. We were organizing just before Nost was shut down and a year later, here we are. Anyhizzle, Details...

- Guild site and discord channel
- Bi weekly Guild events
- Guild bank character(s)
- Bounty system on Horde guilds (Organ Harvest, The Red Dawn, Dank Budz Collective and Solo Para Pivitas - we're looking at you)
- 18+ atmosphere with casual minded yet active players. Yes, we play with consistency but won't be on 10 hour a day. Social lives are too nice to have.
- Medium guild roster numbers to maintain a tight-knit, cohesive and familiar group.

Maybe you never played vanilla and didn't get to experience a raid on XR? Fighting between TM and SS without it being an instance?
If you watch youtube and wondered how fun it was, now is your chance to recreate those times. Keep in mind we do have PVE end game goals, just how far they'll go remains to be seen. Would love to have MC and Ony in our back pockets. Our initial focus of leveling our lower members, then PvP, and BG's will come first.

Check out our website @ http://savagesguild.gamerlaunch.com and submit an application.

Feel free to ask questions, PM me directly or request discord information for a chat.

Look forward to seeing all of you back out there!

.... Except 'Clowning'.

Re: <SAVAGES> (NA) PVP reforming on NOST

by XIIG » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:15 pm


... not the thread. Doing a little snortsky here. Plenty to go around, boys!

Oh, yeah, we got this guild. Basically we fuck shit up. I know there are plenty of you low lifes out there wanting to ruin a hordies good time, bag some honor, some gear, a stripper or six. Get at us.

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