[A] <Praise> [EU] Fresh - Hardcore PVE/PVP

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[A] <Praise> [EU] Fresh - Hardcore PVE/PVP

by Jindo » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:14 am

Do you love that feeling when you see world buffed bodies dropping in Blackrock? Are you convinced sleep is for the weak when it comes to world bosses? Do you have a passion for showing off what your shiny purples can accomplish outside of raid hours?
Then maybe <Praise> is for you!

[A] <Praise> [EU] is recruiting for the fresh Elysium PvP server. We are a hardcore guild with the main goals of competing for server firsts, dominating world bosses & (world) pvp.

We are currently recruiting all classes of PvE viable roles. We are primarily looking for players that are dedicated to pushing for level 60 as fast as possible.

Our history:
Our leadership has long-standing experience in the private server scene. Ultimately, most of us came together under one banner on Kronos 2 after its launch in April 2016 under the guild name <Praise the Sun>. We were the longest standing horde guild on the server and we quickly rose to take the number one spot. Unfortunately, the lack of competitiveness on Kronos 2 has left us unsatisfied and we plan on going hard on the fresh Elysium server. Our time on Kronos 2 together has taught us a lot about what to expect from the fresh server as a guild and we intend to use this knowledge to be on top of the competition.

What you can expect from us:
  • A core committed to leveling hard and fast and racing for server firsts
  • Experienced leadership that is dead set on pushing the guild to the top
  • Experienced rankers & raiders from Kronos, Nostalrius and many more notable vanilla private servers
  • Fair, unbiased loot council
  • Fast and efficient raid clears

What we expect from you:
  • Guild spirit
  • Competitive and hardcore mindset
  • Objective-oriented professions (i.e. engineering)
  • All the standard stuff (e.g. 90%+ attendance, reliability, activity, proper English etc.)

Raid Times:
Outside of new content releases our raids will take place somewhere between 7pm to 11pm (GMT +1). The raid days are variable (but exclude fridays and saturdays). During and near these raid hours we will occasionally hold BRM. Once world bosses are released we expect our members to contribute to the world boss effort during spawn windows.

When racing for server first on new content, raid times will shift to match the scheduled release time.

Loot Distribution:
Loot distribution is handled by Loot Council consisting of the officers and (if applicable) relevant class leaders. The way we see it gear is a tool for guild progress, not a reward, and it will be distributed in the way that will best help us and our members progress forward.

How to Join
You can apply at https://goo.gl/forms/keDwSdOLtT4Drp543, or join our discord : https://discord.gg/gS6fvn6
Here you will have access to the public channel. Feel free to chat to our members if you have any questions.
Once you have joined PM one of the officer's (Malinha, Effort, Jindo, Shoban) to proceed with the application process.

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