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<Democracy> Elysium Fresh (A) Democratic Guild

by orwell » Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:07 pm

For invites, see here when the server starts.
GM’s in-game name will be announced here on 7th of January.

<Democracy> will establish its own constitution and legislation with direct participation of its members.
Voting sessions will begin when convenient conditions and consensus are reached for the following items:

1- On what subjects do we vote.

-Officer election,
-Responsibilities of officers,
-PvE or PvP activities to concentrate on,
-Requirements to join the guild,
-Raiding schedule.

2- When do we vote or what triggers voting sessions.

Example: 10 members may trigger an officer election.

3- How do we vote.

-We need a functional website or an alternative idea for voting.

The GM

-GM elections are held every 6 months. Procedures will be determined by the members in meantime. If rules are not established by then, election will be postponed by 1 month until consensus is reached.
-GM is responsible to solve issues when passed legislation is not easily applicable to the game mechanics.
-GM is responsible for distribution of guild items and funds until responsible officers are appointed.
-GM has legislative power on the subjects that have not yet been discussed and established by the guild.

Democracy recruits;

-Any players taking vanilla seriously.

Democracy prefers;

-People who are 24+ years of age.
-Who are kind and generous.
-Who read a lot and have things to say about history, politics, science, international relations, philosophy, art and literature.
-People with technical skills such as making the guild’s website.

Who am I? A good reader, Mark Knopfler admirer and bass player.
A WoW veteran with Sulfuras, Thunderfury and 20k achievement. With each expansion, I longed more and more for vanilla. I hardly remember how things were in vanilla. I’m researching and doing my homework as the first GM of the <Democracy>.

Cheers to all friends and rival guilds.

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