<Shift> Alliance (EU) is reforming

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<Shift> Alliance (EU) is reforming

by shift_guild » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:00 pm

Hello Nostalrius!

<Shift> is a reforming alliance guild from the old Nostalrius PvP server. We are a european based, PvE oriented Guild formed by a core of people who have been raiding successfully since the beginning of Nostalrius.

We are currently looking to recruit friendly and highly motivated players with a genuine interest to maximize their own performance. This includes all the necessary consumables and resources for progression raids as well as during farm.

Our Main Raid occurs on Thursdays and Sundays at 18:30-23:00 ST (UTC+1). Apart from that, additional raids are usually hosted by our members during the rest of the week for example Zul’Gurub. A loot-council is used to handle the distribution of items based on communication and feedback of class-leaders and members of Shift. We're aiming for an efficient raid-environment, that strives on synergy, trust and fun. Building a relaxed community with good players and people is our main goal.

A quick summary of what you can expect of Shift:

- English speaking community
- Organized guild with proper leadership
- Raid hours: Thursdays and Monday at 18:30-23:00 ST (UTC+1)
- Loot Council
- Concentrated and efficient raiding
- Mature and motivated guildmates

We are currently recruiting all classes!


- Warlocks
- Fury Warrior
- Rogue
- Mage

Exceptional applications of all classes will, of course, always be considered!

For any questions, please contact us or any member of <Shift> ingame as soon as the server launches or through a post within this thread. You can also visit our website for additional information.

Click >> here << to apply!

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