Clarifications on consumable stacking - casters

Clarifications on consumable stacking - casters

by forlorn » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:30 pm

*Added links to videos displaying some of the proceeding buffs.
*Added mana and wizard oils to the list of consumables.

NB: This can for the most part also be applicable to Mages, Moonkins and Healers. Posting in the warlock forums for now simply because it's my played class.

The frustrating thing about all private servers is their inconsistencies with each other. All servers have their own unique bugs or quirks usually exclusive to the respective server, and of course these vary from server to server. Thus it is impractical to wholeheartedly refer to previous private server experience when playing on a new server (although in many cases still helpful). These experiences can range for just about everything, but here I am focusing on consumable stacking as per the title. There is already a thread similar to what I am writing about now (refer here) which does a very good job of outlining this topic, but seeing as it is quite dated and lacking specific cases I'd like to present the data in a more structured format. ZG consumables are left out.

Potions/Elixirs/Flasks: Pretty standard, only things you cannot stack are regular and greater arcane elixirs which is self explanatory.
Pick one
- Greater Arcane Elixir + 35 Spell Damage
- Arcane Elixir + 20 Spell Damage

The following all stack:
- Elixir of Shadow Power + 40 Shadow Spell Damage
- Flask of Supreme Power + 150 Spell Damage
- Mighty Troll's Blood Potion + 12hp/5sec
- Elixir of Fortitude + 120 hp

Mana/Wizard oils: Can only be applied to the main hand weapon. Stacks with all appropriate buffs. Only one type of oil may be applied at any given time.
- Lesser Mana Oil + 8 mp/5
- Wizard Oil + 24 Spell Damage
*Hunters can apply two oils if dual wielding, which is a common practice. But we're not hunters here.

Food Buffs: You can only have one food buff at any given time, regardless of its type.
- Stam/Spirit foods + 12 Stam + 15 Spi
- Nightfin Soup + 8mp/5
- Sagefish Delight + 6mp/5
- Poached Sunscale Salmon + 6 hp/5
- Runn Tum Tuber Surprise + 10 Int (unverified by myself, only secondhand accounts)

Alcohols: Only one can be active at any given time.
- Rumsey Rum Black Label + 15 Stam (NO you cannot buy it, that NPC listed on aowow exists only in old hillsbrad foothills introduced in tbc.)
- Rumsey Rum Dark + 10 Stam
- Gordok Green Grog + 10 Stam

Useless: These will be negated by default raid buffs: Arcane Intellect, Power Word:Fortitude, Divine Spirit, Mark of the Wild.
- Elixir of Greater Intellect + 25 Int
- Elixir of the Sages + 18 Int + 18 Spi
- Juju Guile + 30 Int
- All scrolls

- Juju Ember + 15 Fire Resist (not tested myself if it stacks with paladin/shaman/druid resists.)
- Cerebral Cortex Compound + 25 Int Stacks with all buffs! Thanks to Astixium for the confirmation.

This list is just what I thought of off the top of my head, let me know if I am missing something or if there is any misinformation and I'll correct it. Hopefully this list helps avoid frustrations of farming excess consumables as was the custom on many other private servers. Cheers!

ps: I would appreciate some insight on which food buff is optimal in general raiding scenarios (nightfin vs stam vs tuber)
pps: This is by no means a mandatory consumable list for the current content on Nostalrius at the time of this writing. Do take note that BWL and on will require most of these on the raider's part so consider it a guide on what to expect.

Some video links to what appear to be genuine vanilla videos: This is probably the most clear and encompassing video evidence available from what I have found. Quite a well known source.
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Re: Definitive clarifications on consumable stacking - caste

by Astixium » Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:43 am

Cerebral Cortex Compound and the of Blasted Lands buffs do stack with everything. Many people inside our guild myself included are using them.
You could also mention for the new people that they can only use one oil on their weapons.
If you need a list of mages consumables for raiding feel free to PM me.
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